awakening and a disconnect.

First I will say hi to all, and this is my first post here, yet I have posted elsewhere. I have so much to say, yet will try and keep it brief.

I have always been on the psychic level and disconnected from society, yet a part of it, being an educator in fine arts and science. Thus a paradox, one side demands proof and the other side of my brain sees magic and creativity.

About 10 months ago after arriving in fl. at our home there I was driven to open up and to awaken. Before that, I had a sentence going through my head for the last year, to believe in magic, not really that but to believe and be accepting of that which cannot be explained, a foretelling to prepare me. I out of the blue would face a friend and warn them to be open to magic, know there will come that which defies what they have learned.

Then I had a drive to research, yet not knowing what I was researching for. This drive unsettled Connie and she looked at me like I was a nut case. I settled on telekinesis and started doing that. For a number of weeks, I fought severe headaches which I controlled with meditation and calmness, yet it continued. I knew this was part of the process, yet I cannot tell you how I knew; I refused to go seek medical attention.  In the end I learned telekinesis and could cause my disc's to turn from any place within the home. Truly there was magic and still is. Know I am leaving out detail here.

This was the door opening for me.  Along the way, I learned a great lesson here which I will share.  I assume this will remain as on a couple of posts, this was deemed not acceptable and was deleted for some obscure reason, a threat?  I found that after I learned this, my wife could do the same thing, even though she did not care, nor even practiced which was great but confusing. Later, my sister in law arrived and I put my discs in her lap and they merrily went around, even when I placed them further from her. I disconnected my mind from them and left her alone and she still was able to do the TK.

Over the next months, others whom came into the home would automatically be able to do this, just by being in proximity to myself.  What I have learned is, that which we gain on a spiritual level can spark another and that learning is transferred. This has happened to many, yet I confess, most were not interested, just curious and never did it again.  People seem to be sleeping and avoid wakening to what they truly are. I believer we all hold this and other powers and can transfer what we know, and others find this a threat, that universal consciousness which this shows may exist.

I will end this part and call it the beginning which is not an apt title but will suffice. If I continue if you like, this goes into dreams/visions, increasing vibrational levels, synchronized dreams with my spouse and even a taking by others, not remembered by me, but by my loved one even though I knew of the details. There is appearing in my life a story line, a happening which was added to two nights ago. For now, thanks for listening. The disconnect part on the title is because as I awaken, I find myself more and more disconnected from what is normal in life, being in a crowd and knowing most are doing what they are programmed to do, yet in knowing you cannot share for it is no longer "your programming".  Sailormon

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  • I suppose fighting programming is not so hard for me as others, as I have always walked my own path and resisted. But then there are the subtle types of self programming we need to survive this life and that is much harder to define. Self images are as much BS, as that forced on us through our society, media, religion etc. Peggy, in this you are correct, I am already connecting on another level and so am just out here looking for others doing the same. Stay happy.
  • Wow that is interesting...thank you for sharing far as the disconnect....just know one day soon you will feel more of a connection then ever before!

    Much love

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