Are You Archangels?

(prologue: my guardians decided to test my memories and persistence to see if I was ready to receive my next project (for lack of a better word) in my mission for them/with them, and I soon figured out the answer to the question.. which they were waiting for, I thought I would have to wait longer, but I got it pretty quickly.

So I asked a question in return for theirs. They needed to know if my faith is true, that I could believe in myself and believe in them and in God by answering one question - The answer to who I think they are?

At first I was in disbelief, that they had said, we can no longer communicate with you, until you answer this correctly. And my pen went limp, I could no longer feel their connection, that connection I had for nearly all my life, whenever I had desired it, whenever I had needed them, they were right there, and always comforted me by always reminding me of their presence and their love. But now they had disconnected from me. I had to find the answer, the real truth that they were asking for, it had to be important. I couldn’t just shake this off as nothing, like I do sometimes, as I had now lost a special gift, which I was blessed with by God long ago. And I need it back.

I wrote out a letter for them, explaining how I know we are “family” that they said I have been with them since the beginning, that they are my guardians, and I can’t wait to be with them again. I had spent so much time with them that they are like my best friends, and I miss them already.

But that wasn’t good enough. I got no response, I had to keep looking.

So I went through all my writings, things I had forgotten about long ago, and tried to find the answer they were demanding of me, something I had obviously not taken seriously enough once upon a time, but was necessary right now. It must have been something so important, so vital, as to cut me off as a test or punishment until I had found it.

 I went through my books for clues, all the transcripts I could find of our conversations. I was told on multiple occasions by them that they are my guardians, of course, but that they directly speak with God and the Lord Jesus. And they are direct messengers for them, and tell me or do for me whatever they are asked to do by God or the Lord Jesus.

Then I clicked, Maybe that’s the clue I was searching for..

So, back to the answer I finally found, I had been searching for all day..

So I said…

“Meneng… Is the answer to your question umm that you are all Archangels, since you are able to communicate directly with God and the Lord Jesus.

Finally, I felt the connection light up inside me, and I was immediately relieved..

“Yes, we are!” he replied, “You are also an Archangel, you were sent down to Earth as God’s (through Jesus direction and guidance) personal translator of the end times.

The end times of your 3-d reality and you shall spread the news of what is truly expected of you from God. You are the Arch Angel of the Earth chosen by God and the Lord Jesus and before too long – you’re going to initiate all the changes to come.

Prediction Number One:

Or shall we say for your absolute knowledge but for the new readers of your materials it will put forth as a possibility in their minds until they start to realise you speak the truth. That God is going to allow a mass event that has never been seen before in the history of this planet – and this is what is to come in the coming days!! Not weeks, but days – So you will be putting this on your sites – Ashtar command – Eagle’s haven – And Wordpress – about this expected immediate mass event.

And this is what you will write.

“It has now from this day forth been announced that you are to be given sole authority to communicate certain warnings or should we say absolute knowledge of future events about to take place on Earth which will affect all of humanity on it. These events will take place quite immediately, and is therefore given to you all to read in order to verify that my existence is indeed real. As real as your birth upon this planet, as real as the sun that shines upon you.

This absolute event            

In the next coming days, faiths will be tested.

You may well cry out, and ask me ‘why?’

Well don’t lose faith, because faith is that you are all a part of Me.

That fear cannot overcome you if you do indeed believe in Me.

You will know that you are well with Me and there is nothing that can hurt you .

If you believe that I am your God, and you are under my mercy, my Grace. Do not be afraid these coming days. Do not run in fear from what you do not understand. Instead hold firm in your faith, do not be brought into Warring arms, be a calm resolute protest for peace and love under God. Do not believe in lies, but also do not be carried away with protecting the truth. I am the testament to the truth dear ones. I did not bring you here to fight for Me, I can fight my own battles. But, I do not have to bring fists to fists, and arms to arms to do this. I have the winds, I have the roaring oceans, I have the rumbling earth, I have the full force of the planet to use at my will. So, my children of faith, in order to show your faith, you simply have to believe in Me, and I will surpass my Judgement upon you. Instead I am only here to destroy the lies and liars among you. The Liars of Humanity, to All Humanity.

Behold, Beware, I Am Coming! 

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      • Acute Observer,none of the old text mention Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation of Light either. Jesus was born a Human died a human so why would he not be able to incarnate as anything of his desire,and Sananda, was not born a Human but a being of Light.

