April 7

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Dimensional Physicist. Web Programmer Music Movies (comedy) I love animals and I feel sorry for psychopaths. People are crazy and scare me, I can't relate to them easy so I hide under a veil of lol, I try to wear my heart on my sleave but i have taken to much pain. I can't keep friends because very strange things happen around me that ends up scaring people away. There have been three occasions where I have died due to accidents and one occasion I was declared dead and came back to life, I refuse to belive in death and despite a lifetime of pain I refussed to let go because there is something I have to do before I can be free.

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To say 'I Love' is braver than saying 'I Hate'. In a monetary society, the greediest most untrustworthy rise to the top, it is those people who are easiest for outsiders to manipulate. School teaches children to allow others to do the thinking, it supresses the ability to ask questions and creates 'black and white' syndrome in the mind.

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  • You asked me about a year ago if I were interested in flying?


    My answer you bet I am. A natural Luke Skywalker.I will fly it.




    I think I just telepathically manifested a message to everyone up there and way down here a job classified ad. Oh well so be it.Yeah.

  • Hi Ishma,


    I just now saw your comment on the video I posted "My Baba".


    Love and Light to you.



  • Hy Ishma, This is the largest megalithic Stone Sphere I have seen. There are many in Bosnia near the giant pyramid that have been discovered in Visoko, and in Costa Rica, New Zealand. They are found in groupings. My intuition is that they represent the celestial constellation where from the star nations that have built them came from. They are energetic portals that keeps a living link opened with the source home planets of these star nations of ancient times. Do you know in which country this photo was taken? Any info you could share about these mysterious giant spheres? It is Indians that told me that the stone domes I found on the Matawini sacred site represented constellations. I believe these giant stone spheres have therefore the same role.


    Parked at Loopia
  •   Yeah move to Canada, lot's of woods, lot's of land.Cold though for a good 6 months sometimes 8 or 9 months depending how far north you go.

     Interested in Flying...........?????????? Yeahhhhhhhhh.

  •  I like that vehicle you posted on my coments page.Looking for a pilot? I can't fly  ???

    But I can.........What a nice vehicle. Where abouts are you located again? I'm in cold Toronto, Canada right now.


    And Cool.

  • Hahaha i noticed your post on my profile and its pretty funny. The Yoga one made me laugh really hard, thanks for the friendship!
  • Hello Ishma,I am well.I didn't know you were a ninja!(smile)We're having a record breaking snow blizzard here in Chicago so everyone is snowed in.It's so peaceful and beautiful outside here my brother.Hey Ishma,you take care of yourself as best you can my brother and always remember that you are loved beyond measure.....eternally!!!

    stay blessed,


  • Be wary or users who try to blur lines and feel there group members out, a photo tells a thousand words while points are rewarded for there pointless acts!.
  • Hey Ishma namaste my friend


    Glad you are well my thoughts are with Queensland as they brace for one of the biggest storms in history we truly are living in interesting times...   but sad and scary none the less mother earth is cleansing herself with all her might and also needs our love and prayer

    have you been on this website its great


    www.diannecooper.com she has great atlantis cards 

    Blessings and hope you are well


    Namaste my friend



  • Hi Ishma


    Firstly my heartfelt grattitude for your Words Namaste and yes I have had a tough journey on this spiritual path but had I not I woud not be here writing this now.

    I have been very busy helping to awaken the sleeping ones and doing so have found great  joy in that the journey has not been easy but has been magical I have focussed my energy on the positive side to this journey and wish to help all those who seek this .

    I am reading the Celestine Prophecy and finding it great have you read ?


    Anyway Love Light and Blessings to You.


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Ishma left a comment for Astraelia
"Hey Astraelia
Peace Love and Empathy :)"
Feb 17, 2011
Ishma replied to Kelly Lightchalice's discussion Ascension Earth: Mission Possible, Top Secret Orders, For Your Eyes Only
"Work is underway

A special thanks to
Jesse VenturaAlex JonesJames GillilandMary SutherlandCharlie SheenArt Belland especially you :)"
Feb 3, 2011
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"Heya Ranthom
I'm glad you are well, I remember when it snowed here in Somerset Uk at christmas, it has been my first christmas here and it was amazing outside, the trees where covered in ice around the horse field, I wish I had taken a photo now,…"
Feb 3, 2011
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"Heya Dilraj
So glad I gots you to lol :)"
Feb 3, 2011

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"These are follish non issues. They should not be one of the basis to hate Iran, the home of Cyrus The Great!😆"
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"These are follish non issues. They should not be any basis to hate Iran, the home of Cyrus The Great!😆"
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