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Within the last hour, or so, I have been feeling a tremendous warm, glowing, healing energy beginning to build greatly. I am breathing it in and sending it out to everyone here and everywhere else on the planet and beyond.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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....Very Often Feel This....Nice Feeling..:).....+ .....Enjoy Sending Out To Others.....Hugs Tally....<3.....

Beautiful... thank you...

So that's where it was coming from. ;) Thank you, Tally I can always use tremendous warm, glowing, healing energy...always.

Any time Avatar... Were you really picking up on something? I'm going to continue sending out these "broadcasts" to you and the rest of "creation". : )

Yes, Tally, I was feeling it and it helped encourage me to do the same...that's why it's so important we send out Love, Light, Hope and Healing to the Mother and her citizens each and every encourages 'everyone' to help. This is how we will change the was for this I came.

Fantastic... now you have encouraged me to do more too... I love the feeling of working with a team.

That's exactly right, Tally...we're a team working to usher in one of the most important events in the history of the world...the universe and it will all be done through love....we're very privileged to be living in these exciting times.

Indeed... privileged and empowered... with Love, to be "showered"... with every passing hour. : )

LOL I did not know you were a poet.

Love you,'re a true sweetheart!

Love to you, too... Avatar... the beautiful being that you are.
...and returned >>>>>

I've got a very strong hunch that you are becoming connected with your higher self right now.  It also happened to me about 8 months ago after some very intense techniques I was working with at the time.  I always have this warm, very loving energy around me now.  You will begin to experience different types of spiritual lessons now if I'm not mistaken.

I hope you understand that the beings responsible for the uplifting of humanity are the space brothers and sisters up there in the skies, and have been here, watching us for centuries now.  Things are coming to a climax even though it's not obvious to most of the people.  Count your blessings, you apparently are among the chosen to ascend when it's time comes to fruition.

Please continue to send your love to everyone on this planet and those who've chosen to come release us from a very negative cycle of time.  They are our actual family members past and present who are watching over us so we can rebond with our spiritual families.



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