2012 October 29
Posted by Steve Beckow, The 2012 Scenario.

Graham, Linda and I got together for a brief time today (Oct. 29, 2012) just to get word from Archangel Michael on what occurred behind the scenes at the first conference.

He gave us not only an appraisal of the significance and impact of it, but he also explained what was happening with the weather phenomena on both coasts of North America and he asked us not to be dragged into the drama that the mainstream media was creating around the storms, etc.

He also added this reassurance: “I … say to the people of the East Coast, stay in your hearts. Call on me for protection. Connect to the heart of Gaia and you will be safe.”

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario. I’m Graham Dewyea.

Since we’re at the conference at Sedona, Arizona, we’re going to start our show this week with Archangel Michael, who’s going to visit with us just for ten minutes or so and then we’ll follow with the for the archive show which we aired with him on Sept. 17, 2012, where he talked about Disclosure, NESARA, international events, and Ascension.

And so with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And, yes, we’re here at Sedona. We’ve just finished the first conference and we’re heading into the second conference. And Archangel Michael, I thought it would be wonderful to have from you a discussion of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the conference, the significance of the conference, the meaning of the conference, etc.

And then perhaps if you could tell our listeners something about the storm happening on the East Coast and the earthquake happening on the West Coast, whether they were human-induced activities and how much damage we can expect, what people should be thinking about. So with that, Archangel Michael, I welcome you to the program.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, archangel of love, warrior of peace, archangel in Sedona and of course in the New Jerusalem as well. It is my joy to be with you and of course this is a time of joy and that has been one of the major accomplishments of this coming together, this what you have called the 2012 Scenario conference, the InLight gathering which will occur in all likelihood again and again, not because it is necessary to simply raise your vibrations. That has been done. But because you come together as family, as friends, as soul mates, as one unit, to embrace each other in joy and laughter, in play and fun.

Yes, I know this has been a lot of work, dear friends. But you have no idea how much this has accomplished. So, yes, let me share with you what exactly has gone on. Of course there has been what you think of as having gone on with the wonderful presentations from your speakers and the participation of your audience.

But the quotient of light, if I may use that term, the quotient of light that has been collected and gathered and brought to this time and space is acting like a beam, a catalyst, a transmission that is sending forth all over the world the radiation of love.

This, my friends, is unity in action. This is heart consciousness. This is the coming together as observers to be in action. You have accomplished – and this energy continues by the way to grow and to expand – so it has accomplished, not simply something in your time and space continuum that has occurred over three days and is magnificent.

But this also continues to grow and grow and grow and grow and with this second infusion, with the second conference coming up very rapidly – because the lightworkers, lightholders are already pouring in to the Sedona portal – what is occurring is the implosion/explosion that Albert Einstein has spoken of to you so often. And it is the implosion/explosion of creation.

We have spoken to you, my beloved brother and friends, of how we are in sacred partnership. We are in the unity and connectedness, of heart and soul, of mission. And you have stepped forward.

Now I also do not wish for any listener or reader who has not had the opportunity to physically be with you in Sedona, to physically be with you in the opening of the gates of the New Jerusalem, to feel in any way, shape or form that you have not been part of this because you have. Yes, I spoke of how you would participate from home. This channel scolded me because she felt that I was breaking news that she thought would be a surprise.

But I am not just doing that. What I was saying and what I say to each of you again, to those of you who have gathered and will gather in Sedona and those of you who gather in the comfort of your own home, you are holding the space. Your hearts are connected. You are holding the energy. You are building the light.

And what you do not fully realize, in our sacred construction, our geometry, our engineering, is that you are receiving the gift of much of this light and this elevation of frequency and vibration. So you are giving, you are holding, and you are receiving. Dear hearts, that is what balance is all about. And that is what you are doing. And it is beyond comprehension.

And if you were to see us, with your Third Eye, or with your heart, or your Fourth Eye, you would see that throughout heaven and on the cliffs of the rocks of Sedona, there are angels and masters dancing with joy.

You were given an assignment and you picked it up and you ran with that. And there was not one being, among the speakers or the organizers or the participants, that did not pick up the energy and run with it.

And they ran with open hearts, curious minds, and clear, focused intent. And then they have also allowed themselves to receive the light, not only from each other, which has been incredible, phenomenal, and beyond the realm of what you know and what you think of as normal. But you have also allowed yourself to receive the light of this Council, of the Company of Heaven, [and the Divine Source?].

