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Channelers, Lightworkers and Spiritual Healers. An important message to all.

As 2012 approaches we are getting more and more Channeling Messages, more and more Lightworkers, more and more Spiritual Healers. Very few choosen ones are genuine and the rest are using this crucial period for their own gains.

We need to set up an INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF CHANNELERS, LIGHT WORKERS, AND SPIRITUAL HEALERS where they must all be tested and approved before they can become members of this Society and recognized as genuine.

There are lots who are running workshops, lectures, courses, healing sessions etc and charging a lot of money knowing they can get away this time because many people are suffering from Ascension Syndroms and are vulnerable in this crucial period. Lord Jesus did not charge for all the spiritual work he did. All the rest must do on a donation basis only and if people are happy with them they will donate whatever they can afford

In Christinity there is a law if one claims to be a Saint he must do some miracles to get his Sainthood.

Adama Head Priest of Telos has already warned that lot of you are being misled and some will also use his name to give false messages. This was the case recently when a message appeared online stating message by Adama Head Priest of Telos an Urgent, Urgent message America is going to be hit by an earthquake and asking people to start evacuating the area. In actual fact this did not take place and Adama's name was used.

There are people who have already been misled and there are some who are in tears. I have seen cases where the Spiritul Masters have cheated their initiated devotees.

They say in the age of Kali falsehood is the charioteer and one in a million is a true spiritual master.

There are also a lot of books on ascension 2012 on the market and Adama Head Priest of Telos has warned that most of the spiritual books that people are reading are written by people who are spiritually blind. They in fact misled you and are a waste of time and money. 

One way to find out if the Channelers, Lightworkers and Spiritual Healers are genuine is to see if they are living their lives in the Mode Of Goodness and another thing is to take their Auras.


I am a being of Voilet Fire...

I am the purity God desires.


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Look through the eyes of the cosmic center concoucoisness and thats looking through LOVE, then you can see who is who in this world. Nobody needs to prove anything and or any form of competitios thinking. Titles are to make the ego happy not the soul if you say your a healer great then HEAL. and as long as you are working for the light and love vibration then there is nothing to prove.
There are people that have gone to Spiritual workers and found out they were worse then before. Some have claimed like their good energy was lost and did not feel that good after their encounter. Some have claimed that those who are doing Spiritual Healing work look like in urgent need of healing themselves.
I strongly believe that any work done in Love and Light should be on a donation basis only and if people are happy they will also be happy to give a donation and this applies mostly to those who hold workshops, lectures, healing sessions, and classes. Some are charging large amounts which means LOVE AND LIGHT IS ONLY FOR THE RICH.
In actual fact the Ascended Masters etc have selected and choosen the people they want to send messages too but suddenly as 2012 is approaching we are getting loads of channelers channeling this that and the other. This will cause confusion and it could be the dark forces sending messages to mess people up. Like Adama Head Priest of Telos stated he will be channeling messages only through Aurelia Louise Jones and suddenly there seems to be a whole lot who claim to channel messages from Adama.
The age of Kali is burning hot and towards the end even more and more falsehood will be there. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT.
Swami Prabhupadh once stated that most people are carrying heavy karmas that they in for the rebirth cycle for another 7 lives and some more plus more plus more
Already a prediction has been made that Lord Jesus will appear from a spacecraft and do miracles. Now this will all be staged to fool people as it will not be the Real Jesus that we know.
I am a being of Violet Fire...
I am the purity God desires.
By the Way Meg that false Jesus that will appear from a Spacecraft will not be me i assure you. I thought i will just let you know in advance as I AM A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE...I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES.
One of the main things Lord Kalki will do which is high on his list is to Chop the heads of false Channelers, false Spiritual Healers and false Lightworkers but he will do no harm to me as I AM A BEING OF VOILET FIRE...I AM THE PURITY GOD DESIRES.
I will let Lord Kalki do the rest.
On Lord Kalki's thighs will be inscribed KING OF KINGS and on his sword will be inscribed GOD IS ONE AND HIS NAME IS TRUTH. He will restore DIVINE ORDER and this will be Order of the New World.
don,t worry so much only LOVE and the truth will come
I will give you an example of channelling from two people :
1st Sheldon Nidle in one of his messages stated that spacecrafts will land and come to the rescue all and take those that belong to other planets back to their own and some will be taken to Inner Earth......etc....etc..etc.[ personally i like and agree with most of the messages by Sheldon Nidle and i have his DVD on Inner Earth our Future Home and i show it to a lot of my friends]
2nd message by Adama Head Priest of Telos channeled through Aurolia Louise Jones...A lot of people on the surface are under the impression the spacecrafts will land and rescue everyone...and i Adama say to you that they will not rescue you all as they are not allowed to and only those who have done their spiritual work and are ready will ascend. The rest will only ascend when they are spiritually ready and some will take a little bit longer, some more years and some long long time.
Summary: Adama Head Priest of Telos is spot on as only those who are spiritually ready will ascend so do not wait for spaceships to land and rescue you but prepare yourselves for ascension.
I am a being of Violet Fire...
I am the purity God desires.
In the age of Kali falsehood is the charioteer and a lot are on it if you consider that just one in a million is a true Saint. As it is nearing the end of Kali and start of a new age, Kali Yuga will be at its WORSE. The Kali Age is burning hot and only taking shelter of the holy name can save you. Channelling can be very dangerious as a fake channeller can mess the lives of millions who fall into his trap. The dark forces they say will try there best to misled and keep people under control at this critical period. Recently i was searching some spiritual sites and i came across these words: EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER LEARNT SO FAR IS A LIE and i am starting to believe this but soon the Universe Hidden libraries open up and all will be revealed from the time this Universe was created. The Arcturians hold the blueprint history of all planets in this Universe and as 2012 approaches all will be revealed. Adama Head Priest of Telos has already warned that when you find the truth you will be in for some shocks.
I therefore thought that it would be a good idea to form an International Body Governing Channnellers, healers and spiritual masters as they might be able to pick out some of the fake ones.
The dark forces will try their best and try anything to win their last battle but in the end the Light Forces will win and that is one reason The Ashter Commend have named this as OPERATION VICTORY.
I am a being of Violet Fire...
I am the purity God desires.
That's well put, humanity needs to awaken by each individual enlightenment one at a time, Looking forward to live in a world where enough participants are committed to awaken themselves and search for the truth of whom they really are. Thus a new paradigm could be conceived
By the way The Sikhs claim that there Holy Scripture THE SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB [ full of Divine love and light] is the only holy book that was written by the Gurus while they were alive on the planet. All the rest have been channelled, many own translations, and many misleading.
English translation is available to read on line along with a load of spiritual books at


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