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There are always chemtrail planes among many other things flying above NY.  However since Monday the increase has been dramatic.  Multiple planes fly, one behind the other, criss- crossing, at different altitudes.  There is  tingling in my throat, I've heard the same from others...  Shit's going down.

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yes... furious would be the right word... it started just as the light changed.. spring light and then the onslaught of massively increased obvious poisoning... is this everywhere? I've been thinking of moving. i also think it is about light.. there are massively new photonic energy streaming through which is CERTAINLY changing the way in which I am visually perceiving life... most def an intense time... i want this s*** to stop...
I am not shure it is everywhere. I have been cheking the skies here in Puerto Rico and i have not seen any yet. I used to see them in Florida and in Belgium to.
I definitely agree about seeing them heavily in the Florida skys! I just moved back to Florida from Maine a year ago and I cannot believe the amount of chemtrails that are laid daily. The day will start out bright and sunny and by noon all the chemtrails just start to billow and connect into a haze that blots out most of the sun and makes it overcast. I think they are trying to make the people here in Florida ill because the majority of the population are retired people who have come here after retirement because of the low cost of things and because of the weather, which is very nice. So the elderly are already in frail health to begin with and more susceptible to getting ill and having heart and respiratory troubles. I read that last year the deaths in Florida from health concerns rose quite a bit from previous years even though the population did not drastically increase and it seems to me the more the chemtrail activities, the more the illness deaths rise. There is a correlation there I am sure. I know my health has not been good since moving back here.....(but maybe it is just because I am getting older myself, lol).
reanne i have seen these chemtrails spray all over melbourne, my friend just says a word and the chemtrails start immediately, go figure how he does it but he just wants to prove they hear your thoughts when they spray....
????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mind boggling!
What is really scary is that there is a law that gives the US the right to do tests on human population in the US,and they have done so for decades. these chemtrails have Barium in them and it affect the respiration and attacks the imune system as to weaken it. You can also find it in rat poisen. I also found a few other thing son this page...freeky...
I see chemtrails about every week here in michigan, and I live in a tiny town. I have been showing friends that I think are able to handle least people are starting to recognize what has gone unnoticed above our heads for too many years.



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