.. Today , my sister and I were walking up the street with the kids, and was discussing the amount of air traffic present over our town, in Derbyshire. I was pointing out the difference between chem trails and usual trails left by airplanes, when we noticed a black line in marked out in front of a airplane, on which the plane seemed to be following.

Has anyone else ever noticed such a thing? We were mystified by it.

We counted 10 planes fly over in the space of roughly 15 minutes!!! Most of them weren't leaving heavy chemtrails.


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  • No 'black paths' to report today, but yesterday, when watching the clear sky, I could see all of that 'squigly white' stuff whizzing about right infront of my eyes. It glistened in the sunlight, and wasn't visible in the shade, or inside the house! Amazing!
    I wonder if it can be photographed? And what sort of lense would be required???
    Hope everyone is having a marvellous day.
  • I was in metro Detroit when I saw the "rocket plane". I saw a lot strange things all the way through Detroit, and well into Dearborn. They're doing some weird stuff in the sky.
  • Sad you dont put out some vids or pics..
    Im not surprised..
    Humanity is the fallen angels trying to get home to oneness with everything..
    Even IronMaiden has understood this..
    • I wish I'd have had the camera with me!!!!
      Not leaving the house without it from now on.
  • i live in the detroit metro area and have been seeing alot of activity for the past two weeks and usually see about 5 or six flying criss cross close toghter leaving short trails behind them something strange is going on
  • MGem80,
    I don't think I am leaking any major defense secrets here but some planes refuel and there can be a trace left that can be ignited by the heat of exhaust or an afterburner.
    To know for sure we would have to know the type of plane, military or civilian, whether there is an airport or airbase within 50km, and most of that info would be classified.
    In some training missions there are visible tracers.
    A common training maneuver is to fly one plane under another …this confuses radar because the higher plane would have the radar signature and the lower none. That upper plane can leave a signature of fuel or exhaust.
    All this is normal and no cause for alarm.
    • Hello Bear! =)
      They all looked like passenger jets.
      There is an airport around 7-8 miles away from our town.
      Thankyou for your input.
      Have a spectacular saturday.
  • Weird. Can't say that I've seen this. The weirdest thing I've seen lately is a airplane flying vertically like a rocket.
    • Trust me, I have rili rili rili seen this!!

      I tot it was just a mere jet or it was really just a jet. but it flew soo fast that when you look away for a second and look back at it it has almost already reached the other side of the horizon.
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