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Blue Avians Fake Or Demonic? (David Wilcock Corey Goode) Occult Unmasked

I agree wholeheartedly with the moderator of this video! These are all alien spirits that comprises the fallen angels, archons, ascended masters, galactic federation, Ra Confederation, etc. I do believe that the beings have energy soul matrices of certain creatures, like avians, felines, and reptiles. But, as stated in the video, some also have a physical form somewhere in another dimension, such as the 5th dimension, which could be a gray, reptilian, or Nordic body. The avians are said to be the oldest in the universe. They upgraded felines to bipedal humanoid forms. And they created the reptilians, i.e, dragons, ciakars, mothman, etc. They are, right now, hijacking certain humans and shifting them into other timelines where they are performing false ascension programs that are design to harvest your blood, auric energy, dna, and ultimately your soul. This is what soul harvesting is all about. And no one knows how to do it better than these guys. Although the felines created the human prototype, many of them have aligned with certain avians to enslave not only other felines, but humans also. This is part of the alien agenda, which is also the Illuminati agenda. I am presently one of the humans that they are trying this out on. They have been overtly possessing me and doing some of the things that I mentioned above now for around 17 years. I'm not sure if I am one of few targeted individuals that this is being done to or if we are test runs for what they plan for all of humanity. I suppose we'll soon find out.

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The problem with avians, is that they play like any other species. It doesn't matter if it is floran, apex or novakid. It's basically the same thing with a different skin.

The Blue Avians are REAL Rich 228! You try us to tell the wrong thinks...all the times...

I know they are real. But their agenda is not always. Have you watched the video, or is this just your initial emotional reaction? If this is "My Experience," why do you keep trying me to tell the wrong 'think?'

I personally know a woman who wrote a book about the blue avians.  They look like BIG BIRD to me!

No such thing as Fallen Angels. Angels CANNOT FALL. Because they're not endowed with free will the way the humans are, they're direct channels and conduits of Divine Light and Will. They wouldn't even think of trying to fall, their sole goal is to do the Divine Will and serve many purposes towards that end, from guardian angels or Archangel Michael's legions who protect you and all of life, to Angels who oversee the dimensional overlays.

I know because I AM AN ANGEL. I've discovered this about myself. I have an Angelic self and work directly with Archangel Michael, who has been overseeing my path since childhood. Over the past years this awareness has become more and more prevalent to the point where I've felt his energy and heard his voice telepathically. The love of the Angelic realm is beyond anything humans can imagine, and again, Angels are created specifically to do the Divine Will and do all kinds of things in that service. No such thing as Fallen Angels, Angels CANNOT FALL unless God Almighty literally tells them to. This idea of Fallen Angels is old religious programming that bears no resemblance to TRUE REALITY. Call upon your Angelic team if you want inspiration or guidance, or just to feel the love that they offer you, it's a very beautiful thing.

As for the Blue Avians, they do exist, I've felt their energy. It's a bluish energy and is highly advanced. They're highly advanced beings. I don't sense any evil or maliciousness within them. They're here to help with the humans Ascension into 5D, that's it.

There's alot of fear and propaganda about aliens in general, it's purposefully spread by dark ones to turn us against them and keep humans in fear. Don't buy into it. We're in a time now when mass Ascension of the planet into 5D is imminent, and remember, from 5D and above, there is NO EVIL. Evil only exists in 1D-4D, where there's polarity. In 5D and up, there is no good and evil polarity. It's just increasing levels of light. Blue Avians are 7D and up. No evil in them. Sorry but whoever made his video is grossly mistaken and has bought into fear based propaganda. In truth, there's very few evil ETs. Those that are, are being sequestered from the planet so we can have our Ascension. This is the truth. Get in tune and work on your own personal Ascension.

