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  • let me know how u are doing man, i think i got answers for u.
  • hey thx for friend request. how are u doing?
  • Gee, thanks! No problem..I just wanna help my fam!
  • Hi Kyle, I am honored you want to be my friend...:).. Loving greetings to you and may the Supreme Creator light up your heart and mind.
  • Hey friend. You're right, there is a real "GFL" that is more accurately titled (in our language) "Glactic Federation of Star Nations". I just really want to warn people but they closed my discussion lol. Just keep your eyes and ears open! namaste
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Iligan City


November 1

About Yourself

My Name is Kyle Jacob Ll. Cuevas. my Age is 15, going 16 this November 1 I like to lol alot with friends. (and make fun of funny teachers) I'm interested in Games, Creating stuff, Gothic lol, and fantasies. I know school is very important, but some how I feel I need to learn something more than the Left side brain thinking the school teaches. I'm very interested in Cosmos related topics since childhood I always felt connected to it somehow. Oh and I hate outdoors activities of the school or stuff that forces you to go outside with many people just for the grades. it's so.. lol

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Every Ascended masters, then the Trinity one God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) mama mary, St. Micheal. Cosmic Angels/Good ETs.

^Kyle^Yggdrasil^ replied to MGem80's discussion Black 'path' taht plane followed in sky..
"Trust me, I have rili rili rili seen this!!

I tot it was just a mere jet or it was really just a jet. but it flew soo fast that when you look away for a second and look back at it it has almost already reached the other side of the horizon."
Oct 23, 2010
^Kyle^Yggdrasil^ replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Important Messages from VRILLON [ The Galactic Federation of Light] Brilliant Messages on Videos
"Yes, they are truly Amazing beings, especially Vrillon, which I think Mom saw on her journey in the cloud the passed Oct. 13th, well, he was some kind of Gold Being or being made of Gold when she saw him. :D"
Oct 22, 2010
^Kyle^Yggdrasil^ left a comment for Shaun SL
"nahh, It's been good alrdy after you great people suddenly talked bout it! lol, but if you got some answers to share, feel free! :D"
Oct 22, 2010
^Kyle^Yggdrasil^ left a comment for Shaun SL
"ty for accepting too! been fine! :D"
Oct 21, 2010

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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"For additional reference I'll post this data, as it is important. The whole thing was contrived to fit an agenda....So we can stop debating it's veracity, over and over...It's a fake pandemic, which should never have been declared...

Covid19 was…"
32 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Well governments have totally disgraced themselves, these last 18-Months, so I understand your point of view on this...Covid19 has become their primary means of bringing in dictatorships...They have lost all respect and trust.....People see it..."
38 minutes ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"In my world, the government has zero rights to tell me to do anything. I do not consent to be governed. I threw away such childish things"
41 minutes ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hi Drekx, I was not referring directly to that. I agree. It is fine to choose vaccine. It is evil to think that you or anyone else, including fake governments have the right to push others to decide anything"
42 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"No I was not referring to defending yourself and fellows against tyranny...I was simply referring to SAN's constant raising of the subject, which frankly is based upon MSM propaganda...She is a mouthpiece for that. At no stage does she speak of…"
46 minutes ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"Something designated as mandatory by criminals posing as government is literally meaningless"
49 minutes ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"It is not low vibration to protect your brothers and sisters from tyranny"
50 minutes ago
judithfaye66 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Thank you for sharing the Lord of the Dance Video. I renamed it an Irish Nutcracker. Where was this incredible performance, Josh? Many thanks for sharing. Such a big fan of the Irish Performers. They really stepped it up a notch... Wow"
51 minutes ago