The Divine Mother does not make herself present on a regular basis. It is a seldom occurrence [sic]. And yet she and her son have blessed you. That created an attunement, an adjustment in your frequency, deeper and higher than you will ever know. Yes, I was pleased to be present and to add my energy along with others, along with this magnificent array of speakers, of channelers, of seekers.

This energy I have spoken of has created an implosion/explosion, and you say what does that mean? Many of you have a very negative vision of what it means to have a mushroom cloud and the spreading of radiation.

But this, dear hearts, is a mushroom cloud of light and love, of joy, of gratitude. And it is not just yours but is expanded. It is ours. It is your brothers and sisters of the stars, who by the way were in full attendance and will be again.

Ask Linda. Yes, I am giving her this directive. Ask her, and I am [asking her] too, to show you, to demonstrate that you may all have that experience of the joy of your star brothers and sisters as well.

You have committed to the Light and this is the push. This was the action that we needed from the human race, to speed [things] up in your time and your realm. Yes, we know that you have the countdown going. Well, so do we.

And our countdown is the size of your hearts, of your love. You are there. Does this give you even an inkling of what has been accomplished, my friend?

SB: Yes, it does, Lord, and thank you very much for that. Perhaps you can also assist the people traveling from the conference, back to the East Coast, to know if they’re going to be impacted by this storm and the people on the East Coast to know what damage they can expect from the storm, whether this is a human-induced effort, what the galactics are doing to mitigate it please?

AAM: The galactics are calming the storm even as we speak and so are we. This is not a human-induced storm. This is a weather phenomenon. But also understand it is a balancing, particularly of North America. It is a bit of a cleansing. Not dramatic.

Yes, of course, be mindful and heed warnings. But do not buy into the drama that your media is manufacturing. Stay within your hearts. Be prudent with your physical reality. Now many of the lightworkers who are traveling back from Sedona to the East Coast may – and I emphasize may – experience some very slight interruptions.

Let me explain what you are really doing. Each place you sit, each step you take, each person you look at, each person that is brushed by your field, you are transmitting the light and the frequencies, the rays in the collective human vibration.

You are a gatekeeper. You are a wayshower. And you are transmitting as you cross the country. You are doing magnificent healing and energy work. So do not become disheartened that your friends may be slightly askew. Simply know you are working with and for us.

There is always much talk about forces in the cabal and how they have sneaky little plans. Well, dear heart, there is nothing sneaky about this plan. The lightworkers and lightholders that are traveling are spreading the frequency of what they have just received.

The energy and the destruction on the West Coast was a balance. Think of it as Gaia relieving pressure on one side as the energies in the West are releasing the pressure. Think of it as a pressure valve. That earthquake was a slight wiggle to release these. No damage. Minimal effect, as the energy in the East was increasing.

Now we also work with Gaia, not only where there is an element, what we would call in your human terms, “a bug,” which is what you can think of as this storm, which was emanating from your atmosphere and so the balance came from the low, the fissures of Gaia, in the depths. So it was not only in the East and West. It is also a balancing of above and below.

SB: Alright. I’m cognizant of Linda’s schedule, Lord. Sorry if I interrupted you. But could you comment very, very quickly on two other matters. Did we misinterpret things that we thought there might be a display of craft one or two nights ago over Sedona. Might there be a display in the next week.

And also any words on how President Obama is doing and then we’ll allow Linda to get on with her schedule for the day.

AAM: Yes, but before I do, I also say to the people of the East Coast, stay in your hearts. Call on me for protection. Connect to the heart of Gaia and you will be safe.

Now the ships are always present. They are always there. Will there be a demonstration that you can personally witness, yes. But I do not wish to eliminate the excitement. That will be there.

Secondly, President Obama is doing his job and he is doing it magnificently. Hold the light for him and for his family. And hold the faith.

Go in peace and go in love, my friends. And go and celebrate in the red rocks and the blue sky. You are doing my work and the work of the Mother/Father One. Farewell.

SB: Thank you very much, Lord. Farewell.

After the show, Linda added (and I don’t think she’d mind me sharing):

Linda: Wow! You have no idea what was accomplished. It was like whoa! … He’s showing me just the spread of light. It was phenomenal. While he was talking he showed me a movie. Very cool.


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