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Some of the most amazing guides that come through to help are animals and other species and yet so little time is given to the animals that inhabit this Earth; and their vital impact on our own spiritual awakening.

Animal souls were created before humanoid ones and therefore many of the animal souls and guides have a higher overview of not only our human experience; but that of the entire creative cycle. They were not created to help us live by us eating their flesh or using them for travel or to assist our fights and wars or plough our fields; they are meant to be our spiritual partners and evolutionary friends.

Animals are here to help our soul's to evolve and unite with our physical bodies; to create a new type of being or species. They just like us have a soul and soul agreements that they have set out for themselves to achieve in this lifetime. Many of them have been coming to Earth for years in the hope that they can save this planet from the continued negativity that plagues her.

Like us animals have their right to freedom and to choose their destiny. They are incredibly powerful beings but most of their energy is dormant because they don't trust us to use it wisely. They are waiting for us to show them that we can be trusted with the gifts that they have; gifts that cannot be forced from them like their physical submission can; or asked for without the full respect and honour being shown to them.

When an animal is treated with the respect and treated as an equal spiritual partner it is only then that we as a race will evolve and become more then we are today. When we know that our own soul is connected to the soul's of the animals, and the animals with that of that land, and the land with that of the Universe, can be begin to gain the knowledge of who we are and the bigger picture of creation can unfold to us. 

Horses are gentle not because they could not defend themselves and harm us; but because they are waiting to see when we finally get it and start showing them the love and respect they deserve. The great whales of the sea that could destroy many of the boats that set out to destroy them, but do not because they hope, still that a race will evolve who don't want to destroy and harm. These gentle yet powerful beings could be the most amazing allies to our ascension; are waiting to be our spiritual partners and to help us become all that we have the potential to be.

They don't have a voice to ask you for more; so I am asking on their behalf for you to start seeing them as they wish to be seen; and to embrace them in their true light so that together we can all evolve and help this Earth.

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I already do see them in this light. There will be a time when many others will too.

Dead on bro

The animal kingdom is evolving as we are, as we step up the ladder they will be stepping up behind us and be with us on the new earth as more intelligent and less primal... unlike most theosophists, I believe animals have a soul too :) 


It seems that animals aren't only our partners, but also each others :-)

What a lovely video showing how much animals can connect to one another. My cats love my dog and she even let two of them suckle her when they were kittens. My horses work with me to heal and we are starting healing camps in the summer called Show me a Rainbow camps where the animals will be helping children with terminal illnesses and young adults with learning difficulties. Hopefully the camps will extend to other areas both in terms of location and also helping other people. Looking to rescue some more animals this year and rehabilitate them into the Rainbow camps; if they want to that is. x

Well I love animals, but I understand it's not all love and light with them. Even with domestic animals, who even though most are very sweet and loving, they still have their primal instincts. I've been bitten several times by dogs as a child. And I don't mean like nibbles, I mean I've been attacked, and some of the worst pain I ever felt was being bitten by a dog. Some animals have real nasty tempers.

I had a cat once and he got into a fight with a neighbor cat, and the cat clawed his face, and gashed his throat, and the throat gash was so bad, his throat was split wide open, you could see the insides and everything. I thought for sure my poor cat would die, but he was strong, and he made a full recovery, I still think it was miraculous.

I seen videos this morning, of hippos fighting to death, lions fighting to death, lions going and killing hyena cubs, buffalos going and killing lion cubs, gorillas fighting, chimps forming an army to go attack other chimps and killing woman and children, bears killing people. I seen one photo of a man who was killed and eaten by a bear, and the whole lower half of his body was gone, I mean it was disgusting.

It's not all bad of course, there's many beautiful things about animals, and they are more intelligent than we give them credit for. I think they have souls too, obviously. I used to work with natives in a native museum and spent alot of time outdoors, and they have so much wisdom and knowledge of nature and animals...and they'll tell you...respect them...but leave them alone. Wild animals are not to be played around with.

So I think this romantic notion of animals, and nature, just is not real. Not at this point. I hope we can get to a point where it's all love and harmony, and there is no more predator-prey, primal instinctive survival of the fittest ecosystem. And I think nature will change naturally as the planet rises in vibration.

How you treat animals shows how civilized you are ...Areolia Louise Jones

I believe animals are here for a purpose and when the contract was made before birth it may be that a particular person wanted to experience something dealing with an animal whether it was love or anger so we see duality it its best. Animals are often guides which I pay attention to when it pertains to the non domesticated animal for example, I had a moose in the middle of the road and almost hit it and about 10 kl down the road a coyote jumped out in front of me and I missed it but their had to be meaning to this event.

Just last week a terrible tragedy took place in Alberta where a month old infant was attacked and killed by by the family dog. The dog had never been violent before and had obedient lessons and resided with a 2 year old years before without incident. So what brought on this attack? Unless this child had a contract to have this happen at that age for the benefit of herself or the parents. Point is we don't know the reasons we have love and affection or hatred from an animal because we only see it in 3D.

Wow; very powerful video. Luckily I am vegan already but it has heightened my motivation to help animals and bring a more enlightened view on the relationship with this Earth and how we treat everything. I found the video's he showed horrible; but you cannot help if you don't know exactly what is going on.

I think as far as animals that are violent I think we need to look at the fact that a lot of our environment is filled with negative energy and as animals are very sensitive to this I don't think it is because of contracts for that to happen as such; or that we need to question the moral of the animals. For example what if that child who was attacked lives in a house where there was a lot of anger or violence. The child would become a sponge to that energy and carry it unknowingly within its aura. Maybe that is what the dog saw; not the child as such but the energy within the child's aura. I strongly believe that if we created a less negative energy then we would see less of these actions and plus there are many breeds of animals that have been so interfered with by ourselves; such as the ridgeback which did not always have such a pronounced ridge but we found it more fashionable and made sure we bred this in. Or dogs whose brains are too big for their skulls because we wanted cute little toy dogs. There are so many factors that could cause an animal to attack or be violent but I think we need to realise that which ever way you look at it humans are responsible in same way or another. We don't teach people to love and respect one another so the animals are only going to pick up on the negativity around them. Also the soul of the animal is not always reflected through the physical attitude of the animal in a similar way that humans do not always reflect the energy of their soul. They like us need help connecting and working with that part of them because we have created such an unnatural environment for ourselves and them; they become disconnected just as we do.

Since the beginning animals are around me.I observe them and they observe me.I have a good contact with them and I do know you are absolutely right!



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