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  • Vabantust,Sorry Risky for missing your birthday hope it was Fantastic !
  • Thanks ja tänud!!!


  • Tsauka Risky , Im about to come to Merivalja ,Estonia which is by Pirita

    And I am wondering if their are any meditations groups or places to meet spiritual or truth seekers in the area like us ? So far only found this well thanks Risky I hope life is treating you well

  • wusssup?!?!?! much love and light to ya lil bright homie!
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July 20

The Risky posted a discussion
5 Years ago i discovered this community during my darkest hours when i did not know where to look to or what to do with my life, i stayed here for months and met one of the most wonderful people and began my first real search towards my spiritual…
Sep 17, 2016
The Risky replied to The Risky's discussion am i really dead?
"The Reason why i type this,is i've never lingered over a dream like this.Everyone has "That" dream that they think about for hours/days/months, this was mine.of course i've seen some of the weirdest and scarriest dreams there could possibly be,but…"
Jul 15, 2011
The Risky posted a discussion
So i hadthis strange dream last night,and since i dont have anything else to do while im on a buss,i thought of writting about it.i was at a friends house,it was a usual weeken d i met some new people and this one girl told me that she had…
Jul 14, 2011
The Risky posted a discussion
So i pulled out my old camera a few weeks ago to test the sound quality and the video quality,and i decided i would also post it here.Ignore the HORRIBLE QUALITY.But yeah...thats my playing style,i play bass…
Jul 5, 2011

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"I might know location and identity of under cover Deep state criminals"
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  Sorry folks again the vid would not copy but the links are below, enjoy this 41 min. video, its very good and inspiring while were aiting for something big to happen very soon, perhaps today. We are one. Adonai18th January Update Current…
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"Thank you so very much Arcturian Council! We are very grateful and appreciative of your shared wisdom. Sending you love and light from Earth...your cosmic cousin Tanya in Texas ☺️🙏❤️"
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