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December 31

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I'm intuitive,looking for the the DNA code holders. Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother

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I was Catholic until I was 11 or 12 and was discouraged by there teachings. So I'm self taught to what I feel is the truth and searching for more answers

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  • 8113559853?profile=original8114001272?profile=originalhope you like this animation,it is one of my favourites,blessings evonne.

  • yes i was Constantines first wife in that time,MMinervina.blessings starchildeve.8114885488?profile=original

  • dear celidhsiouix,i have had many astral visions since 1993 due to a physical death,and one was from a former past life husband,who was a emperor,i shall add this copypaste from one of my friends on ACC i shared my vision with,and this was the reply,( ,i discussed My vision of Constatine with one of my dear friends,and this is the reply i received,yes i was the first wife,hope you find it interesting.love,light,blessings starchild eve( It came to mind, because first wife of Constantine was Minervina, who bore a son before she, died, circa 307, before his marriage to Fausta that year, who bore him three more sons, and may have been jealous that he loved his first son more, raised in France as Christian, from birth, brilliant since age of 12 as military strategist, ordered killed by father at age 21, in jealous rage, circumstances still a mystery.

    As Minervina, you may have been Constantine's only true love, because Fausta, after he ordered his beloved son killed, was murdered by being locked into her bath, and scalded by overheated steam. After these deaths, he converted to Christianity, possibly in memory of Minervina, but consumed by grief, he wrote the creed that Christians mindlessly repeat on Sunday morning, that we are born in sin, etc., etc. which is a lie, and makes every Christian feel the guilt that Constantine felt, at being responsible for decision to have his son judged, in a local court, on short notice, and executed. It's reminder to all that Jesus was judged, even though not guilty of anything, because others are sinful. His mother, Helena, was converted at same time. She had been discarded by his father, Maximus, who died after losing military engagement to Constantine. Emperor of Rome was risky occupation.)( hope you find it excellent study for yourself,blessings starchildeve.

  • Does our soul know what it will happen to it in the human in the life and does it have remembrance of what occurred after?

    This is an extremely complicated question, especially the second part mostly due to the number of infinite possibilities and the multidimensional nature of the soul and the fact that time is an illusion.

    I believe that the human experience can be compared to a modern day commuter game. As a soul you decide to play this game called Earth life. There you have mules iany levels called incarnations. You have an idea of what the game is about and what is can take place. At the end of each level/ lifetime you have an opportunity to review what has happened and agree a finite number of opportunities in the next one. You have a soul group that in each level you act out different roles. Sometimes you are the victim and sometime you are the abuser. There are many rules in this game. One of the rules is called sin or karma. However there are also rules that help you to move to a different experiences. One of the rules is called transcendence.

    Furthermore, there are many timelines. It is like multiple simulations of the same situation with different our comes of finite possibilities

    The soul aspect that decided to take part in this simulation of earth experience I do not believe feels the suffering that the human simulation does. And afterwards the soul can chose to remember or not, but even id it does it is a remembrance in love and not a human perspective. Here I speak of our soul in the higher dimension. In the heist state our soul has no time at all and is actually part of God the creator of all that is.    

  • I have read your question again and I think I need clarification, please can you clarify in more detail what you are asking. 

    The knowledge we have before we incarnate on earth I think depends from the state that we volunteered to come to earth. Knowledge we have in between later incarnations I think would depend in which state we left the earth and which dimension we rested in before we enter. But if this is what you are asking the possibilities are infinite depending in which level/ dimension your consciousness your in.

    Maybe if you can tell me the reason behind your question I will be able to answer more to the point of you needs.

    with love and more love    

  • Thank you for the friendship. I believe that both blood line and past incarnations do matter greatly in determining our human make up in this lifetime. I see it that the DNA which will have been effected by blood line is effecting us, hence when we clear we need to clear family illness. When I say illness I mean mental, emotional and physical. So for example if a person in your family line murdered someone before the birth of the child who will carry on the blood line, then this state of been would pass on in the make up of his/hers blood line. If this was done after the birth of the child who is in your bloodline then the energy of the deed/energy kind of hangs over that family, just as good deeds too.     

    The blood line also largely determines you physical make up, your natural skills, attractiveness ect.. Which also determines how you can react.... Having said this, I have noticed that very strong souls are not as effected by the blood line characteristics and even ofter do not look the same as their parents and can develop skills that they wish and even change the way they look as they get older to suit their life style.

    We also have family guides of light. These would be connected to our blood line. I believe that our connection to our guides has a big effect on us to. Once again having said this we can have and do have the same guides in many incarnations, even the same family guides. Why? - Because- We incarnate with the same souls over and over again to resolve past karma and because we are often part of the same soul group and we love them on a soul level.

    Our incarnations effect us in this lifetime for sure. Partly due to karma, party due to sorted knowledge that is in us.

    When we think of incarnation it is important to remember that time outside of this reality is an illusion. Time was created by God after Earth was created. All texts confirm this. Even the bible states that (i think it was the 4th day) day and night was created and then the was basicly time.

    So when we look at incarnations we must understand that we are living them on earth all at the same time.

    I believe that when we clear past live time karma we actually clear what happened then. I belive that when we become high level light and are ready to ascend then our past lifetimes are also automaticly made into love and light. It is in my view a mass transcendence of all lessons.

    I believe that the same is done for our blood line. So when we clear a DNA issue in us, we actually clear it in all our blood line. As evidence to this I have found that the Orthodox Church confirms that a family member who becomes a monk or nun and lives by the rules of daily prayer and moral life actually automatically by healing themselves clears 7 generations of thier blood line from sin, (sin is that same as karma).

    I hope I understood your question correctly.

    If your asking about about your particular blood mix, then I can yes you carry the energy of having also incarnated in these countries too. In fact I believe we have incarnated together many times. In Russia I believe you were with me shortly before the revolution. At Jesus time we were there. In UK the big link is during the time of King Author, but there were other incarnations there too (Magic work and fiery circles come to mind).

    Native American I do not know, but I have many guides form there. You clearly do too otherwise you would not have a natural interest.

    There are at this time many of us who will be getting to know each other again, although we have actually know eachother very well already. There is a large group of us who incarnated at the very binging when the 'call' was first made and so we played our part trying our best to hold our light thoughout the ages waiting for the time to come when earth will be ready for us to show who we really are to the rest of the world and bring them back to the l

  • Dear Ceilidhsioux,

    Thank you for being my friend.Another friend from The States is great!

    I like your interest in Native America, Bag Pipes /Drums!



    andre rieu - scotland the brave - amazing grace - adieu, mein kleiner gar

    Love, light and laughter,

    from your Dutch friend


  • 8114971665?profile=original

    Drums of Thunder (Native American Music) Mountain Spirits

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