You obviously don't know much about the "spirit world" and what we are actually dealing with. Angelic beings are the same as the demons! They are actually reptilian, feline and avian cybernetic beings. They operate through artificial intelligence (A.I.). They are interdimensional, hence they exist on the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimension. ALL angelic beings can change their energy or light levels from light (angelic) to dark (demonic). They can essentially polarize themselves to suite their agenda. The dark polarity is what makes them fallen angels. You, like many, have bought into their deception, allowing yourself to be a prime candidate for possession and harvest. Reptilians, felines, and avians can connect up to the 12th dimension where many of these beings are tethered to artificial intelligence (the Matrix). To say that EVIL doesn't not exist above 4D is not entirely true. It is where the very beings that set up this duality matrix reside! They control GOOD and EVIL from these realms...operating through a network of alien hybrids, bionts, aoids, and A.I. 

The following video will help you understand a little better about Carians and Felines.

This video will help you understand the deceptive nature of these beings and how they can manipulate you.

I know more than I ever cared to know. And I know from EXPERIENCE, I don't just watch stupid videos on Youtube from some mindless cretin and propagate their crap. I can tell you things I've experienced that you'll never believe. I assure you, you have NO CLUE what you're talking about, with regard to ANY OF THIS. I'll leave it at that.

Yes, lets leave it at that. Because now it's MY experiences versus YOUR experiences, which is ridiculous! I know what I'm experiencing and I've broken down the mechanics of how it all works. The videos are for the benefit of those who have not had the experiences that I have had. You need to read my other posts. I am right now in the battle of my life with beings who are trying to jack my soul. I've called on your Archangel Michael and your loving heavenly beings for more than 20 years. And they've done nothing. Why? Because they are ALL merely programs that are controlled by reptilians, felines, and avians. You are completely delusional. So, I'll leave you to your perfect little glass menagerie to believe that mindless love and light bull**** espoused by a bunch of fake white guy avatars with reptilians hiding behind them, and I'll see it as I choose to see it based on MY experiences and speak MY TRUTH! That way, we'll all have a more balanced perspective! How's that?  

Well what are you experiencing then, tell me. Maybe I can shed some insight, I guarantee I've experienced similar attacks over the years. I too was at one time in a "battle for my soul" with some very dark force who made its way to me. I even saw it manifest in my room. But by sheer will I got it away. So what are you experiencing exactly.

And maybe this will provide some insight, if you're having a dark force around you right now, maybe THAT is the force that's planting the fear and lies about Ascension and about benevolent ETs and the Archangels and Angelic realm. I've experienced the Angelic realm and its energy, it's a magical, Divine, loving energy the likes of which are beyond this world, trust me. In that vibe, NO EVIL CAN EXIST. I'm literally surrounded by light orbs and Angelic energy all the time now, because I'm in the process of completing my physical Ascension, which began around almost 2 years ago, and they're guiding me with that. It's not a deception, it's the absolute truth, and I can tell you things which will clear that up for you. The idea that Ascension is a deception, IS THE DECEPTION, meant to keep you off the track and in the pits where the dark can continue to feed off you.

Again, mass planetary Ascension is imminent, within the coming decades for humans who are ready for it. Forces from all over the Cosmos are here to help with that. Unfortunately humans still create a lower vibrational atmosphere where dark entities can still be here and mess with folks. It's happened to me, it seems to be happening to you. So what exactly are you experiencing.

As for the Blue Avians, they're not malevolent, I know because I've felt their energy. I feel their energy RIGHT NOW, and it's a calm and peaceful blue energy. Is that a projection from them to fool, I doubt it. Again, you KNOW when something is demonic in nature and when it's not. These misconceptions need to be rectified so as many people as possible can make this Ascension shift into the 5D and beyond. And putting out fear based propaganda about it serves no real purpose except to hand the dark ones exactly what they want. GODS PLAN IS FOR A MASS ASCENSION OF EARTH AND HUMANITY INTO LOVE AND LIGHT, of Heaven on Earth. NO MORE DARKNESS. This is not a deception, this is the DIVINE PLAN. Don't fall into the dark trap and unknowingly work against it.

