Dear Woman

Hello to all of YOU, Dear Friends


This is a very very special message video, much worth listening to by all of YOU...



I undersign this whole message with all of my heart and conscience.

And, I want to invite all from the male gender in doing the same.

By uniting, harmonizing and balancing our masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, we allow for the full expression of the Divine Essence that is present within each and everyone of us.

By doing it individually, WE contribute in creating a new collective consciousness needed to manifest the collective Divine Essence that will then give birth to our dreamed Paradise here on Planet Earth.

With much Love,



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     Glad you are resonating with the words we shar with you Alyana. We are very happy that

     one more male acknowledges their Divine Feminine Heart Balance witin their Body Temple.

     Heart Balance within creates Heart Balnce with all you come in contact with in your

     journey of Being. Love the Post and stay withit. Blessings Love Light Balance Peace and Harmony    Kingjeff


     Alayana thank you for this this timely post of Kryon. Indeed there is a Ripple Effect and it has gone all the way up to Prime Creator/Prime Creatrix for not only is The Divine Mother being returned to Her place of Honour and respect on Gaia but all the way back to Soarce All That Is. If I say the same thing again it is because it needs to be emphasized. We have a saying that a Cat has nine lives. In our language we have pointers, Femi-Nine so a girl being feminine represents the Mother with Nine Waves of Spherical energy always cascading and flowing to us.

    Masculine or Mask U Line. The Male wears a Mask as he shields the U the Cup of the Mother and He only has one line. We have had the Musical "Cats" representing the Female and also "The Lord Of The Rings" well I feel strongly that this is the Year of The Goddess of The Ring. A Collective Communal Feminine Ring which will see Communities coming together in abundance on Gaia. Which brings me to the Wedding Ring. If any thing it should represent the Female placing a Ring on the Male finger having chosen him not having it placed on her finger as a chattel of him and the Church. It may even be done away all together but that is a communal decision. Also OurSun Sol is Androgynous sending out constantly waves of Golden Feminine energy definitely not Masculine Arrows. I also have a great affinity with South America especially Lake Titicaca. Titi of course are the Mother's Breasts very sacred indeed. May all who read this post be blessed with a trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles cascading from their Hearts blessing all they come in touch with leaving behind their own special perfume or after shave. Blessings Light Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  • Thank you. The Divine Feminine energies are coming to the planet in abundance now to help rebalance us again.

  • The was beautiful to watch and enlightening.

  • I like anything that advocates and proposes equality and balance  between energies of god and goddess/male~female.....................


  • that video was so heartfelt i actually teared up a little bit. tears of joy though. lol. together we can do anything we truly need to do and its never too late to feel and forgive things on either side of the masculine and feminine. bless you, bless you, bless you. :) Namaste my brothers and sisters.

  • I have seen this video a few times and it always gets me.

    Many thanks  much love and rainbow blessings,


    In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)

  •  I absolutely love this video. It is a start in the right direction. We are all Androgynous. I am Male and within me

     beats a beautiful feminine heart. I have moved into inner balance some time ago balancing both energies.

     I have been sending out to all Rainbow Heart Bubbles to those who read a trillion to burst out of each readers

     high heart healing all they come in touch with 24/7 with their own special perfume. Within each Male there is a

     Female  heart center and  also within each Female there is a Male heart center. When the external Male Female

     pair up they unite the inner opposite Female Male. We then have the 4 elements united in the physical preparing

     the way for the incoming life from Soarce All That Is Prime Creator/Creatrix Father/Mother God/Goddess.

     I then became aware that the Rainbow Heart Bubbles bursting are Feminine Symbols not Masculine Symbols.

     The word Feminine tells us Femi-Nine like Nine waves of energy until it subsides. Masc u Line says that. Men masquerade with a Mask(c) from the U o cup of Mother with Only 1 Line. Not Nine. I then realized I have been

     able to initiate the Rainbow Heart Bubbles Blessing as it is the Union of my Inner Heart balance of both polarities.

     Ashtar also has announced that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine would be pairing up/uniting.

     My Blessings to You all as this is the start of the return to Unified Consciousness Kingjeff

     I have been on this path for 25 years telling this same story and am very happy that other men are finally becoming spiritually centered and responsible. Thanks for the post Alayana

  • This is stepping in the right direction and I support these efforts, nevertheless I would caution the ladies about some guys working this kind of talk for the sake of getting laid.  Other than that, right on brothers! 

  • This looks interesting, I'll definitely check it out :)

This reply was deleted.

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