I don´t post that often in the forums, but this is worth watching...

I just wanted your Feedback on the following video recently uploaded by Steven M. Greer...

Update: This is also likened to "artillery Illumination rounds" (see attached pictures), as Acute Observer states in this forum post. I don´t know if that´s the case or not. Time will tell. At least I wanted to add this video to the forum, so it could be discussed openly. It is of importance not to "swallow" everything you read, watch and hear as Truth. Having an open-minded approach is KEY!)

Video: Steven M. Greer- Contact Evidence from recent Vero Beach, FL Contact Expedition Jan. 2015

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  • Since you deleted your comments on my page, I'm quite sure that noone on here will ever take you seriously again, Universe Mother.. ;)

  • Unless the heart believes the eyes won't see....

    • The main problem with that is that the heart is very good at fooling the eyes too. That's why placebo works for instance, even though it shouldn't. ;)

  • Steven M Greer ..don't really like the look on his face and seems programmed.

    I do like UFO videos of James Gilliland at his ranch up the mountain...he is very humble, very down to earth and sure is trustworthy ..makes Steven look a gerk

  • What if in my reality, there are waterfalls like sky columns falling upside down, born from a paradise of infinite dreams, crystalizing near the top of a limitless firmament of colorfuls constelations, and forming an icy skyland where the lights from many starsuns playfully make their way through, as other gods and godesses do experience infinite emotions within their our own cold-inverted gravity, making of creations a pure form of art and civilization, with their own majestic sound?

    What if we can dance together and become the infinite colors of music, ourselves, feeling and touching the entire creation as our own child, like a breeze diving and taking a deep breath from constelations, playing their melodies like stories beyond experience?

    The logic mind has been artificially altered, but yet I can feel my Creation alive, even more so than this one.

    What does that mean? Why this very reality becomes resentful when I dream?

    "Almost" like dreams are another form of frequency of reality, which is not being entirely perceptible by the logic mind. Still, they're reality, the same way you can interact with this one and your "physical" body within an astral projection.

    So, why do "people" keep sustaining this platform, instead of creating their own? They've been told they're are "something specific" By who exactly? Who made this rules you so fearfuly follow?

    It's exaclty as my sisters and brothers told me it was gonna be, frustrating. Specially when you hear "people" talking about their godly nature and love, and yet they act like lost sheeps non the less.

    Remember, Love IS, and so does you.

    It doesn't have a nature of its own, it's the particle of infinite possibility.


  • I don't rely on any kind of video... you wont be able to find outside, what lacks within.

    All possibility is open within myself, as long as it works in my favor and well-being, only.

    Which is why some of us disregard negative information, there is no place for such frequency within myself. Therefore I don't allow such thing to manifest on my many planes of consciousness, Earth being one of them.

     I've had contact with one of our ships, from my dear brother-sisterhood. Triangle shaped, flat, metallic ship. It was gliding silently about, soaring the horizon with unnatural speed, yet slow movement. Like between two realities when time-space was slightly different. It came closer to me, like the size of my hand on the sky, approximately, then turned around and subtlety started dancing.

    My reaction was familiar with it. Like a gentle smile and see you soon. It was already on my heart, therefore it was allowed to manifest into my reality. Otherwise it wouldn't have been allowed to manifest into my reality.
    It was my ship companion. I has a consciousness of its own.

    I would like human beings to start creating within, what they want to experience without. To become creative, and then believe in their creations, as if they were children again, like if they were true, as longs as it works on everyone's well-being.

    This system tries to fool you and it's most likely doing so by the news, and any other kind of information you're being irradiated with.

    Humankind is Source frequency itself as it's everything else, this means you're Source. Therefore, anykind of information you recieve, you can manifest into reality.

    Now, Source lacks creativity, the same way it lacks fear, non-existencial void. Space that deflects information, from being received, allowing creativity within our hearts, in order to fill in such empty space. Source knows everythig therefore, it can't create, this make it so he has to send light impulses(itself) into void space, then asking them to bring back every creation they made.

