For a long time the channeled messages have talked about the energies coming to earth raising the level of consciousness.

I hope its true but here in central New England people seem just as willfully indifferent  to everything except their routine schedules. Try to talk about these issues and they don't care or can't imagine where your coming from.

Try as I might I cannot find people who are aware of much beyond their everyday routines.

What about in your area?

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  • So the person's talent and wisdom has nothing to do with the information their parents, family, friends, school, society and environment exposed them to?

    So their past life memories of using outhouses, rubbing sticks for fire, sleeping on grass, milking cows and plucking chickens... is what's credited to their talent and wisdom in this life?

    Does this mean all time-period dreams must all be past life dreams? And certain people just don't simply have them, because on a deeper level the person is simply curious or intrigued with that era?

  • The shift really began around 2009. Relatively around then the energies have been ideal for people to awaken, but it doesn't reach through to everyone. There are a lot of layers of the veil to be pierced.

  • Okay, I've asked questions. Read several comments but not all. And now I'm going to take time and actually answer the question in this thread from my perspective. (if my stalkers have a problem with that, go paint some rocks or hug a tree; it's certainly more productive than whatever you have rolling around in your head right now directed at me... but if you want to contribute to the content in this discussion instead of harassing me like an 11 year old girl, I encourage you to do so)

    The way I see it... what's happening now, is what's always happened. A thousand years ago (random number just for example purposes), people were dumber than they are today. Over time, people got smarter. As time moves on... people keep getting smarter and smarter. Yes, there still are dumb people (the level of dumb seems to be evolving too). But the smarter, is no doubt getting smarter, and even at younger ages.

    Throughout my school years... I noticed the kids younger than me kept getting new requirements added to their curriculum (and it was already regarded as a good school for a public school). When I graduated, I had a family member just start school. So I'm pretty familiar with the differences between my generation, and theirs. And their generation... they're learning things earlier in life than my generation did... just like I learned things earlier in life than my parents did. So on and so forth.

    Just like... children are doing drugs and having babies and finding themselves in adult situations with adult problems in greater numbers and at younger ages than in the past (sad, but true).

    So what I see happening around me isn't some sort of "scheduled, spiritual divine plan" type of thing (like so-called channellers claim). I see it as evolution. Plain and simple evolution. I have been blessed enough to be around so many varying types of people, in several different generations.

    What I find happening now, I find it to be very similar to what "older people" have gone through during their time.

    Older generations had their own epiphanies and "mind awakening realizations" and such. Other generations had their own "the end is nigh"... "the aliens are coming"... "make peace not war"... "find zen" and all sorts of things that we're currently doing now.

    Every generation, there are people that are "coming of age", trying to figure out their purpose, trying to figure out what they want to do for the world... every generation has that. Yes, there are also people who just don't care. But that's not because they're stupid or ignorant (well, sometimes it is). It's usually because they spend most of their life in "survival mode"... making sure they have enough money to support their family and such. And some people are just so busy with that for pretty much their entire lives... it leaves little to no room to think about other things. Doesn't mean they're any less intelligent though. In fact, I know tons of people like that who have a better head on their shoulders than the ones who spend years trying to figure themselves out or the meaning of life and such.

    And this is my theory on that. If you want to spend your limited time on Earth focused on you and the meaning of life... that's your prerogative. But if we supposedly exist forever after death... why the rush? If you exist for eternity (to put it in perspective since I know people use the term "eternity" very philosophically sometimes... lets say, over 1 million years)... if you figure things out in the first 100 years... what are you going to do with the remaining 999,900+ years?

    The majority of people I know spend some amount of time trying to figure out "their purpose" in this life. Some people sometimes just give up and go with the flow and their lives sometimes seem much less stressful than those who obsess about "their purpose".

    So as far as the "publics consciousness level"... I see people caring a whole lot more about things today, than they did years/decades ago. Twenty years ago, most of the people I observed didn't give a damn about littering. These days... people are adopting highways and parks and people are volunteering to clean up trash, etc etc etc.

    There are so many changes happening (change is inevitable, there will be change now, there will be change in the future, just like there was change in the past) these days... such as in the US there is now the Death with Dignity Act, Gays can now legally get married, people can have prescription marijuana...

    Even the gays have evolved!!! It's no longer gay/straight/bi... there are now asexuals, pansexuals and a myriad of other things.

    There are more health food stores, organic food stores, raw food stores, charities, public education, neighbors helping neighbors and so many other things than there used to be... of course there's an increase in the public consciousness level!

