Avatar Like Dream....what???

Hey peeps :3
So i had this awsome/weird dream last night and i've been thinking about it all day,all i want is  10 to 15 mins and your oppinnion.

So i saw my self a bit taller,stronger and with wings (something similar a bat would have).I had Blue skin,dots and stripes on my skin/face like the Na'vi had in avatar.I saw my self jumping from Building to building,gliding with wings,and running SUPER fast.I also took big leaps and jumps,i didnt feel hurt when i fell,i had also this Roar,i sounded exactly like a tiger.I had this wristband/clock thing,when i touched it,then i turned into this blue thing from my human form.

Ideas?thoughts?anyone had something close to this?

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  • i remember i had a cool dream and when i woke up i go 'aw cool. i wanna see it again' so i remember the cool part and become part of it. go on a meditative state, breath and remember and youll be there already.
  • its either that was your form long ago or just a dream. ive dreamted i was a humanoid bird but flew very little because i dint have enough feathers.
  • Hello again.

    I had the dream again last night,but this time it went a bit differently.
    I remember only glimses tho.

    I remember falling from skycrapers while flying towards someone.I remember changing figures into this Demonic Body that could jump higher.I remember defending humans from something.I remember a female,with blue skin,blue eyes and black hair.She eradiated this blue like flame/smoke.For some reason i felt love towards her.And i remember the beasts.Theese huge black figured ententies who wanted harm humans,me and 2 other blue like figures were ment to keep humanity/A Group of humans safe from the black ones

    I would realy be grateful if someone can tell me a way to see this dream again.A meditation technique?Help?

    • Will not kill your brain. The Movie "Avatar" has many light codes. What the movie can do is  open your heart portal. 

    Maybe you were exhibiting your animal totems?


  • ...very cool dream.... influenced by Avatar for sure... (but maybe u should post it in the "Dreams section"...)
  • Interesting.  Did you know Sirians are blue (some of them)?  And I believe Argathans are blue too.  Perhaps you were having a flashback (or a flashforward?).... and something that may be of interest is that mankind is a blending of spirit (divinity) and animal (flesh)... with the animal motif of wings and a roar perhaps you were experiencing your animal nature blended with your human nature in a perfect way... a sample of what the future looks like.
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