Blossom Makes a Prediction

2010 October 17
by Steve Beckow
Blossom has taken her life in her hands once again and made a prediction that Oct. 20 will see “a landing.” She says “Disclosure is coming, dear ones, and it’s just a few days away.”


Do I have any information on this? No. Have I heard anyone else say it? No. However Hatonn has said that the galactics are ramping things up in the runup to disclosure so we know to expect new events in an increasing tempo.


I’m actually expecting disclosure to come somewhere between end of October and end of November. But I’m game. It certainly will come one of these days. Here is Blossom’s Facebook message, thanks to Karl and posted to Share11 by Niala.


Blossom Goodchild


Oct. 17, 2010


Hello! sorry for the delay but I’m new to this whole facebook thing and didn’t know how to get the friend request things going until my son showed me how.

Yes! Jivan I had read it but I just couldn’t respond as I was so busy…. sorry

I felt like I was almost lead here I don’t know how I got here this is such a wonderful group!

And the best part is I have a wonderful message of joy to share with you all! which I suspect has something to do with me finding this wonderful place ;) ….


It has taken me lots of courage after what happened the last time and I want you all to know my intention was out of love LOVE to make this world a better place and nothing else.


I have spoken with a being from the federation, she has asked me to call her ”Ponacariya” (although she wont tell me from which out of the three star systems she is from) She want’s me to let you all! know that she sends you all golden rays of love and light! I suspect my channeling with her has something to do with me coming across this wonderful group :)


But now back to the purpose of this message… I have been told that there is going to be another landing and that the vibrational state you were all in made it impossible for them to manifest into our reality the last time….. but she now tells me…… things have changed!
Indeed as even I feel the energies!




I will have this up on my site too!


Disclosure is coming dear ones and its just a few days away!


I’m so exited to get this message out to all my lovely brothers and sisters for we are all ONE.


From what little at the moment I’ve been told except that they are coming and they send there love, it seems the contact will take place by two members of the same race representing each star system on the 20th followed by other races whom they can’t give a date on when they will make contact, but like the first they too will take place by ”six” beings from three star systems for each of the contacts to come for now I don’t have any info on what the next contacts will be like.


The first contact is as follows (for now) two beings from:


The Pleiades


Be happy my lovely brothers and sisters as this is such a wonderful time of excitement!

Chin up ;) and look towards the skies!





Blossom ♥ ♥ ♥









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  • I disagree with you James in that 'You can change nothing........ '....

    I have been in a living hell... and I changed everything....:)...
    Yes, of course I acknowledge with gratitude the help offered and which I was able to receive because I asked for it.
    I chose to turn around and take a different direction, I had to apply my WILL and INTENT and I suffered much and I chose again and again and then I chose to leave my religion...
    I got involved with myself and the Change I wanted/want to be.
    I AM the Co-Creator of my life and the changes I want to bring about within me ..... so is everybody else...
    We have free will and everyday, all the time, we make choices. It is quite a journey to want to become self-aware and make conscious choices and much practice is required.

    All of our truths are different......:).....!

  • Why would yo want to report her for anything James?..... why do you feel you need to blame and judge??That is not usually your style...:)..
    What a great learning opportunity it all was and now seems still is......

    We cannot protect anybody from their 'gullibility', we cannot save anybody and we cannot protect anybody.. We are only able to change out own lives...

    ALL are EQUALLY guided and cared for, EACH is where there are at.. and there is no fault with it...that's just the way it is, each is on THEIR personal journey and everyone will get HOME in the end.
    Each one is loved unconditionally, no matter what!!...that includes Blossom Goodchild!!

    I have been through my life through trials and pain and through deceit and threat, I have been gullible and I have been foolish and I have been humiliated (... as most of us have and walked that road to self discovery....I only learned that through experience and self reflection)..
    I have mastered much in my life and I am perfectly equipped, as EVERYONE ELSE is, to grow further.. so are the 'gullible ' ones...

    Peace to you, James!
  • Hmm, there is still sooo much criticism about Blossom, very negative, which speaks to me more about the people who are still posting these negative responses and what their expectations were....its a while ago...:)......we have moved on ..and I have learned a lot and actually find value and comfort in the messages...yes.......:)...!
    Yes... what were they/we expecting the Star brothers to do/bring/deliver??...they thought it was true.. until the time came and went....
    That day was a very special day for me and for many.
    Blossom put her head on the line in trust and faith at a very high personal and emotional cost....

    People are quick to point fingers as if she is a charlatan.... who can be SURE here that they have always the Light on the line...??....
    What IF it was true and the reasons given why they never showed in the skies were real and valid and true reasons, that it would have put us at great risk from those who are controlling us now..I think I and others have understanding and know now what they are capable of...... without much hesitation..they are capable of doing ANYTHING to hold on to their power....look....

    ..BUT there must be something very challenging about her and the messages coming through her still, because someone feels the need to try and cause her great embarrassment and such a public place like Facebook..and many will never get the message that this was an imposter either..many will believe its true and originated from her..again...that's not fair! Someone seems to want her silenced and ridiculed....thats also not fair!

    It is easy to throw stones at others..:)... best to clean ones own front door step.... and best remove the beam in ones own eye before one wants to remove the splinter in the other's eye..

    Live in humility and joy and do not judge the other, which is also you..:)..

    We are All ONE!
    • Nicely said Marion. I did not know then that the prediction of Blossom will cause too much pain to too many people if her prediction will not come true. I looked at the sky at that time and when nothing happened, I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. There are a lot of possible reasons why the decloakings did not happen. Blossom might have been telling the truth or she just made it up. But I never felt any hatred on her even after her prediction did not materialize.
  • Please, no more predictions. This is getting ridiculous lol
    This is turning all Miss Cleo on us. haha
    I hope you're familiar who Miss Cleo was.
  • Yes.. This is a FALSE posting on Facebook ... Here is Blosom's reaction to the news ..taken from .. Share 11 Forums

    Good morning everyone!

    It appears that some bright spark is posing as me on face book! They have taken a picture from my youtube with White Cloud and have put up a fake channelling saying I have been in contact with a 'being' who says that there is to be a landing on 20th of this month. THIS IS NOT ME!

    Thankfully I awoke this morning to alerts from my mailing list as they were questioning it, as it didn't seem authentic. IT"S NOT!!!

    I do not do face book at all. So anything that is up there is not me!

    I shall get onto facebook straight away, but please would you be so kind as to spread the word about this on any sites that you know my channellings go on.

    Many thanks ....

    Lets send that little prankster so many Golden Rays he/she will sprout wings and fly ...... far away from facebook!

    Lets be off

    Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

  • Yeah I am glad it was a hoax for her sake. I saw how distressed she got after last years episode. Perhaps she did learn something.

    Nasty Imposters!
  • Im sorry to say this is disinformation, I have already read a blog the real Blossom has written on this subject. Someone made a false Facebook account in her name.But she has not made any predictions you can check the original message on sorry everyone Kate
  • The link now states: Blossom (Does Not Make) a Prediction
  • That's not Blossom.

    She wrote on her blog that someone is imposing as her. She's not in Facebook.

    Namaste, in Love and Truth
This reply was deleted.

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