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Hello! For some time now I've been feeling a lot of changes going on which I have a hard time to put the finger but some of the major things I've experienced is this:

1. Waves of mood swings. A majority of depressing feelings. Feelings that makes everything seem dull and gray. No drive to do anything. In this situation you want to just lie down and disappear or to seek something to escape like watching movies or playing games.

2. Insatiable hunger. Cravings for food and drinks like never before. The other day can be the complete opposite with no apetite at all, forgetting to eat etc.

3. Non-motivation on doing goals you set up for yourself. Hard to follow your routines and end up completing very few projects and things you want to accomplish or get better at. You end up doing just about as much as necessary.

4. I used to be a very active person physically, going on long walks, jogging, taking bicycle trips, exercising at the gym. Now however this just feels too draining, the mere thought of doing something physically exhausting is enough to make me not to.

I know these are all signs that something is happening from within. What I don't know if this only has something to do with myself that I haven't been able to resolve or if these signs are showing up in many others. I do not seek an excuse that this comes from without and I really do want to get back to "normal". But everyday I wake up and I am almost pissed off at myself for allowing me to have become this passive and lazy and non-motivated at every area in life. I really do struggle achieving the things I want to do but I often end up doing not much.

I would wish this would all change so that I can feel more happy about life again. Meditation does not help to find centeredness and clarity for some reason. I just end up feeling like there is a stormy sea inside of myself that is disrupting all balance and focus I used to have. I thought it was just something momentarily that would go away with time, but I've been like this for over a month now and I'm really starting to get worried.

I would like to be able to do all the things I enjoy without pushing myself to do them. Everyday it's the same, I have to drag myself to do the things I loved. Let's not talk about my work which is fine, but it feels now more than ever so hard to get up in the mornings with a positive attitude.

This is something that has started to affect others around me and they have started to notice I'm not the same. I don't want to be like this, but again there's like this huge feeling that I don't have the motivation to do anything. I feel at times I would just like to cease to exist (not suicidal or anything) but everything can feel so meaningless and I am so unsure what is causing me to feel this way.

If you have any solutions or suggestions what to do about this kind of state of being, what may be causing it I would really be grateful. And most of all be able to write this, it helps to get it off your chest just by writing and at least trying to put a finger on all the things that is troubling.

Namaste my friends.

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... ;)) as strange as it may sounds i do know it's just a phase, i do feel the same 'conditions' ... the best way to 'ride it off' is to surround to it, don't analyze it, acknowledge it, but don't self indulge to it and do something that you never done before (it creates motivation and anticipation). I am an artist, and have no skills in carpentry, but i manage to make a few coffee tables ... lol ... and of course it's not 'store quality' ... but i utilize my time for something creative and it was very rewording even for that time. 

You can repaint the walls in your place, rearrange the furniture .. it sounds small, but it creates different flow of energy. If you can afford join scuba diving, or rock climbing or something similar ... i am sure it will keep you on your toes ... ;))

and the most important you need love, not for people, not even for God, but your personal love, which give wings, if there is no personal love in the heart, the whole world eventually will be put on pause ... ;))

don't know if its helpful, but maybe it can give you an idea, as to what you need, or want ;))

Thank you Ara :) Every word is needed and I am thankful for your sharing :D

I've been thinking that maybe I DO have too many projects I want to get done that makes me go into a "meltdown" and just feel confusion. Maybe I should try focusing on ONE thing, even though I want to do ALL things :(. lol. It's hard. I guess I have to take babysteps and step up the pace as I feel ready. Right now I have no motivation or discipline to do or accomplish anything :P

Thanks again friend =)

YES!  I felt total depession and changed my room around BIG DIFFERENCE! I also

burn incense and smudge my room from time to time but I have found aroma therapy has worked very well for me

particularly by putting a little patouli under my nose. Hope this helps Ivor.

Thanks :) I should try that. I bought some Lavender oil in Thailand for aromatherapy. Smells good :)

Coming back as we ARE....

...Back to the "Start"....

For YOU:




You are not the only one experiencing these things. I'm going through the same thing, the mood swings, some days I eat very little others huge amounts & then I'm miserable at night. The hardest part for me is the exhaustion. Looking around & seeing things that need to be done but zero motivation & if I try easily become exhausted. Even when not doing much by midday I'm so exhausted I can barely stay awake. My guides have said that as a blue ray part of my role is to be a transmuter. So not only do I have to absorb & transmute lower vibrations/emotions/energy for people but also absorb the higher frequencies coming in & break it up into doses that ppl around me can handle. All of this added with my own stuff it weighs down & I get "clogged" so to speak. Perhaps the same is occurring with you. Their advice to me is to always try to do things that raise my vibration, be outside, etc & on those times I do feel so unmotivated & exhausted to stop, allow my body that time & acknowledge that it isnt all just mine that I am transmuting for others. For me it turns my thoughts from "oh god I'm so tired & blah" to love. Love for myself, love for those I'm helping, love for everything & then I can feel it, those beautiful energies rushing in to help. I hope it gets better for ya :) blessings

Welcome to the Ascension process and the energies that come through our Sun from the Gran Central Sun of our galaxy...Your DNA is activating and this year we are receiving the Mother's Love more than ever...Center in the stillness of your heart and flow with it, open your heart to receiving these energies...Be aware that on the equinoxes and solstices they are stronger and also when there is a full moon which tends to last from 3 to 4 days each month...You are right on track...Peace and Love to you and yours...

Ogdoo, I have felt a similar scenario.  As things progress in creation and on this planet, there is a push to awaken for all souls.  The natural laws of attraction are also speeding up, so to speak.  Everyone's soul is evolving, some slower and some faster.  Perhaps your feelings of depression and dullness are meant to put you back on track. 

I have felt this recently myself.  I have gone through a period of depression.  This period also included me questioning every single facet of my life.  Now I feel I have wasted the last 30 years of my life, and I am just starting to live for what I am.  

You have a path laid out before you; are you going to walk it?  Only you know your individual path.  

Love and Wisdom 

Wishing you all a beautiful, fun-filled day... and bounteous blessings all along the way. : )

Looks like you got Ascension Symptoms.  We all have them and it varies from person to person.  The 5D energies are still coming in and getting stronger.  Your DNA/RNA is changing, the body is changing from carbon based to crystalline, we're living in 3D reality in transition into 5D reality, the old ways feels it no longer applies anymore.  We have to ride it out, however, how long, no one really knows.  Just know that you are not alone in this.  It's affecting everyone, in hard or subtle ways.  At least, your AWARE of it and know what is happening.  Many others don't have your keen sense of awareness.  Hope the video helps.  Enjoy!  :)

Its called ''Hormones''

Ogdoo===you're experiencing the wobble of the earth on its axis....

this has a lot to do with the myths of all time..

the universe is a drama

and each one has their special part-


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