Before the Beginning

I was walking on the beach on a sunny tropical afternoon. My mental CD player was playing the slow  theme to Gerswhin's Concierto in F--probably the most haunting piece of music of the 20th century. I wondered why no one had ever put lyrics to it and suddenly these lyrics came to me, metered to the theme.


Later I wrote a new melody, laid down a piano & rhythm track and had Valli sing it. 


With apologies to Genesis, Dawin, The Big Bangers  and A Course in Miracles, this is the way I recall it all happening:



Before the beginning there was no me or you

There was no viewpoint- and nothing there to view.

Before the beginning - there was no you or me

Then came the decision - the decision was - “to be”

God was feeling lonesome and so he made a plan

I’ll split myself in Mini Me’s and so It all began

each me was a viewpoint -extending points to view

And that was the beginning - of me - and us - and you.

God was curious and so he thought about

I wonder what would happen if----and how can I find out? )

It would be wonderful wouldn’t it be great

To experience - all that I create

So I’ll dwell inside a body forget Who I am

And thus it all got started, Just One Tremendous Scam.

Before the beginning - time was all the same

Yesterday never happened - tomorrow - never came--------.

Then Man decided

He wanted things to last

Let there be future

Future & past

Now man had a mind & man had a self

And thought he was separate and God was somewhere else.

Now we have our Hero, A god who’s not aware

Who’s forgotten he is here- and thinks- God’s over there-------

It’s time to wake up

Smell the coffee brew

Take off your make up

God really is you. He’s really you

God really is You. God is You

Look deep inside you, God is you


Attached is the song--hope it comes thru OK


Love, B

Before the Beginning.wma

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  • Oh Don Baby! You got it...did you record that with music? I'd love a copy to throw in on the ACIM AUDIO Lessons! Wow!
    • Here you go, man. Attaching an MP3

      This was partially inspired by ACIM.

      We are putting together 12 songs in this genre for a Cd and almost complete.

      Have a couple more you might use.

      Please check the CD page of my website for samples of our more commercial stuff.


      Love B

      Before the Beginning.wma
      • Thanks Don...the lyrics and music are fun and with your permission, I'll use this one on Lesson 241 'How glad are we to have our sanity restored to us, and to remember that we all are one.' Blessings to you and your other half...the one with the sweet angel voice. Would like to send you the completed Lesson.
        • Yeah the song is yours. Yeah send the lesson.
          What is the url of your ACIM lessons?

          Here's a song I wrote right after completing ACIM based on my favorite parable. It's kinda tongue in cheek so don't know if it would communicate that well with your lessons.

          I believe we have expanded as far as possible away from the One and the pendelum is about to swing back on the come together swing.

          Love, B

          01 prodigal son.wma

  • "God was feeling lonesome and so he made a plan, I'll split myself in mini me's and so it all began".....the first book i read to start this life long spiritual journey was William Bramley's Gods of Eden. He talks of that very same possibility in the last chapter of the book, it was that train of thought that helped me let go some of the spiritual dogmas i came hate and more importantly it was that train of thought that helped me look at the people around me as equals, not better or less than, but brothers and sisters.........yes i am a Creator living in a world of Creators, man if we can just open that veil.....beautiful and as a Lover of music i can really appreciate this, of course i never put much appreciation in the True Classics, the music i fell in love with was started in the Hills of Kentucky and the Delta of the Mississippi
  • what came before god?
    • No time, no space, no viewpoint, nothing to view. No you, no me, no us.

      I like your profile.

      Love, B
      • That brings about even more questions, but I quess that thats for each and everyone of us to figure out for ourselves. Bless you and thank you very much :)
        • Yeah Dripley I know--

          The old question "If God created everything, What created God?

          It's like a koan "What is the sound of one hand clapping" or "If a tree fell in the forest and nobody heard it. was there any sound?"

          Questions that can't be answered with logic and which get one beyond the computing, analytical mind. Zen is really into this.

          Actually the word God is a loaded word. People have different concepts based on indoctrination or whatever. Better words are The One, Undefined Awareness, The Creator. All that Is and I could go on for a full page. "The Ineffable" is a good one. (look it up)

          Just get in a deep meditation and free of the body and then put your attention on getting your impression of All that Is and see what happens.

          You might be surprised at what happens.

          Am attaching another little song we wrote which might amuse you.

          Love, B

          Xfiles 821.mp3

          • Well ill tell you one thing, it definetley put a smile on my face. ill take your advice, and lets see what happens ;)
This reply was deleted.

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