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There are always chemtrail planes among many other things flying above NY.  However since Monday the increase has been dramatic.  Multiple planes fly, one behind the other, criss- crossing, at different altitudes.  There is  tingling in my throat, I've heard the same from others...  Shit's going down.

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Yep!!! I think "they" are showing their desperation, huh? The squeeze is on with so many awakening. "They" know they've been found out.
cat's outta the bag!!
This may be a dumb question, but is anyone questioning the authorities about them?
they got very busy here in pennsylvania as soon as the sky is nice and clear. I have been watching them for nine years now.
even though all my friends think that I am crazy...I have a handfull that are starting to pay attention too! They started out with the they are contrails but I pointed out then why are they not there all the time! And how many times even over an airport do you see checker board skys?

the last few years I have started with in the begining of spring respirory problems or allergies...and cancer, not one person in my family has ever had cancer !!!!! I have had an increase in the area of problems with arthritus showing up alot in hands...two people It was so bad that I took them to the hospital..dr says infection or goute ...but tests did not come back as positive for it either ,,,seems dr was only guessing..once actually even said that he didn't have a clue as to what it was
The gov says they do this to block the sunlight and to slow down the heating of the planet so it stops global warming. I also read they want to put a shield in place around the planet to shield from external influences and block signals from other species out there.
I can't believe it's about global warming, otherwise it would be happening everywhere, or in remote areas where it would affect less people. It seems to be happening over major cities, from what I can gather. Not in my remote spot thank goodness.
it is definitely goin down brother! has been! will be! if it isn't the vaccines, it's those dernt chemtrails! ~smudging & praying~ ;0)
Also over London, UK they are spraying a lot more here too.... I am trying to put together a document I want to send to all the pol. parties (election soon) and all the papers... will see what happens... but not much hope, they know that we know and as everthing else they will continue doing it, whether they are found out or not...Its becoming an obsession with me since all my life I have looked up and adored the clouds and the sky and now whenever I look (which I do often) I see loads of chemtrails as early as 6.30 AM and as late as 9PM in the sky, whether it is before sunrise, overcast or dark or raining....
Problem is, the more we push energetically the more they will push back. We should focus on a NEW model we want, which will replace the old one. What you resist persists'...drag, can't stop myself, its really hard because I also have days when my nose burns and when I check it out on YouTube I feel sick about the damage and the potential of this s**t... and then HAARP pops up as well...
Anybody got any ideas what could be done?
I agree that what you resist persists, but it is still possible to challenge this practise without getting too angsty. I think it's the emotional energy behind the action that makes it resistance. Act from a place of high vibration, and there is nothing for them to push against. They will fall over! (think this is the theory behind some martial arts??)

In my view, what's happening needs to be exposed for what it is, as well as the true reasons for it. The public are entitled to know what is going on, and to have some say in whether it happens. That's what democracy is supposed to be about.
Here is an extract from a channelling. I was going to just give the 1st paragraph, but the other two give some useful context.

"The energies everyone is feeling, consciously or unconsciously, are directed to you from several sources. There is the energy from HAARP that seeks to cloud the minds of humans, make them tired, and induce fear. It operates at 4 to 6 hertz, the same frequency as the human brain. It is operating at full power these days. It is particularly effective, as aerosol spraying has lowered the resistance of everyone’s physical body.

Energies are also coming from the armada of starships in orbit about your planet and from elsewhere in the galaxy These energies are beneficial, intended to uplift those who will open themselves to receiving. Your physical health is better for receiving these energies. This is the same for everyone who is open.

There are also energies which earth is directing to her surface dwellers. She is calling you to experience her revitalized beauty. Go into the wild to allow her to talk with you. She is clearing the skies and waters, and refreshing the ground. Enjoy the revitalized Earth. There is more of this to come as she ascends into her beauty of a lighter density. Find ways to resonate with her. Walk on the soil barefoot. Smell her fragrances. Look upon her beauty."

So we are being affected by both bad and good stuff, and ultimately everything will be ok.
You might wanna chek this site out got some info on those chemtrails.....
: (((

Well apart from the potential health effects from the heavy metals (I understand) I would find it very depressing. I need my sun!! And I would be outraged to experience this.



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