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The Anunnaki and the Illuminati are at war now. The Host of Heaven is ousting the power elite of earth on the basis of human rights violations. This is not the end of the world. It is the end of the New World Order.

The Illuminati control all. If you get to know the deity they serve, you'll come up with a cluster of names that, when you look back in time, you'll see an unexpected correlation. Apparently, not all of the gods left in ancient times. Some stayed behind to slowly build a New World Order by which to dominate mankind. They have a leader. "You'll hear the Greek, Egyptian, and Babylonian names for this guy, but he is one of the same ones from ancient Iraq [Mesopotamia]. He's using these groups in the same way he used the artisan and merchant groups in ancient Egypt and Babylon - as intelligence gathering and dirty-works squads that will terrorize those that rise against him" (Informant Eight 2006; Informant Nine 2005).

In Biblical terms, the "Fallen Ones" never left Earth. The good angels, i.e. the "Heavenly Host" - those beings who did not (figuratively and literally) "fall" - are now returning to earth to destroy the New World Order that the Fallen Angels engineered and maintain though 300 of their human descendents (from 13 elite occultist bloodlines) who call themselves "the Illuminati". The Sumerians called the good celestial giants the Anunnaki, and the Sumerian term for the fallen giants was "the Igigi". The leader of the fallen ones was called Marduk. The Hebrew name for Marduk, Ha'Satan, literally translates as "The Adversary" (i.e. the Adversary of mankind). Christians call him "the Devil".

"We are definitely dealing with biological entities, giant humans who are not altogether any different than us, except that their cellular electrical capacitance is much higher than ours, which makes them an energetic envelope of much higher bioelectric potential than us. When you are in the presence of one of them, you can feel their presence as if you could cut it with a knife. A very definite force of what could best be described as intention emanates from them" (Informant Eight 2005, 2006).

"They are very large, very tall biological specimens, no doubt of that. They can also be best described as looking almost like albinos - white, almost milky white skin, with a sort of sweat or beads of water evident on their skin, like a film - about seven or eight feet in height, very white hair - not gray white, but kind of snow white. Like white wool - yes, kinky white hair, most of them wear it shoulder length and plaited, others short, almost close cropped. But you can tell it is kinky. Oh, eyes are a light red, when you catch them inside in low light and they are not wearing dark, almost black protective contact-like lenses. They always travel in pairs, so if you see one of them, the other is not too far away. But you can tell more about them from their presence" (Informant Eleven 2006).

Informant seven says that the population at large has been programmed to fight benevolent extra-planetary beings for the New World Order or even brainwashed to believe that they don't exist. Apparently being equally amoral, the alien Greys allied themselves with the Illuminati in 1947 and agreed to join forces against the returning gods. ETs are not invading (nor will there ever be an alien invasion), and the Illuminati are not planning a false flag alien invasion (Informant Six 2006). The elite humans of earth are not faking the existence of UFO's and ETs (informant six, 2006). However, their aim is to manipulate us to fear and hate the returning gods rather than embrace them for who they truly are: our rescuers.

In the near future, the returning gods will destroy key above-ground military bases, and the elite-controlled earth governments will declare that Earth is being invaded (Informant Six 2006). Informant Six goes on to say that the truth is that it will be the insidious international bankers, their evil god, and their puppet governments that will be targeted. According to him, the Anunnaki have returned to save mankind from a corrupt New World Order.

The Anunnaki are systematically deactivating nuclear weapons, sabotaging missile tests, and have nuked underground military bases. The Illuminati owned and controlled reverse-engineered anti-gravity aircraft and space-based weapons are firing at (and missing) peaceful Anunnaki ships that could easily destroy the New World Order spacecrafts but do not. They now wait until the "appointed time" for overt warfare (informant eight 2007).

The "New Age" is not what the Illuminati thought it would be. It is the end of the (new) world (order). In accordance with prophecy, the Heavenly Host, led by Yahushua Ha'Mashiach, son of the Elohim YHVH (the EN.LIL), will completely annihilate the Satanist (Mardukite) power elite and the fallen angels they serve, and Yahushua Ha'Mashiach will be installed as King of Earth.

Anunnaki and Illuminati at War NOW!

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ANU - it's just a man, any man.

No 40,000 years of history were not, for the present humanity.
Reptiles - it's just a totem symbols.
Earlier, Russia used a dragon as symbol.

Khazaria - was part of the Grand Tartary, with the capital of Kazan. It was the center of trade with the Middle East, the economic capital of Tartary (Rus). Quite naturally, the dark people (Turk, Jews, Arab) drawn there like a magnet.

Devil and hell do not exist Shama..

You're wrong))They do not exist to the extent that their church is. But Hell is a part of our galaxy and the universe, how could he not be? He energizes the stars and generates life.

Who told you that the Devil or Satan negative characters? Churchmen (aka - Jews)? And you are interested - who is true God of the Jews and the coming of whom they expect?
Hell - is the energy center of our galaxy.

Ok. "Enlil ", you have accepted CMAton and the light.

You have chosen Seth as your avatar name


 I know a quite a lot about Mars,Marduk and the moon.

Can you tell me what you know?

What is the Orion Group?  I was told that I was a star-seed from Orion, so I'm a bit curious.


How do you know, have you been there lol

It's funny to see you guys, going back and forth like this...talking like you're in the know...when all it is, in the end, is a battle of belief lol You have no real idea if anything you say is really true.

Well sure, I've studied the whole lot of it....for a long time, since i was a kid actually. I know all the different angles, and what people say....and I believe alot of it, like I believe what Drekx is saying, I've read alot about that, and there's actual evidence of it. I can't say I know they're real though, I never seen one...but I believe, and I'll make the determination that they are real.

I just find it weird, how you guys seem to say things, as if they're just rock hard you somehow are in the know....when more likely than not, you got the information the same way everyone else gets it, you read about it. You can say, yes here's what I believe...and argue your belief....but, don't pretend like what you're saying is just irrefutable fact...I don't know there's just something dishonest about that.

Hahaha...John, was that not the very same thing I was saying to you the other day, it, maybe what I said about just because a person reads something and it resonates does not make it the truth....Guess our jousting paid off well.  Now you are quoting me.....gotta love it, and just when I thought you were an immutable force.  Welcome to my world, am loving you pointing this same thing out to someone else, hahaha....oh John how you have made my week begin wonderfully....

I'm still an immutable force lol But, no seriously, this is something I've said a long time. And I don't say things, as if they're rock hard facts....I say my opinions and beliefs, which I believe....and I'm sure are true, and I'll argue are true, even bet are true lol But, it's the way they present it's some objective fact...and talk as if they're in the I don't do that. When I talk, it's usually objectively subjective...if that makes sense lol And I lay out my ideas and beliefs, and I do it in an honest way....I don't do what they do.

I suspect that Alfred (Seth) speaks of the real deal done between the US Gov and Orion Empire at Holloman AFB.....

These beings are well known to the GFL and were members of Anchara....


US intel personel referred to them as "big-nosed greys," for obvious reasons...the grey skin and large nose, which is rather hooked in appearance...


I'll paste a mere rendering for perusal, albeit the colour scheme is wrong here:

that pic reminds me of some old sumerian drawings I saw some years ago.. :)



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