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Best Cute Examples of Friendship...Have you seen anything cuter than this? …SO CUTE ...This will Surely Brighten Your Day

Have you seen anything cuter than this? Despite the facts that they are so different, they are still friends…So have a look and make friendship best without Conditions….

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Deep inside we are all one ..Unconditional Love is the Name of the Game.. Say no to violence

Ahhh these really brightened my day the way nothing else could.  If these adorable creatures can get along, we should all think about getting along with our fellow mankind...if they can do it, why can't we, no matter what our differences.  Love to you all....todays lesson learned from wiping the tears from my eyes I wish everyone and joyous and love filled day.

Thank you Krishna.


The little creatures look so soul-full. So human in their facial expressions, such spirits in a furry body.


It shows we all like a snuggle with someone and to play.

Thanks for the cute stuff Krishna, but I couldn't look at your shark fin post.

Very darling, thanks for sharing :)

This is a nice friendship The Kat Came Back ... Amazing
Just think during this time of ascension even the animals are effected.... they are also on the path of ascension just as we are. In the near future we hope there will be no more violence so we can live in peace with nature and all living entities.


Really beautiful ... but as seen most of them forget their true nature when they are kids .....

And with humans.......... As we grow up we forget our true nature that is "HUMANITY" and make many mistakes in our life.

Let our childishness prevail which will bring about peace in our mind and can spread with all others..........

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ...................



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