I thought some of you would enjoy this posting from Steve Beckow.  I'm not too familiar with the fellow but he knows what he is talking about- ENJOY!  :) 


2011 January 31

a message from Steve Beckow

Alright, here’s your assignment.

Your task, should you accept it, is to assemble personnel needed for a top-secret mission to Earth, a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Solar System Sol, third planet from the Sun, for an event centuries in the offing.
You must wrap up the affairs of Earth which approaches the end of its cycle and escort it to its next placement.
To do this, you must stop the depredations of a dark cabal, free Earth’s citizens from a plot to depopulate and enslave them, turn the cabalists out of office, but without harming them and only after they have had ample warning to change their ways, bring in an abundance program, new technology, new healing ways, new spirituality and everything else needed to prepare those who are willing for a return to higher dimensions. That return will occur on or before Dec. 21, 2012, depending on your success and the people’s willingness to align with the program.
In the process, you are to terraform the Earth, assist her in a cleansing process that will relieve her of negativity, and return her to her original, pristine condition in preparation for her return journey to the higher dimension. You are to restore her temperature to uniform moderation and escort those of her animal kingdom not destined to survive to their new placements.
You must prepare those of her human population who are willing to accompany her on that journey and escort those who are unwilling to their proper stations in the appropriate dimension without harming them.
State the resources you’ll need for the effort and they are yours. You may draw on personnel from any location or dimension you need. You will be granted access to any technology you require, any counsel, and any supplies.
You may not abrogate or violate the natural laws, most particularly, the Law of Free Will, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Karma.
You will be required to administer a Divine Plan for these events, which will set out the main contours while leaving the details to you.
Prior to a divine deadline for the main events in this Plan, you must not interfere with the free will of the actors. You can use persuasion, but if the actor does not agree to your suggestions you may not force them, except in certain circumstances where a higher actor has expressed its free will, such as the planet itself, the planetary Logos, the Lords of Karma, etc.
In all instances, it is preferable that the actors themselves be left to make their choice to participate in the drama and choose what roles they will assume. You have the advantage of knowing that the main events are laid down. But the contributory events are not laid down and must be managed, calling upon you to prepare for and influence them.
You have hundreds of years to prepare things. You may locate personnel among the citizens of the planet. You may call upon any and all civilizations to assist you. To allow your personnel to carry out their roles, you may require them to blinker their consciousnesses and forget where they came from, to be awakened at the proper time.
Now go to it and the best of luck to you. In the main contours of events you cannot fail and you will have all the assistance you need. In the day-to-day unfoldment of events you must manage what arises and there is room for failure. In those it is your skill that will rescue you.
Let the curtain rise and the drama begin!



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  • Work is underway


    A special thanks to

    Jesse Ventura
    Alex Jones
    James Gilliland
    Mary Sutherland
    Charlie Sheen
    Art Bell
    and especially you :)

  • Steve Beckow rings a bell. I have read his name somewhere but I don't remember where.


    I like what was written here.

  • I think she is referring the Harmonic Convergence, it took place in '89.  Personally, I don't think there can be true disclosure until there is peace on earth.  Too many crazies with weapons scared of alien invaders...
    • You really think such advanced beings would have anything to fear from us? Even the crazies with weapons.
      • I'm not afraid "for" them, I'm afraid of the crazies and getting stuck in the cross fire lol.  It would be like pretty much every Stephen King book I've read, people lose their minds when their realities are questioned....
    • Hi 1HappyKelly, the harmonic convergence took place August 16 1987.
  • I like this Immensely
  • I didn't know I had 100s of years to prepare....
  • The finish line won't be reached until 2013 when starship earth and her varied population finally pass through the last of the five gates and then sets off on yet another revolution of evolution around the great central sun of our galaxy.

    The resources were always available but the knowledge of it's use was hidden from the general public and only to be used by a select few for the dominance and perversion of the people.


  • Yes well I guess most know these orders.  It was a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.  And guess what, the resources was never available. Go figuere.


    It would be interesting to see if all our hard work actually happen this time.  The same was said in 1990, the 2000 they 2002, and now we here this again.  Hey we are doing the work, but not seeing the results yet.


    First contact was suppose to have happened already, it hasn't, yet we keep hoping.


    The light workers are still working and doing what must, so lets hope this is REALLY the finish line this time.


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