I've been literally possessed and tormented by these beings since 1999. They start by shaking your bed at night and then start hitting you with psychic attacks. They would manipulate my chakras including the chakras in my feet. In fact, they prefer to enter through your foot chakras. It wasn't long before that I was fully possessed by these beings. They began by moving my feet or toes to spell a crude form of English. I soon began to realize that these were some sort of creatures that were operating through very advanced technology. Which they later confirmed that they were tethered to artificial intelligence They started proving that they knew all about me by telling things that only I or my family/friends would know going back to childhood. They would point out page and chapter some complex studies in many of my books. Concepts that I hadn't yet figured out at the time. I asked if it was the government doing this to me. Because helicopters would follow me around the city and hovering over my house for many months when this all started. They told me that the men in the helicopters were god. So, I took this to mean that they were not human. They were evidently programming me for this possession. Long story short, in 2016 they shifted me into another timeline. I can't go into the details of this, because it would take too long, but trust me when I tell you, they shifted me into another timeline. They told me that they control many timelines. I've been posting on this site since 2017. And all I've gotten is a lot of ridicule.

So, what you have to understand is that I'm not doubting that there are angelic realms. But what I'm saying to you is that the beings that I'm dealing with are at the epicenter of the phenomenon you call GOD! Not the One Source God. But the prime beings that started seeding life in this universe that ultimately led to us. That's why I can go 20 years without any help from any of the beings you mentioned. Because they control them. Don't be so presumptuous to think that you know everything because you've had some good feeling experiences from angelic beings. What I'm telling you about is the power BEHIND those beings and that is the beings that set up our reality, and this universe in the first place. And that's avians, and felines. They are all about the polarity game. They can control your entire reality if they wanted to. They block me from jobs and opportunities and have all but destroyed my business. They control people that I deal with to ensure failure. This is next level s*** and it's beyond anything that you have in your quiver. Most people, including you could not begin to comprehend the hell and torture that they have put me through, even harvesting my blood/dna and auric energy. I'll leave it at that because I don't want to scare anyone. All I can tell you is, if Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command hasn't stepped in and done anything, after years of posting on THIS SITE, should'mt that tell you something?

It seems to me that you are being misled by other entities that do not wish you to be free and the more you believe what you say, the more you are feeding it with your energy...That is what they want...The moment you change your thoughts to positive ones filled with love and when you raise your vibration this will stop if it is happening...Dark entities lie and want to fool people into believing they are of the light but they are not and they might be misinforming you about who they are...The Blue Avians are nothing of the sort of what you say...They are very highly spiritual beings from the 6th dimension and higher and they are protecting our solar system from the dark ones...From the 5th dimension and up there is only Love...The duality and polarity of the 3rd dimension stays here and it goes nowhere else...No one with a vibration of 3d can go to the fith dimension...You say you have been possessed...If so it is only because you are vibrating in the low energies and that is why they do it and because you allow it...The moment you ask for help to the Beings of the Highest Light and Love, Angels and Archangels you will be helped...and when you order out those dark entities, which are NOT the Blue Avians,  they will have to be out...No one can take your soul unless you allow it...KODOISH, KODOISH, KODOISH, ADONAI, TSEBAYOTH...say these words will see the change...These words have the highest vibration and they are spoken in Heaven every day...

This is what I'm saying! I appreciate your input but you guys have no idea what this is!! I've tried to explain it to you but I guess you don't appreciate my scholarship! I've done everything you said X 1000. I know KODDOISH... and a whole lot of other prayers! Prayers in Hebrew as well as Latin (and I'm not Jewish or Catholic). I've called on beings of the highest light and love for MANY MANY MANY YEARS!!!!! only to be met with nothing but the entities that are possessing me! How many years does someone have to do this before they get help from them? John Jancar said that he went through it for 2 years before things changed for him. I've been going through this for 20+ years. And don't tell me that I've ALLOWED this do anything! The only reason I'm still alive is because I fight this thing like hell EVERY DAY! Most people would have died from this 10 or 15 years ago.



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