  • Soulz83,

    I must tell you that I disagree with your posts.  There is NO such thing as God/Goddess outside of us.  WE ARE Supreme God/Goddess pretending that we are just merely fragile human without divine within us.  When you worship to something outside of you, you simply forget who  you are.  There is NO judgement, the only judgement we get is from OURSELVES!  

    Life doesn't happen by itself, life simply react to you based on what you are doing to yourself inside you.  No matter what, saying "World SUCKS', My life sucks, people sucks, God outside HELP US, alien HELP us, or looking for savior outside you is NOT how it work.

    I quote the famous words expressed by people who understand what life is and how holographic reality is reacting to what is going on within you:

    “Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ― Lao Tzu

    “Be content with what you have;
    rejoice in the way things are.
    When you realize there is nothing lacking,
    the whole world belongs to you.” ― Lao Tzu

    "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein

    "Our reality has two aspects... 'known smaller reality' and 'unknown greater reality'… 'known smaller reality' is like a pin-head and 'unknown greater reality' is like a big mountain. What we are is really the big mountain! However, we think we are the pin-head! We delude ourselves as absolutely fallible and we dwell in utter ignorance!" - Patriji 

  • You truly have the Grace of God, in thine words of Love, Compassion,Harmony,I've read all comments and replies. I've read many blogs which I love to read aloud it helps me retain the meaning and the understanding of the structure of the wording in how I see it,feel it flow of my lips, feel its sound as it is heard in my ears. I feel your Love through your hands as well in your heart so softly spoken on paper or white-board, to me it is like listening to the wind softly blow threw the trees,listening to the water gently flow over the pebbles in the stream I understand completely.

    Love to you

    Karen Arnold

  • As I have shared enough with everyone for you to maybe accept, or not accept. I will leave this with you all. If you need anything else from me, message me directly and add me as a friend, 

    Love Andy/Oweng

  • Yes, There is an underlying dissolution going on in this message, which has been designed specifically for God to test where your attention and energies are being directed. Are you still looking for the outside influences to help show you what is happening in the future, if you look deeper into the message contained within the message you will see where God is truly trying to direct your attention. Behold, Beware, I Am Coming! That is one truth, there is another truth, but the rest is designed as tests to see where your focus lies. Are you prepared to look him in the eye, and in full truth, know you have faced up to and summed up your attitudes and beliefs, have you looked for where you could do good, and done this work, or have you looked upon something with a means to help do good, but indeed fell short of yourself and failed, not attempted to try, or passed the buck, saying to yourself, someone else can do that. It is bad if you have done this, but dumb if you do not acknowledge it, but greater in the eyes of the lord if you can see you have done wrong and confess you could have done better, but also once you have come to the realisation, there is no turning back, you must try to do right next time, and if you fail once again, look deeper, confess that your iniquities do indeed run deeper, and look to understand where your weaknesses lay, and try again. And once you can be in constant deep thought of all of your actions in life you have dumbfoundedly repeated again and again without reprisal, without trying to rectify your wrong behaviour patterns, your smile may fade away due to finally truly understanding that the end times are at hand, and only now, even though you had so much time before, you realise this is serious, you have to prepare yourself, it is at hand, better that you NOW start deeply looking at your TRUE discretions and figure out what is it that God will find wrong with you. What must you try to start rectifying, what things have you been afraid to face up to about yourself and what has been in your thoughts, have you said nasty things about another in your thoughts, have you judged others but done the same secretly yourself. 

    Think on this my friends... 

