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Today May 15:th it was 5 years since I got the "creative" impulse to build the Ashtar Command Website. It came very natural to me.

5 Years later AC has 7000 members, 50 000 unique visitors every month and 450 000+ 
monthly pageviews

From the bottom of my heart and in humbleness, I thank you all.

This is just the beginning =)

I hope youve enjoyed your years here at AC. Please share your feelings!
Im looking forward to the next 5 years with all of you...

Read the vision here:


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Congratulations Ben,what a glorious effort!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,I consider '"our" site to be a daily reference to be all that I need to live my life, with the best intention of goodness and love.Blessings to you from N.Z.
yeah well done Ben.. thanks for starting the website.. I defected from another ''Spiritual'' website whereby the ''owner'' would constantly delete people and their profiles, constantly make judgements on others and boot people out if they didn't aggree with her.. thank you for being wiser... heres to the future now moments of Ashar Command.. thumbs up and loving smiles :-)
very nice, congratulations and thank you
Indeed Ben, this is just the beginning. Keep on keeping on with your light. Namaste!!

Thank You so much Ben-Arion for creating this wonderful site that brings together unique beings from all over the world. You are truly a great person and I appreciate all your efforts for having this site open!!


With much love and light, 


Yayy!!! <3

That's wonderful news Ben, 5 years is definitely a land-mark as far as keeping a site running, there are so many things that can happen, I believe it's a truly great accomplishment.

I am extremely glad you followed your "creative" impulse to create Ashtar Command, I think it came from a beautiful source, and it shows in your eyes... :)

I am honored to be here, I've connected with a lot of amazing beings, and I know we will continue to see it "grow" in the years to come... :)

You are correct, I do feel like it's the beginning, and we will see amazing developments in times to come...  I would love to be sitting in the "Temple" of what is to be, and meditating on visions that create something beyond our wildest dreams....

It can happen, and is true, because of the Energy behind it, and ahead of it.....

Thanks to YOU Ben!! :)The world is more beautiful with you in it, and all the great beings here at Ashtar Command :-)

We will build something that people will be amazed at, and it will continue to flow throughout the Universe - forever!!!! :)

Great let us get through 2012 and beyond....we might get the Mighty Ashtar Sheran and Ashtar Command give us some knowledge, advice, articles and photos in the near future as we go into 5th Dimension New Earth, the 7th Golden Age...the age of Aquarius and become multidimensional beings of Love and Light.


Many blessings from the Mayan Lands (Guatemaya!) May the Light always guide you and protect you!!!! Namaste!

Happy aniversary Ben! lol and thank you with all my heart for your efforts, without this forum you have built, all of us seekers of ideas would be lost, without you, and each other.


Thank you so much for this extraordinary platform of communication you have built! 

Thank you Ben-Arion!  Peace Love Light within.

ben this website means alot to me and the minute i stepped in it i have been tuned into the ups and downs of how to live outside of the box you have awakened my senses with the meaning and the spiritual ways of how to become a more spiritual being through process adn through spiritual development. 

ben arion and the family i love you all and happy fifth aniversary 

may we all built are togetherness and fly back home with the family. 

pleiades kid ashtar command 

thank you ashtar semjase adn the whole pleiades command **

we are here

Thank you once again and hugs to you all =) ***



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