    Yes. There are still people who seem "aloof"... but more often than not, there's more to the picture than you're able to see. The way I see it... there will always be douchebags... there will always be people who are self absorbed... there will always be people who just don't give a damn about anyone else but themselves... and there will always be people too lazy to care about themselves, or the planet. But on the contrasting side, there will always be people of the exact opposite nature! Or some people even grow out of those destructive or rude phases.

    Take a look at kids today. Many of them are very smart. As society evolves, so does the approach of trying to educate children to the point they understand why they should be aware of certain things. Yes, dumb people are still breeding... but so are smart people!!

    The main difference between then and now... is the advancement in technology. We have the internet. First there was instant chat. Now there's video chat. Next there will probably be hologram chat so it's like the actual person is sitting on your couch!

    Information is easier to share in todays modern world than in the past.

    But I don't think talking about aliens and dead people are part of "increasing of the publics consciousness level." Yes, there are people who do and that's fine. They can be interesting subjects to discuss.

    As society evolves... so will our theories on the afterlife and ETs. So will our theories on things unrelated. As time passes, things evolve. That's just the way it goes.


    For those that think they don't see people with "increased consciousness"... figure out what that means to you. What are your expectations? If you don't see people that fit your expectations... look in other places! They are there. Move if you must... but do some research first, the information is there.

    Source: I know a lot of weird people. I know a lot of people that think out of the box. I am also one of those people. :)

    • Humanities existence in current form defies evolution.

      How is it possible that there were so many types of pre humans, and yet only one type of human remains now.

      It goes against all logic of evolution.

      We all think in boxes.

      Only the size and content of the boxes vary.

      The question is, can you keep pushing the boundaries of your box into the realms of the seemingly impossible.


    • We are now consciously driving the the evolution of the Divine plan.

      Just talking about this stuff means we will all eventually come to a consensus.

      Instead of having the consensus thrust upon us. 

      Like it has been.

      A group of people in true consensus about what they deem to be spirit wields a great silent power.

      • You can't begin to imagine the number of environmental factors that have come together. to facilitate this happening at this time.

        The inventions that were leaked into the consciousness by divine timing.

        Like the aoroplane. people on oppositite sides of the world, with nothing in common. commision the first two planes within a week-ish of each other.

        They were both open to that level of consciousness before anyone else.

        • Well, as far as the plane goes... it was just the time for it.

          When people didn't fully understand the topography of Earth.. people went exploring.. because it was just the time for it. Sometimes people just have similar ideas. I don't find that strange. As much as people want to be unique snowflakes.. they're usually more similar to others than they realize.

          Like, I have an idea for an invention. Because I've realized that it would provide a convenience to an otherwise inconvenient thing. Chances are, someone else in the world might be brainstorming the same thing for the same reason.

          It's like that with the plane.

    • People 1000 years ago are dumber then people now?

      People are now more dumber the they ever bin.

      The smart ones youre talking about are the souls from higher realms to assist humanity because they need the help because humanity is only getting dumber by the years.

      To say that people where les smart thousends years ago then now is just dumb.

      • People in the past died because they weren't sanitary. I think that's pretty dumb. People in the past thought people of color didn't deserve the same respect as those not of color. I think that's pretty dumb. People in the past didn't value women as equals. I think that's pretty dumb.

        We've come as far as we have because we've learned from some of the mistakes of the past.

        That doesn't mean they all were idiots. Just that the amount of knowledge we have today, compared to what they had back then... is tremendous. We have many more educational resources that people of the past did. Many more references.

        People aren't born smart. They're born not knowing anything. They grow smart. People aren't smart because their soul destined it. It's their upbringing, their environment, their experiences, their influences... all those things.

        Take two people you know around the same age. One you think is smart. And one you think is dumb. Take a look at their parents, their family, their upbringing, the places they lived, the communities they were apart of, the schools they went to, the stimuli they were exposed to (tv, books, music, etc). Compare them and notice the differences between them. It's no mystery why one is dumb and one is smart.

        • What you're failing to recognize is the exponential jump that has taken place in the last hundred years or so.Why didn't it happen 500 years ago?

          or in another 500

          why did it time itself to coincide with an event that has been foretold for tens of thousands of years?

          the galactic aligjment? (talking about intelligence of our ancestors, how did they know about that?

          About an event of universal consciousness proportions).

          Why did th evolution of the species, the indigos etc, choose the last 25 odd years start making an impression on this planet, funnily enough, their timing coincides with the harmonic convergence.

          And what is different about the indigos?

          They are born consciously aware in a way pre indigo's weren't.

          Predisposes you to making the search for the creator a priority.

          which raises the consciousness of the [planet

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