    yes destruction is here, the World is throwing us around, because of our thoughts and actions and because it is why we are here, to save humanity, to prove to God we may not have deserved the privilege we were given by the grace and love of God, and Mother Earth, who IS a heavenly body, now just about sick from us. Raped by our race of humans, maybe because we gave our souls over to the ET's because we were greedy for technology. Greedy to know things before we were ready, which has now led us to the reality that we have nuclear arms capabilities in our hands.. God is teaching us in this time of Grace that it is best to only receive the next lesson in learning only at the time He knows we are ready for it, instead because we are in Grace, we chose to overstep the boundaries and get outside assistance from other ETs. Which we have now embarrassed our race of humanity, we are like toddlers chucking a tantrum that we want to light a fire, intent on striking a match because they remember seeing mummy and daddy do it. And Mum says.. no first you have to be able to understand the dangers fire can cause if lit in dangerous circumstances, you have to learn you cannot add flammable liquids to the flame otherwise you could blow up your home, and you would have no where to live. "But mummy, what are flammable liquids". And Mom had to explain that there are so many different flammable liquids, and said it would be impossible for you to understand what I am even talking about until you go to school and learn how to read and write, more so you need to be able to understand what each word in your language precisely means, and exactly how it should be applied in communication. As if you do not understand the use of these words in its precise application, then how would you understand the precise directions I would give you on how to use it properly, and you may still unknowingly endanger your life and worse still you may endanger others. And these communications you must learn takes time, and even I cannot teach you, because son, your mum was also taught by teachers, and that teacher also was taught this knowledge by other teachers, who studied to gain the knowledge of science applications of so much of the molecules of the universe in order to teach you this about fire, and so, so much more than that. Because in these schools, you are taught about all sorts of other science discoveries, and where there is enough research into that field, and there has been enough testing, and retesting, making sure that they had a stable experiment. A predictable outcome, and effects of the particular scientific experiment and research into its applications, its design uses which it had been tested for, and all possible different scenarios of uses of and numerous applicaation entirely possible had been explored, then it was then allowed to be taught to the teachers on how to use these new advances in technology. 

    And as the boy was explained these things he had aged 5 years, because it took Mum that long to teach the boy that it takes a great process in a young mind, to understand the mere importance of a safe, and stable, controlled way to test new ideas, test new technologies, purely for the safety of EVERY individual in or around you, as each person is a protected and important part of the Universe. 

    And that my dear is how you must think about all things. This is why Earth is in protected zone. 

    We have had witness to many technologies, but first the teachers come down to show us the technologies when we have been deemed at an agreed time in our understanding where as a society we are ready to be introduced to these levels of technology, 

    In this you could understand the whole workings of the Universe. In this example you could now see what has been a mystery to you for all you humanity's written history. And that one question which you have asked since that time you were placed in a quarantine of controlled time. A Planet called Earth, was visited by the teachers, teachers hold the MOST valued job in humanity's current "time" of understanding. And yet are very poorly paid. Why is it so.. Microcosm, macrocosm. Have another look around you, who else is undervalued??

    What are Farmers, who produce your food supplies, your only hope to survive and farmers have been scraping through. Only for Woolworths and Coles in Australia to just about DESTROY your farmers prosperity. Woolworths and Coles have systematically destroyed the wellbeing of this country, yet you all LOVE shopping there, why? because they offer you cheap prices, for products that are raping your country from further prosperity. Would good would it be if Woolworths and Coles sold EVERY ITEM a family needs to survive.. We will lose all farmers for good. It is because the monetary power has been given to companies, proven to only be interested in profits, and the need to be apart of the rich and famous, and influential world power, or else they would have been satisfied owning a business which helped it community thrive and support its family enough to provide certain essentials within that community. 

    What is this free trade agreement really? A further encouragement into finding the cheapest materials from one country and giving it to another country, only to resell and resell until every is getting a profit off of the original makers fee. This is not the universal way, this is not how things can continue if we are to continue discussing finishing up your raising you awareness of who you are, and what is in store for after the graduation of your initiation into complete awareness of the truth going on in your world, what were the teachers trying to teach you, what was the purpose of these experiments, and what you have to look forward to at graduation, when you will be able to lift your quarantine and allow you to travel among us, and meet the teachers, who bring the new technology to Worlds all over the initiated Planet folk, those who have been tested and retested and have passed a high enough level of understanding in order to break free from the restraints of this class in learning the way of the Universal Member, and what it is you have to Master in order to be allowed to be initiated onto the freedom superhighway, of free information, of accessing brotherhoods from across the galaxy in order to share information and practise diligently the way of a dignified Universal Brother or Sister. Some of you here now are teachers, and you are here to help raise the awareness of those still trying to catch on to the paradigm shift going on right now. We wuld love it if by working together closely with the teachers on Earth now, That "ArchAngels" is the disguised name of the Ascended Masters and Teachers here with you now and those of us working outside your quarantine zone, that we are here in patience and pure excitement at the possibilty that many of you reading this right now, who have been open enough in their level of awareness that they now heard the call, the psychic direction of our collective group up here in the nether realms of Earth, the bright ships in the sky. If you are one of these reading this, you are ready, but keep on perfecting what you have now come to understand as the way to graduation, and perfect your awareness of your behaviours and your understanding of us up here. And yes we are now openly working with your governments now, right in front of your cameras,look up, or you can look around you, at the people you see everyday, in person and in the news, can you figure out where they come from, are they earth beings or from outside your realm. And can you pick it if they are aware themselves of this imminent graduation party... FOR THOSE WHO ARE READY ... if you see someone who is not, and if you are really ready for the unveiling of the truth to the World of which you now are aware of, and it should send excitement shivers up and down your spine, then for those who are afraid, or if you see someone looking for answers, you who are ready, should be able to open a door for them, and leave it for them to walk through.  

