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The bull men of the Illuminati have chosen their big bully.

The name Donald means World Ruler. "Gaelic Dumhnall, World-Might ruler of the world. Trump card, or Trumpet. Triumph, to deceive and cheat. "Trionfi" fabricate, devise. The Joker, Trickster, the Wild Card  ranked above all the cards.

You can even tell by the hair. He's the got the same thing going on as the other donalds, Ronald Mc Donald, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, etc. He's the angry, crazy, joker.

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there are spiritual reasons for the different races


Racism is bullsh!t. Its part of the old, archontic illusary paradigm and it only exists inside the heads of people who haven't remembered who they are. White supremacy, black power, anti-semitism, you name it, all of it is social conditioning brought about through fear and programmed into their minds to further the archontic agenda. Those of us who are awake understand that ALL life is sacred, that there is no separation, that nobody is superior to another. People with race mind conciousness are afraid of their earthly brothers and sisters based on the absurd, illusary notion of skin tone and superiority, and they don't yet have the understanding that we are ALL intrinsically connected to each other, as we all come from the same tree, one enormous spiritual family. A lot of people are ultimately afraid of each other, thats the reason why the world is so [email protected] up. Severely conditioned people cling onto their illusions until eventually they let them go. For some people, it takes hundeds of life times to finally remember who they are, and thats when it starts to get real.


Notice how many people can't look into the eyes of another and see them as a reflection of themselves, and yet, see how many of us can and do see all as a reflection of ourselves. Its 2016 and racism is still high on the archontic agenda, its a poison that has seeped into the minds of those who have forgotten who they are and who their earthly family is. There is no separation between us, and absolutely no room for fear based, illusary notions of separation amonge the awakened souls on this planet. The beauty about all of it is the fact that we are all comming together, as duality is fading away and being replaced with what has always been, our oneness of BEing, despite how dreadfull it seems to appear on the outside at times and in certain situations, but then again, squeezing through the top of the bottle to break on through to the other side was always going to be a tight squeeze, but chaos is a beautiful thing, depending on a persons perspective. Thats the thing about the "perception deception", and how people percieve other people as "enemies" and situations as something to fear, when what they think is real are merely illusions.


You never see a flower resisting the elements or locked in mortal combat with its own nature, because a flower automatically and intrinsically knows its relationship with the Creator, it never resists, it simply allows itself to grow, and it allows all of the nature that surrounds it to be as it is. One thing the Archon henchmen can't [email protected] with, is nature. A flower cannot be manipulated, it cannot be forced to grow, hypnotised, entranced or suppressed. In turn, a flower dosen't judge, discriminate, use, abuse or manipulate. Either does a butterfly. As soon as people realise they are only playing the part of the caterpillar for a limited amount of time......


Beautifully laid out, Luke...

"I firmly beleive there is a plot to get rid of the white race ,over time, through breeding, abortions." For fu#ks sake! & there it is, 'Pet'... parroted like a diehard zealot of the sheeple who pray at the Archontic alter of their braindead 'leader', Trump... hard to believe there are so many terrified (by design) participants in this carefully orchestrated shell game... happy to regurgitate the utter nonsense they were force-fed to effectively fulfill their self appointed 'roles' as prison guards of duality. Not gonna work, boys & girls. Try venturing beyond the shallow end of the pool... you're being programmed by 'people' who's singleness of purpose is to suck every drop of anxiety from your fear-porn riddled bodies. Time to grow up! Like Trump, the pride being shown in an off the charts level of willful ignorance, only amplifies your commitments to be 'marks' of the Illuminati/Archon agenda... nothing more, nothing less. ~TemetNosce247


"By you bringing up racism out of the blue in a blog that is months old, speaks volumes about what is going on inside your own mind."

Yeah, I wrote that because its the truth, I notice the hypocisy in all of your comments, brother, you judge other people relentlessly. Get over yourself, Andronover! .. or get out of your own way! .. if you're expecting another reply from me, you can wait forever, as this will be the last one I will leave here, so it dosen't matter what you write, it dosen't effect me, do you know what I mean? I simply don't care. I wonder if you have the humility or the wisdom to actually "not reply", and to drop the subject, because in doing so, it would actually garner you with more respect than if you continue trying to provoke a reaction by continuing to ask questions about racism that are unnecesssary. You already know our view on Trump, so accept it and move on, and if you can't accept it, then you've got a problem, so deal with it. Nobody is screaming racist in here only you, and you write that word in block capitals, you keep banging on about it, it dosent take much for anyone to figure out who the racist is in here. As regards showing you Trumps racist quotes, I don't have to show you anything, either does anyone else. Go Google them for yourself. None of us have to bother answering your questions, too bad you can't handle our opinions. Let's leave it at that, shall we? nuff said...

