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Confirmed Existence of Portal to Alternate Universe [Every House has one!]

Now, this may sound a little out there, or totally loony, but stay with me here people. 


Ever wondered why your washing machine stops whenever you open the lid? Well I have found the answer and you'll never believe me. This is why I want you to see it for yourself. 


This is real, and I can prove it!!!!


I want you all to do a very simple experiment. Place two socks in your washing machine, alone. Important note: The socks MUST be a pair, two different socks will not work! Start the machine, on whatever wash you prefer.  Do not attempt to open the lid during the wash, as the washing machine possesses incredibly advanced artificial intelligence, and knows when you're trying to perv on it. 


Once the washing machine has finished, open the lid. You will now find that one sock has disappeared. Yes, that's right. Your washing machine is the portal to an alternate universe. I'm convinced that it's linked to a blackhole, where the sock ends up on the other side. This now makes so much sense. It's been a conspiracy right from the day of conception of the washing machine. The government commissioned the washing machine to steal every one of your socks that belongs to a pair, forcing you to spend more money on socks! 

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That's cool! well not, I don't like it when I have disappeared socks.

I'm so happy we have womens here to find that out for us males who barely or never wash themselves!


Fortunately I use the clothesline.

Yes I have one of those machines too.  Socks go missing.  At least it is summer and very hot.  So I wear open shoes.  At least we only have 2 months of real winter here, June and July.  So it is ok so I only have to worry about that for a short time.

I found a solution for that. A little plastic thing you thread both sock through Works like a charm.


I have another problem with my washing machine.  Each time I wash my clothes, they come out a size bigger.  It is frustrating as I cant afford to keep buying new ones.  Sheesh!  At this point It looks like I have my big sisters clothes on.  I do baggy now.  LOL.  I have tried shrinking the clothes did not work. Sigh

Hi Rae,


Well, It all makes sense now, I knew there was a conspiracy happeining in my laundry but never wanted to accept, this machine had atom power  beyond anything!!! lols





Forcing us to pay more money.Enslaves us all to the monetary system.
This was a coincidence, because today I did the same experiment with a pair of socks, but nothing has changed ... can it lead to some kind of energy anomalyDid you repeat the test?
WOW that explains a lot!! One time I opened the lid during the washing cycle and one thousand socks came rushing out!! Now I have one thousand single paired socks. haha

the only thing my dad´s washing machine has ever done has been to complete all washes put into it.

Guess I will try to put two socks of the same pair only then to see if the experiment works.

Best laugh I had all weekend.  This site is so serious and this post was such unexpected comic relief.  Thank you!!!
ha! good one!
Hahaha - love the sockbook idea!



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