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  • Hi Driply.. how are things with you...

    hope all is well with you.. havent seen you in quite a while..

    much love to you always...



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  • Hi Dripley
    yeah I asked Drekx Omega.. now.. normally I take information from anyone with a grain of salt but I do feel a strong pull towards that 7 sisters star system, it has been swimming around in my head for years so I tend to believe what he has told me.. it feels right so I am going with it for the moment lol.. maybe I am wrong.. maybe I am from mars.. who knows?
    I have to say, I do feel as though I need to find out about stuff more lately... the quest for knowledge.. whereas before I was quite content to just plod along ..
    I'm really quite discerning so a lot of stuff in here dosent resonate with me, and I'm sill being cagey about believing some people and what hey are sharing. anyway.. I guess its all within ..
    Love to you always...
    ... you still look beautiful.
  • :) .. hey Dripley.. Thank you sister.. I am from the Pleiadies in the star system Taygeta.. plannet Luseta :)

    how about you sister ? :)

    .. p.s. you look beautiful.



  • Hello Dripely my lovely, wise, talented starseed lightworker Extra Terrestrial sister from the stars.. :o) .. yep.. you are more than just human sweetheart..  

    LOVE and LIGHT to you :o)


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  • your welcome, thank you.. and same to you. :D










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Miami, FL


March 17

About Yourself

I used to walk around trying please those that didnt deserve it, I used to hide myself inside whatever hole I could crawl in, and all to stay away from the person that was me. I dont know when it began to happen but suddenly I just realized that there was nothing greater than accepting and loving me, and I understand now that to love the world and be loved by it you have to start with yourself. I wont say im perfect because im not, neither will I say im the most talented or the wisest, those would be lies, but I will say that Im only human, Ive made mistakes, ive felt into hate and despair, confusion, loneliness and before id question the pain, but thats why we're here, we cant expect to make it to the other side of the river without facing some currents, and honestly thats all become just fine to me, all is for a grander purpose and it is the way to know ourselves individually aswell as a whole :)

Dripley21 replied to Meindert Arends's discussion Press Release - Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship
"thank god im not the only one.. not everything that happens is related to aliens, geez"
Mar 26, 2014
Dripley21 replied to Dripley21's discussion Once Upon a Time
"ok then.. O_o"
Apr 4, 2013
Dripley21 replied to Dripley21's discussion Once Upon a Time
"Yes it does, it was a reply to a message sent to me a long time ago, but i believe that person isn't on ashtar anymore."
Apr 4, 2013
Dripley21 replied to Dripley21's discussion Once Upon a Time
"I love it, it keeps the hopeless romantic inside me alive :3"
Apr 2, 2013

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