    Here you're taught to be subject of rules and possibilities. Either by goverment society and/or religion. The institution is focused on feeding your logic mind, under their rules, making you subject of their information, therefore allowing them control over you. Most people have turned dependant of what happens outside, most people have turned "adults" therefore relying on what the system tells them is possible or not. Waiting for something to change, becoming prey of a reality they have not control over.

    But what's inside of them?

    This system tries to teach God what is possible and what's not. They use you as a method of manifestation, for their own purposes. They feed you what they want you to manifest for themselves.

    Do "people" maditate, do they create inside what they want to experience without? Truly perceiving all aspect of their inner-projection of reality?  Or have they stopped being children?

    There is no limits within all-possibility.

    Do you remember when you were a child and had an invisible friend? It was easy. Nobody taught you to dream, you knew it all along.

    Has your invisible friend being able to interact with this reality? Mine is able to manifest within this reality, mine is able to so. This emotional form I bring into life by using the intrument known as mind, is a manifestation of information, e-motion, energy in motion, instrumented by mind. I allowed this emotion to BE.

    I put myself through this experience, that kept my inner child inside a time-capsule made of trauma, just to remember to never stop believing on myself. That my dreams are more real than this reality.

    What do you bring into creation?

    My Paradise clash into manifestation, against this reality. Becoming emotional exaltation myself, this reality becomes resentful. The first degree of energy starts to fail, all electronic devices turn off and on. Next, my perception of reality, allows me to create interfence in solid objects, like blury projection which I don't wanna be subject of, anymore. Shadows look like metric systems instead, quantic fraction drawn upon what you normaly peceive as lack of "light" There is codes within this equations on objects.

    "Normal people" around me, which is sustaining this frame, Prime creator in other words, start to question themselves. Some "people" becomes unstable, they start to act and do things they wouldn't do otherwise, like children. Something does "click" inside of them.

    Play your Soul and heart like a music instrument, allow your inner most desires to manifest inside. Bring to life the most beautiful of melodies, inside of you. Create within with resonance on every single fiber within yourself, despite everything, create what you truly want out of "reality" Become able to feel every single aspect of your dreams, with all senses and even those you haven't created yet. Being able to feel each single aspects of your creation, as if it was "real" because it IS

    Are you dependant on news, are you dependant on what's outside of you first?

    I promise, this projection is being sustained by a lower logic mind, the plattaform falls apart as people start to create themselves, without focusing on this reality, but their own.

    Rules within this world, such as gravity, temperature, density, etc, from within this paradigm fall apart as more people start to live within, with emotional exaltation. This people is God, it has been taught to be prisoner of logic mind.

    Every state of higher consciousness and joy is but a tuning into your multi-dimensional aspects. Those realities you create within yourself, are reality. As it happens within other degrees of frequency, as you practice astral projection. This reality is no different. The thing is that God has been turned into logical devices, here on Earth. Humankind. Quite crafty by them.

    So, what's inside of you? Turn-on every single fiber inside of you, allow this projection of your desires to manifest inside of you, as a child again, as it was before the system interacted with your consciousness. Do it despite what's outside, and feel this creation alive.

    Allow emotional life into your own creation, despite everything you see outside. Create this projection of reality. Live there, feel it alive.

    So, is there silence within yourself? Do you feel like an instrument without spirit, without music? Waiting? What do you allow within your being? What are you Creating inside of you?

    Bring forth the most beautiful experience within yourself.

  • awesome footage :)

  • Hahaha this is hillarious my dad always tells me im from the dark side of the moon... I tell him to come visit he may like it there... lately he's told me im from Pluto lol...
  • Here is an article showing how it is so easy to miss because it is hidden in the glare of our own Sun, between our Sun and the Earth, in a series of photos. Notice how our Sun glare is huge and behind some clouds and Nibiru slowly becomes evident as the cloud cover changes.


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