Au Revoir ....

Luke , I´m not out for "winning" , I want fairness.

You and others have labeled Trump a racist etc. etc. , and I ask you to give me the evidence for this accusations , and by that I don´t mean  quotes from the corrupt MSM.

Do you concider it to be , "high counciousness" , to for example say:

"I aggree with you Kelly and Michael .. Trump is a complete racist ...

darkstar, you can clearly see that Donald Trump is racist, there are numerous articles, videos and news items about it all over the Internet ..",

- and not present honest proof for your claims?

And also , you claims that I "judge all the time".

Now I demand that you point out my "judgements"  from my posts ,  so that I can meet up with your claims.


after everything that happened in last couple of weeks , after he nominated his NWO friends where half of them are not qualified to do anything , the other half are plain racists if not KKK members , even considering Palin in the mix to run VA , you still gonna stand for that man ? dude , you are blind and brainwashed ...................

kkk members-carrier will keep jobs in US and ford is willing to do the same, as long as trump reverses hampering regs installed by obama and gang-a complete overhaul and downsizing of the epa's ridiculous strngle hold has already been considered! one of harry ried's tools to steal land and sell it to the chinenese-and a slew of other things are going to completely reverse the 'destroy america' regs -you guys are going to be set back 40-50 years!!! though I'm all for creating industries , using the profit motive, to create affordable tech to clean the enviroment-this will insure that you america/west haters are out!!!

wow .........I am speechless.......amerika and the world in this matter is in trouble . Voting and supporting Hitler like policies will only repeat that horrible history . talk about the set back 72 yrs.

Pet rock , folks like me , liberal , compassionate and loving everyone are appaled by racist , flag waving red necks , like you , that dont deserve social benefits and health care the rest of us believes its your human right.  I guess as long as you have your sheep as companion makes all good after all..............dont forget to tatoo swastika on your forehead..........

You "demand" answers, do you, Andronover? Should I bow to thee on bended knee for thou art indeed the superior one? Give it up, brother, you are not here to make demands, rather, the rest of us are not here to be demanded to by you. Too bad you need to lean on your superiority complex to engage in a conversation, an attitude which conceals actual feelings of inferiority and failure. Demanding anything from anyone reveals a shallow, insecure soul who refuses to look within and who always need others to provide them with their answers, and anyone with a spark of light in their conciousness will automatially ignore your "demands" and will tell you to talk to their hand. Climb down from your self appointed pedistal and quit your demanding, maybe then people will actually give you the time of day. You are stuck on a loop with all of these questions about Trump and his racism, and we've already outlied our opinions, we don't need to spell it out for you anymore, we don't need to explain our perspectives, so the more you keep pushing it, the more you will be ignored, which is what I should really do instead of wasting my time talking to you. If you give me another sarcastic reply, I will just leave a cartoon image of Mickey Mouse under it, because I dont even need to be here engaging with your relentless "demands", and either does any of the rest of us.

Same with your demonization of him Kelly - give us your proof of him being a racist."

Like I told you, you won't recieve a reply from Kelly, as she left this website a long time ago because of "demanding" souls like yourself, and she did the right thing by leaving, because now she dosen't have to listen to their crap anymore. Kelly wouldn't waste her time with you, so you are wasting your own time by dragging her name into the conversation. She's not here to defend herself, so you should respect her by acknowledging that.

Luke , no I just humbly demand you to present those accusations that you have set against me , that´s all.

Quite fair , don´t you Think?

And I Think that Trump also wants to know what makes him a "racist" as you claims.

Well you can humbly demand all you like but you'd be hard pressed to recieve an answer. No such thing as a "humble demand", Andronover. You can't be humble and demand something from someone at the same time, the two don't go together. If you're humble, then you have no demands, but if you demanding, then you sure as hell ain't humble. A humble request is something quite different though. It would serve your own interest to drop the term "demand" from your vocabulary, and, even it you were to humbly "request" an answer from someone and they didn't respond, your humility would be tested depending on whether you would accept their lack of interaction with you, or whether you would react by demanding an answer from them. The sooner you learn to have no expectations, the wiser you will be. Anyway, calling myself and Michael and others "judgemental masters" is like the pot calling the kettle black, because you just judged us by making that statement. By calling us judgemental, you in turn, are being judgemental. Hope that answers your question, if not, then that's too bad.  



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