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Dealing with the dissapointment of the 21st of December 2012.

By now there will be alot of people here on Ashtar command and throughout the spiritual community who will be feeling a great sense of dissapointment, even anger at the "non" event of today. Many including mylself had been led to beleive there would be a mass upliftment to a brighter, lighter dimension where no evil or stuggle can ever exist... a veritable paraside where we would never have to suffer again...  passing our every day doing whatever our heart desired. Now that the day has passed with not even the slightest inkling of change, one has to ask the obvious questions of when, if ever we shall reach this heavenly place? Perhaps more significantly... when are we going to see meaningful change?

Despite any claims to the contrary, the illuminati are still firmly entrenched in power; probably in whales of laughter this very moment at how stupid and gullible we were for beleiving we would be whisked away to a better place by this even of galactic proportions. My question remains as it always has... what is going to be that one thing that enacts some kind of meaningful change? That finally removes the dark ones from their throwns and return freedom to the people of this planet? Will it be first contact, whenever that arrives... or will it collapse from within? They still own and control all the major banks, corporations, media outlets and therefor governments... in other words total control of the planet. The most disturbing thing of all is that people in the so-called "Industrailised west" are actually stupid enough to beleive we are living in a free and democratic world. This is what makes change so difficult... for the easiest way to enslave a man is to make him beleive he is free... in this case it seems... and chillingly so... the illuminati succeeded.

What further confuses me is the fact there were no aliens to come through any channelers to tell us that nothing was going to happen on the 21st of December and that it was all a big hoax... why were we not warned of this by any benevolent beings? And moving forward, who can we now trust? Looking forward, it is hard to know who or what is to be trusted... and what we can do to make a change. We must continue to send positive thoughts to our benevolent ET friends  and invite them to force the issue of first contact a little bit more. We need to continue to spread the word about the lie that our governments live, and the reality of who runs the world and why... and we need to stop serving the matrix on an individual level... Ie... stop reading any and all illuminati news media, including newspapers, magazines and books... stop indulging in the dark illuminati "entertainment" industry, such as violent games and movies, as well as negetive soul-destroying music such as hip hop and heavy metal. It is of the upmost importance also that we stop eating all animal flesh and spend as much time in nature as is possible


There are alot of things that are out of our direct control, but with a little bit of positive indiviual action, perhaps it could be the catalyst  for great change.




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Thanks for asking, but my weight is perfect, "One." My journey is with the GFL and there is no; "on your own," aspect to it...Yes I'm very well, thanks...  :-)


You seem more insolent than usual and that is saying much...Is the new timeline of lighted singularity too much for you...?? I have seen you posting several vile and insulting comments this morning to several good people here....Do they pay you a bonus, when you reach a certain trolling quota..?

As for ascension, it is natural, BUT, will require the Law of Divine Grace to make it a mass ascension as I said, 21/12/12 was not the day for mass ascension as some thought, as LIGHT CHAMBERS will be needed to make it happen and not just for me, rest assured...

no wonder you have such a hard time separating truth from fiction.

the statement that confuses you so much is saying people will feel the energy a tiny bit or a lot, not saying there will be higher or lower energy.

if you have no basic reading comprehensions skills then you shouldnt be interpreting and spreading your false interpretations around.

what nidle has been saying is that solstice was the final deadline, "subject to change" conveniently, now we will hear a new story from nidle just like when the world ended, and the photon belt came etc etc, everytime he faiils he pretends the failure didnt exist and goes on with his new charade like the previous statements from him never happened.

poor poor drexy poo caught in the most basic of foolish pride.

please stop the nonsense-your living in a 3d 4d school with a core matrix a 'the faster than light super computer' that will go up in vibes as the solar system rotates toward the galactic center and those souls who are only of power will need to move elswhere-5d must be achieved through service for the greater good, payment of karmic debt . etc

There is no gravity...  the earth sucks.

October 2010

There is much talk of disclosure and that fact that the Galactic Federation of Light will reveal themselves to the world by de-cloaking. This simply put – will NOT happen. The tools are available right now for anyone to choose the path they wish to follow. We would not be complying with free will if we were suddenly to de-cloak and reveal ourselves to those who were not prepared. The shock for some would be too great so let us do away with all these incorrect interpretations and raised hopes of a future scenario that simply cannot happen.

What do we believe then?

Believe – you have the free will to believe whatsoever you wish as has always been the case on your planet. Revealing ourselves takes away your right to choose your belief. All beliefs can exist alongside each other if none of them can be proved to be the Absolute Truth and people are happy to believe their own version is the truth.

What do you want me to do with this information?
Place it on the internet page where those who wish to find it – will do so. We will help others lead to these words as well. The choice is yours my friend. We are here to help those who seek to know – we cannot interfere with those that do not and will not seek us within their hearts. It is and always has been the heart that sees the truth not the eyes or the brain. The heart is the focus of all inspiration and its pulse is responsible for the pattern of vibration that comprise the thoughts of the higher self. Seek answers from your heart not your head – the heart will reveal to you the answers you seek – your head will merely tell you what you want to hear. Trust in your heart, seek us within your heart and you will find us. We are reaching out to everyone at the moment – there is no one amongst you that we will turn our back on. We are here and we are so desperate to help but only those that ask and wish to raise their hearts and head towards the light.
Know that all are welcome for the days are drawing close and there are many still to find the path. Use these words to speak to the hearts of those that read them. You live in a world full of trials and tribulations and we love you so much for the hardships you have chosen to put yourselves through. We seek nothing in return but your love. Search, dear ones, search within your hearts and you will find us. We are calling out – we are constantly sending you messages of love. Open your hearts and let us in and we will show you what it means to find heaven on earth.

It was all a bunch of BS. 

Dear One,

Still the question stands: What moves you to interact here on the Ashtar command crew? You have all right to be here like any other human being. 

Love, light and laughter,


it makes no difference why i am here.  is you knowing why i am here going to change how i interact with you? nope notta one bit.

you people think you are cleverly fishing for a reason to be able to attack one, since one hasnt stated where he stands you do not know if you should attack or not, if you should spread your brainwashing or give love and light.

it perplexes and confuses you when people question what you think you should all be believing.

wisdom COMES from questioning things and keeping it up, if you give up and just accept everything then you will be fooled, like you all were on friday.

i have never answered this question before, im not about to do it now especially to you, you are one of the hypocrites here.

Dear One,

Please show me when and how you were attacked by me. When people were calling you names I never agreed with them and made that quite clear. Besides I am not 'you people' and wish not to be addressed like that for I am responsible for my doings solely.

It might sound very strange to you One, but the purpose of the twice repeated question is to know you better and nothing more and it is the same questioning from what wisdom comes: if I know you better, I will understand your writings better and understand what you try to achieve with it for I don't think that you are here to stir things up or to create disharmony. You made it quite clear that you do not appreciate it so the question will not be repeated by me.



you do not need to know me better, it will not change the fact that people still suffer.  it will not change the lies that are still peddled here.



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