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***Bright Fireball,Lights & Orbs Over NZ & USA - March/April 2012***


Footage of New Zealand Meteor Fireball - April 2 2012

Uploaded by danielofdoriaa on Apr 2, 2012


"The object, described by many eyewitnesses as a "bright fireball" followed by long vapour cloud, was spotted from as far south as Ashburton to the Waikato town of Tirau, around 6.30pm."

"The WeatherWatch website has been inundated with reports of the fireball, which witnesses say rushed across the sky at about 6.30pm.

A Nelson resident described it as an "unbelievable'' green, orange and white ball flying past at "super speed'', leaving behind a massive trail that lasted for nearly 10 minutes before dissipating.

A Hanmer Springs resident said they heard "a loud boom'' about two minutes after it streaked past.

"Not sure if hit the ground or sonic boom, perhaps the latter, very exciting! Much more exciting than putting the washing out.''




UFO Burns Up Over New Zealand 2012

Reports have come in of a bright light seen moving over the sky in Wellington and Christchurch.
WeatherWatch says it has been inundated with reports of a spectacular meteor over central New Zealand this evening.
Eyewitnesses from Wellington and Christchurch are talking of a fireball that rushed across the sky leaving a large trail behind it.



Unknown UFO in the sky over Island Bay Wellington NZ - 7.15pm 2.4.12

Uploaded by lankyrunner6 on Apr 2, 2012

"Heard reports and was watching this after people had already reported an object burning up and exploding. Real bizairre object that moved fast south at first then stopped and hovered for about 5 minutes then changed direction and disappeared over the horizon".




UFO Over Denver, Colorado Not a Meteor, Balloon, or Helicopter March 29, 2012

Uploaded by ObjectiveObserver4 on Mar 31, 2012


On March 29, 2012 many people in the Denver area saw a large, very bright orb of light hovering over the city. The UFO moved left, right, up, and down in a controlled manner.

This was therefore not any sort of balloon floating about in the wind. It was clearly not a helicopter, as no sound was heard from the object, and the light is totally inconsistent with helicopter lights. And it is obviously not a meteor.




Glowing UFO Orb Over Washington 24 March 2012

Uploaded by StephenHannardADGUK on Apr 2, 2012


Mike Klug is used to seeing lights in the night sky -- every airplane that lands at the Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco flies over his Burbank Heights home.
But what the 52-year-old former Hanford technician saw last week has him scratching his head.

Just before midnight on March 24, Klug saw what he described as an orb with a bright light inside of it.
"It looked like a glass ball with an arc welder's light inside of it," said Klug, who grew up in Pasco and has lived in Burbank for 26 years.
Klug described it as being no more than 500 feet off the ground and moving at 15 mph east toward Walla Walla.

Klug captured about five minutes of video as the reddish-orange orb slowly moved away. Because his camera was still set on night vision from two nights prior, the orb shows as a bright white light on the video.

The camera he used is about 25 years old, a Sony camcorder that uses "Hi8" tapes.
"It was moving slower than an aircraft," he said.



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 thanks for these awesome videos!

greetings brothers and sisters... I'd just like to say, I saw the exact thing that is discribed in the Glowing UFO Orb over Washington video, this morning just a couple of hours ago, here in Northern California... it was exactly as he discribed it in the video... I would have run back inside for my camera, but figured by the time I got back out with it, it would have been gone... 

Wow that's really cool Soul!

Thanks for your comments everyone : )

I'm in NZ and saw a flaming orange fireball fly right over me a few weeks ago but it was too quick to film aswell.

All of the impressive UFO footage recently is very exciting! : )

Keep an eye out for more my friends, I'm sure the best is yet to come...

Love & Light To All!


                       This spiral appeared and morphed over Christchurch, NZ on 29/03/2011:




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