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THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE, so they cannot attack no one anymore

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I know i am targeted individiual,  but there are no  humans involved, its all done from the astral plane. Archons or chimera

I ve been reading a lot about  targeted individuals.

you are right about most post on this site,  that is why in 10 years i didint come here,  i have better things to do ..

I know all will be well in the end for us.

Hi Blip...For one thing...May I suggest to you not to let others trigger your anger? When you do that you are giving your power away.. Concentrate on positive things only...Why...? You attract to you what you concentrate or put your attention on...That is the Universal Law of Attraction...Another thing that at this moment in my journey I am aware of is that no one can harm you unless you allow it...Let me explain...No beings from other realms can harm you at this point...Earth is protected...especially those that are Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathfinders, Pillars, Portals,in other words those working for the Light.. etc, etc...You can ask Archangel Michael and His legions of angels to help you...If you do not ask they cannot interfere or help you...You can ask Him for His Excalibur sword...I once had an entity inside of me but just for a few minutes because I called Archangel Michael, Saint Germaine, Mother Mary and Jeshua and they came to my assistance without delay...I vomited a huge ball that took both of my hands to hold it- of very thick saliva...and I felt it coming up all the way from my esophagus to my mouth...I felt when the entity got into my body...I was having many dark feelings...I contacted a friend shaman from Chile (South America) and I told him what happen and he said to me...that if I vomited I certainly had an entity inside of me...He just confirmed what I already knew...I knew when this entity got in my body the minute if happened...It is a very strange and negative feeling when it happens...Stay positive, surround yourself with circle of  the Golden Light around your bed and house before going to sleep and ask Mother for protection...You will feel Her...Blessings of Love, Peace, and much Light be with you always...

Mali Nunquam Praevalebunt, which translated from Latin means “evil never wins” or “dark ones never prevail”.

see my post :

Cobra: Operation Mjolnir | The Portal

I still have a sore toe from when i kicked it yesterday. Applied some ice 

i sugest that you leave you funny comments for what they are, they are not needed here.

You can suggest all you want. You are no being of light as quick meaningless posts force you to comment. No being of light would fall for the traps. But a damaged ego driven charlatan certainly would. 

I could of ignored this post entirely but it seems my mission on shining light on ill inforned and blatant liers still has my work cut out for me.

Please do respond as you only further show your true colours. 

what  a mission your on !!!

so you say i am a beeing of darkness, working for the dark forces.....  look at my picture, are you blind, yes you are......

you just described yourself, i am a mirror .....

hope that makes you wiser.



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