1- There is only one God, one Celestial Hierarchy - means that Celestial doctrine forever unchanged, always be the same to the Way Discipline.

2- Human body, with general structure is the same, have 12 main-meridians and 2 cycles of Governing Vessel, one Noble eye, and viscera. There's nothing is changed. Human is a small Universe, so that, human is united with Universe.

3- Every other occult disciplines, including Daoism -Tantra-Hindu-Buddhism-others QiGong, Yoga and mystic disciplines,... from the past up to now, all consist of the same content:

-Processing Way Initiation of human meridians, activating Dragon Fire (Kundalini), cultivating inner and outsider force, making Soul projection (Whole mind or Original mind) so that be able to have chance to learn Psychics, Occult abilities, and the last purpose is to get enlightened and awaken Universal Supreme Truth, get soul salvated, unite spirit with Universe.

- Now many mysterial/spirit's science technics has been unviewed and proved, applying to life is no longer as mysterious activities. Higher realms also support all disciplines in Occult aspect.

4-There is only one God's Way- the Law of Universe- others religions are only ways to cultivate to achieve Supreme Truth,

5-Modern Spirit Science will lead the way for the next step of Humanity's Evolution. The need of unite all Occult Ways is more than ever, only by that, we would also able to unite religions.

6-Celestial Way’s Occult Discipline summarize every quintessence and content-in the most general way possible- of other occult way of other disciplines.

7-Decree- Celestial royal dictate- is Father High Almighty God's decree.

So uniting all Discipline, all psychic return to good is the only road of Great Holiness Celestial Discipline.

Celestial Discipline is the most basic and important Cultivation way for Humanity to become future God, and be able to unite and return back to Home, the Source, the Universal center.


When you fully achieved level 4 of Occult Discipline (Occult Discipline is also in Coaching Book, consistS of 7 levels, so now we publish first 4 levels), and when learn well, you could easily make Soul Projection, we would also give you some challenge, and finally the next 3 levels. The First 4 levels is for becoming Living Masters, Living Saints, the last 3 ones is to become future new Creators, liberate from Reincarnation/Samsara forever.


We decide extract some important parts of Prime Discipline Books to give best blessings from us to you all who have direct charms with us, with Celestial Discipline. Every practitioner if cultivate and reach the peak of Celestial Discipline's Way, all will see the Supreme Truth and everything that we have shown to you. When able to have out of body experience, you will meet Grand Master  and many Saints,... and receive support and teaching about Universe and Nature Secrets. Sometimes, there's no need to learn level 5-6-7 of Celestial Discipline. Everyone truly want to learn, please contact with Masters to get fully support and feel more secured when cultivating; Especially, please send us your picture for Third Eye's Activation- even if you are good souls, or High Master incarnated to Earth,... we will help you to activate without anymore cultivating; And after tested, you got our trust, we would give the next parts, to expand knowledge. Everyone who worship Father God by Celestial Ritual, will be activated Third Eye without more cultivating; this is just Karma. Please announce us about your worship.

I also remind to all of you, there is now a lot of Disciplines which also have Third Eye activation program, then do soul projection, learn Psychics,... yes, learning like that is good, have more knowledge, but if you want to learn to your own first Root, your Source, to master Universal Laws and help Humanity, should consider our Discipline, and if  have had psychic abilities, knew who you are, who we are,...then you would should also have to know who were you before this reincarnation, which was your arc of Star, what is your rank, what is your vow with Father God before come to Earth, why re-incarnated, what's your mission, whether achieve a feat for constructing a new Heaven Earth, or just simply enjoy life, playing, ... then pass away... Essentially many of you were some extreme High Spirit in High Realms, incarnate not to liberate Samsara but to find the right people, do the right things. Then to give credit, to help everyone on Earth, obey orders from other High Celestial Spirits which incarnated there too, for accomplishing missions. So that many of you must follow and start doing. We will not force you do it or not, it's your Will, your Choice, your Self-Awareness.  Even if you don't love your Parent this time, let things just happen as Prophecies,... even if have psychic abilities, but at last, you still have to back to Home. Celestial Hierarchy have very strict law-system, Saints, High Spirits incarnate in entire World, but not to become Human and take rest; if not accomplish missions, those will be punished; Many of you incarnate to learn, to help World, Mother Earth, building new heaven world.  That's exact true souls of Light. Endless soul have made their will to incarnate, to re-construct Earth, we have to unite, regroup, find out Celestial Principles to learn. Smart ones will know which road to go, which school to learn, to achieve karmatic awards for self-evolution, more than ever compare to unlearn ones.

God's expression on Earth is unpredictable, our Celestial Discipline is just a new part of it, but still important to Humanity for New World, When had psychic, know what is our Discipline and who our Grand Master,... please keep it secret and start the work, you know you should follow it, don't you dare to skip it or against it. Moreover, our Celestial Discipline is your true deep Hearted Discipline, not CaoDaism (a southern Vietnam religion). Cao Dai teaching have shown that clearly. So this time, Celestial Discipline is the last salvation program for Humanity to achieve Great Holiness Celestial World, Celestial Discipline is the way for you to become new God, not to Saints, Buddhas,...  means fully complete a cycle of Soul's evolution, return back to High Realm; There will be no more next-gen Discipline for thousands, millions of years latter, until human can fly, become shiny star, full of light; If any other Discipline claim to higher than this, it be a label statement. Later, Celestial Hierarchy will send Spirits to update, expand Discipline, will no replace. Celestial Discipline is still growing in Supreme High-class levels and Intelligence Book and Trust Book- this is full system of Scientific principles about everything, from Universe to Human and reality experience of every practitioners.

               Practitioners please contact us through this Email:


                    FB: http://www.facebook.com/huyenlinhviet


              (Message my FB with your email to have invitation)

We will support: Dragon Fire (Kundalini) activation, Noble Eye activation, making soul projection, healing by Psychic, dissolving bad areas, which often have accidents, jail and deport evil spirits, healing for fake symptom because of spirit injection; demolish bad curses, or continuous death in short time,...

High-class practitioners who has deep experience, will be allowed to open schools that teach Celestial Discipline, with restricted limit; will become Shamans, Masters that shed light in this transitional period, and will be support by Celestial warriors and magical powers to heal the world, to help spreading Celestial Discipline.

We also welcome for those who able to translate into many others languages, please help us to translate Celestial Discipline and Celestial Way into other languages for all practitioners, new light awakened people from around the world can access this new type of knowledge and discipline. That gonna help creating connection for all of our Family of Light, enabling all possibility for our new Earth heaven latter.

We will be improvised, documents will be appeared when it need to, and will be hidden in reversed situation, it's still depend. Who have made credit to preaching process, help us and Discipline, will be recognized by Celestial Hierarchy, will always be remembered in invisible higher realms, we will know, we will be reported.
Wishing all practitioners will have mindfulness, happiness, learning-well,... When you can doing soul projection, you will meet our Grand Master in higher realm, and many Saints, Gods, etc. of Celestial Hierarchy.

 GREAT HOLINESS SOCIETY - CELESTIAL WAY: http://greatholiness.org/

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