  • Tellurian, 

    I will only pass forth what I am asked to, who or what is behind these communications to Me, will remain a mystery to all who read this. I am not equipped to explain in human terms what these beings are, their motives or any real mysteries of any creation of God. 

    I will continue to post through faith that even if the message does not strike well with anyone who chooses to read it or anyone who wishes to add comments to this post, do so freely. 

    In as much as any reader of these messages has been given the freewill choice to read and comment on these messages according to the position where they themselves find themselves today, in the direct correlation to what they have experienced, to what they have come to understand through their unique experiences, and so their unique individual view is formed. 

    It is totally up to you to have your individual opinion of what is written here. And your view is coming from a different soul level than mine. And it is my right to post material here also. 

    I pose you one thing to ponder over in your lifetime, or however long it may take for you to understand what I am supposing, and it is not anyones fault if you do not understand what I am supposing. But instead maybe our individual human conscious levels are different and must connect our bridges in order to communicate the vision clearly. 

    I saw but this... "It is perhaps the time in your soul consciousness to understand the whole you are connected to, we are inseparable, we belong to the same paradigm at this time, it is time to not get so caught up in the events that have been melded into the message, and instead understand the hidden message contained within the message."

    Maybe this message caught you on a bad day, and you let the vibrations shake you off course for a second, but nothing is by accident, instead we are reminded that these "signs" that everyone is looking for is but a distraction from the truth.. that the experiment here is proving the choice is indeed at hand, yes indeed the world is facing cataclysmic events, and many have died, many have drowned, many are fighting wars which some can understand are fought under the illusion that they are fighting for the survival of freedom and peace, where in fact we are only furthering deeper into dissolution.

    We are all here to contribute to the reforming of the rise of humanity. As we have all been brought to our knees, We have already been to hell, we are here, we have been disconnected from God, and in this training ground, we have learnt how being apart of the furthest exploration of separating from the presence of our true selves, of forgetting who we really are, we must now work our way back to the real reality of ourselves and why we forgot who we were. 

    How we are more powerful than those we let enslave us. And that we chose to allow ourselves to be the forgotten ones, only to remember again, but that is not why we did it. Not the only reason. And all reasons give clue to our sovereignty, and as soon as one is ready for the truth of why we are here. 

    It is time to combine everyones experiences, everyone has a side to offer, when you realise the full construction of this World, and what must be done in order to break open these hidden structures of our World, the immaterial, the real world, will instantly appear, and it is miraculous, and there is no fear, you will have the answers available to you within your own psyche. 

    Take Care Tellurian,

    May you work through the unveiling with an open spirit. 

    Love Andy

    • So, you're basically choosing to use your infinite, independent and 5 dimensional human intellect for being a marionette doll here ;)

      Nice show.

  • Spot on Nancy, I Am where You are at this point in mind. I am getting ready to post something of personal importance for our group on Eagles. So I will chat with you very soon on there. I am quite confident that you could if you are interested help me get a new work I am currently undertaking to outline key issues for disassembling fear based programs and help introduce the true reality matrix of all aspects facing the human race at this time. I would appreciate any help I can  get from those who I feel could help nurture the early beginnings of this project and I humbly ask for your help to get it right. I usually am not in a position to share my works before completion. But I am drawn to asking for your assistance, and I will ask Eve also, she also would be of great assistance to this project if she agrees. Thanks, Love Andy 

  • Dear Soulz...

    Looking forward to get my beliefs tested, Thanks and love you!

    • Thankyou Rianne, 

      I hope you enjoy the final tests, God is always working for you to get as much as an opportunity to prove how far you have come in your spiritual learning =)


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