Of course saying there will be a collision is just fear porn. Never the less, some truths being revealed.

Asteroid 'Nibiru' On Collision Course With Earth, According To NASA Whistleblowers


According to leaks by unnamed NASA employees and scientists, an  asteroid dubbed 'Nibiru' is heading in a direct path towards earth,  with up to 30% chance of collision.


Understandably  NASA is keeping quiet for the moment as to not incite panic, and to get  all the facts before making an official press release. Though some  unconfirmed rumours include the asteroid being the size of texas, and  the estimated date of collision being some time during November-December  2012. NASA has neither confirmed or denied any of these claims.


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      Hope this helps....I say save the dog...Otis would never forgive you Miztor Schadenfreude if you didn't lol....

      • :~)


        otis thanks you


  • @One  Looks like someone studied my other recent post, good work.

    No, I didn't like it, because it is the kind of topic the website had been all about (in general) for so long, that and the AC. Not that I was closed minded or took much offense to it, but many other people did. In result I struggled to have a general discussion with people about the said topic since the popular 'trend' was to doubt and preach startling opinions or news sources that spoke against such subjects.

    I use that word to emphasize the stress and frustration over the drastic change to such a wonderful site, and to describe the feeling I possessed at the time, you see dealing with it was not simple. These subjects were never a belief of mine, I do not believe in anything, it was simply a feeling, a theory or even ideal which we had all worked well to find out more about and share with others.

    You are correct though, I wouldn't call that very open minded, I wasn't really at the time though. Still never actually said that to them, I kept this to myself.

    • you said it now though, which means you still think whoever tha person was wassome sort of drunk whose opinion isnt worth anything because you think they drink too much.

      lame duck defence.

      if you didnt care then it wouldnt be frustrating what peple think or believe.  to say that you dont care but got angry dealing with them shows you are denying that you DO have a VERY strong opinion about it. otherwise youwouldnt have degraded them or gotten upset.

      • I actually meant as in the term, whining, not a wine drinker lol, but whatever.

        True that though I really did have a strong opinion about it, that IS what I am saying, or at least trying to. Guess I explained it poorly. I got angry then because it was such a change of pace on a completely innocent spiritual community, which had been quite free from unnecessary cause for alarm, for a few years, as well seeing it affect others to quite a degree, I admit that.

        Today it does not anger me, however I am somewhat saddened to see it bothering others and being so prevalent as opposed to being as abundant in enlightening topics. Need I keep repeating that?

        I do not understand the purpose of ridiculing posts on a site specifically for these type of posts, is what I am saying basically.

        • well this is a site for truth, when people post contradicting truths there become problems, when people do not understand their own personal biases they feel that something they believe IS a truth, whether it is or not.

          the reason people say dont talk about religion and politics is because it is mostly opinion based, and people get very defensive of thier beliefs.

          i spoke to a young man a year ago that tried to tell me that astrophysics is "psudoescience" because his pastor said so.  this type of mental retardation(retard in french means late, they are retarded because they showed up to this game too late, they belong 1000 years ago) is what allows people to believe things that arent true.  then when coupled with the belief that their beliefs are true they feel they can tell others that they have the answers and you dont.

          i totally understand your frustration in trying to have discussion where we attempt to get to the rel truth about the many mysteries on earth.  it mainly stems frompeople mistaking "i think" for "i know"

          • True, often enough it would seem that scarcity of evidence and sourced material in favor of these subjects add to this. It goes back to my frustration as being part of seeing others mistaking info they were told was the truth, as concrete.

            Normally I would have no problem with harsh alternative opinions being shared on this type of community, if people here would take it with a grain of salt. Ridicule however confuses me, as this seems like an unnecessary use of the persons time given how small and harmless a community this is. Either way I just feel the site may have drifted far from it's roots.

            Interesting comparison, though I tend to dislike the term 'retardation' regardless of how you use it, I do see many here who simply accept information given as fact despite absolutely no other information given, which I feel is unfortunate. It may even be used as an escape from reality. Personally I like to look at it objectively, treating it as a goal or ideally, while getting on with life physically and studying factual information as well. It wasn't like that here all the time, not with very much people.

            Of course they are opinion based, but usually experience based as well. I suppose though that these forums need to be a lot more understanding and open to opinions, taking theory for what it is. I do see what you mean.

            • experiences canbe decieving as well.  if you take a monotheist, a pantheist and an athiest together and force them to witness the same event they will all have a different thoery on the cause.

              only through discussion and experimnetation will the truth be revealed, but as you say, that doesnt happen much here, it becomes a battle for "i know" vs "i know" they could all be wrong, or even more disturbing could all be right.  as with NDE many people report the same feeling type of beings but they are all descirbed differently, one possibility is all see what they need to see in their head to make it acceptable to what they know.

              ike in the Law of One series they use a bible because the vessel was raised as a christian, she no longer believed, however it was what she "knew" best.  had the vessel been jewish it would have been the torah or talmud(?which is it).

              what i almost never hear from opposing sides is "lets go find out together".

  • Thank you for sharing this interesting knowledge..if if one doesn't believe, when or if the time comes they, will at least be aware of what may be happening.

  • By the way, to all of you beliving this is real because there is the word "CNN" on it,

    It's actually from ireport, a service of CNN where ANYONE can post any "news" story they want (like this forum), without anyone from the actual CNN cheking the facts (I guess they do if a story is highly voted).

This reply was deleted.

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