We certainly do not wish for anyone to worship us as gods, nor to deify us, nor to even exemplify us, and we can certainly assure you, that Christ himself, would not wish this of you, all is a divine example of what you, inherently, contain within you.~Andromeda

May I post this on ashtar command crew, Andromeda?

You have our complete permission, Andraste.

Andromeda is present. Dear one, the creation of all that is, is. Now, what have we told you here. By this statement, which we have provided to you in this instant. All that is, is.

Do you understand what we mean when we say it this way?

It means, in our understanding, that to apply a projection of your mind onto an energy is what is called an overlay. The energy comes, and your mind projects an overlay to that image, now, let us talk about holographic projections in the light of this.

Most of the time when we communicate with others, our energy is present with them, but the mind produces a projection, or holographic overlay, to interpret the energy present, and often times, that energy will be manifest in a 4th dimensional manner, as a person, place, or thing.

We say person, place, or thing, because the energy expressed as form does not always come in the form of a person, but at times may be expressed, through your own mind, in the form of music, or in the form of what may be called messengers, in nature, or really, in any various way. The energy of creation, that is the life energy, that is present in experience, is not a set, defined thing. Not at that frequency, you create the energy of what you will experience, most times we simply provide the expression.

Then there is the other aspect, which we call condensing, yet, it is not so much a condensing, as a melding, it is a similar aspect of condensing, like when hydrogen atoms can condense together to become a temporary liquid, and then to reverse again to a hydrogen gas. This is a similar concept, yet, we would like to move away from that concept towards one of melding. Energy can be melded with all other energy, and so in that which is a non-dense expression, or a non-melded expression, there is no separation between one energy and another.

This is an important concept, because you imagine that the energy you inhabit is so low that we cannot communicate with all directly, yet, we can communicate with the Earth, but not always in a 3 dimensional manner. The less melded aspects of yourself, that are free flowing energy, we can connect with directly. Imagine, in this sense, an energy above and around you, though we only use this as illustration, that is a layer above that which you view as the chaos, and so this energy above and around you, which is the natural energy of that which is Prime Creator, that which can be tapped into via your own energy field to connect to the whole, is a energy projected out into what some has called the aether in existence, and then above into the greater auric field that overlays gaia, and then further above into that which is the magnetic field surrounding Gaia, which is produced by the rotation of the inner crystalline grid that is Gaia, and so this energy that sits on overlay a top what you currently experience, we do connect with. When we communicate directly through experience, it is like reaching down through this field, and melding for a moment with where you are in experience. To this, this is where holographic projections come into play. It gets much more complicated than this, but let us move on from this for a moment.

If these images you see are holographic projections, then what is the real aspects you are communicating with? That is variable, because your mind will project even a layer onto that which is real, if we choose to take a form, then the human mind will project an overlay even onto that, trying to understand what it is perceiving, do you understand this important concept?

This is the reason we have asked others to be more evident of the energy they are experiencing and not necessarily the form. The form itself can easily be recreated by any variable energy system, and you yourself, will project a form onto that energy whether of positive or negative intentions, but the experience of the energy cannot be faked.

With words themselves, you can most certainly tell what type of energy is being projected into the field at any time, through the words used. Words are like focal points to the mind, when a word comes up, it pulls many associations with it, and so a being of loving consciousness is not going to use words, thoughts, or actions, that would pull a negative vibration into your field.

Yet, there are also other beings on the planet, who will use positive words for the same end, so where does one draw the line? How can one be both informed and yet cautious? Discerning, yet holding a loving vibration?

This is about deep inner reflection, because you cannot know that which is innate in others if you do not know that which is innate in yourself, even if someone is participating in a negative experience, you yourself project an overlay onto that experience, even as you are doing now.

When we speak of channeling, it is most always a co-creation together, for the energy is being sent, and you yourself are projecting your own overlays onto it. Many would be shocked to learn the unlimited potential of the mind when coupled with the energy of Prime Creator, when your mind is operating as one circuit, there is no end to the experience you can experience, and so it is so important that others understand us as facilitators.

This is a viable, and important understanding to our experience with you, because if we are not facilitators then there must be conditions, and requirements, for us to assist you, yet, there is no conditions or requirements, to an extent, in that which is the higher vibrational rates, yet, there is conditions based on who you are, and what you wish to experience.

A being or person that holds a negative consciousness is not going to last long in the consciousness and energy of Prime Creator, and we will explain why we are saying this, so as not to concern others, whatever you think in your mind, it instantly becomes a thing in the essence of Prime Creator, and so for the love of you, we are careful always when and how we contact you. If you have not personally done the necessary play-work, and we use that lightly, to experience a more positive frame of reference, then you will quickly fall into a realm of disillusionment. Know you have done the play-work, otherwise you could not be here.

This that we have just said is a word of encouragement to all channels, in a sense, not that all of them touch close to the divine. But at some level, they have made a choice to experience a reality outside of themselves, and blessed is the human being who seeks God in any form, quoting Kryon, through Lee Carroll, here (http://www.kryon.com/).

Yet, there are also those who choose to simply copy/paste, and do profit off of simply falsifying documents and ideas, yes, there are those out there who create posts simply to throw people off balance, and most of these individuals are often those infinitely opposed to the thoughts, ideas, and conceptions, of free-flowing ideas.

All ideas are important, so long as you observe that those ideas are necessary for the continuum of the whole, but those that inspire, specifically, an energy of less than the immensity of Prime Creator, or does not lead ultimately, back to the experience of Prime Creator, should be only considered in the temporary state.

We certainly do not wish for anyone to worship us as gods, nor to deify us, nor to even exemplify us, and we can certainly assure you, that Christ himself, would not wish this of you, all is a divine example of what you, inherently, contain within you.

power Pictures, Images and Photos

power Pictures, Images and Photos

You read a blog lately that said, “All will come back to the Father.” Granted, older terms were used, but the ideas are inherently the same, the human being is starting to realize that the Divine Essence of Prime Creator is within them, not outside of them to be worshiped.

We are inherently, and lovingly, your spiritual family, and facilitators in Light, blessed to assist you, guide you, and all others, at this time, as equals in Love, and, soon, to meet you in the physical.

Our requirements for physical interactions are simply, self-responsibility, for the energy you will receive, and the experience you will have, for the energy of creation and of life itself, of our beloved Prime Creator can save humanity, or destroy it, if it is given before the responsibility is gained.

Our requirements have less to do with the physical, as in being a perfect, living, example of Health, but more so, of a living, example, of divine Love for yourself and all others, if you can stand in our presence, and accept the consequences of doing so, and accept responsibility for what you receive, then we are more than blessed to invite all to do so.

Yet, here is the key, humanity must know what they are choosing, for once awakened there is no going back to not-knowing, and from that point on you have the grand responsibility, of being, embodying, and expressing, the presence of Prime Creator herself.

We are waiting for all to come to a point where they are moved on completely from the ego mind, when that happens, we will greet all of you in consciousness, love, and respect. Know that we watch all you do here, be ever mindful of your words, thoughts, and deeds, not saying that we are divine monitors, but we are always careful to note, where you are at in relationship to our experience.

We are Andromeda, may the milky way find peace.

Copyright @ Andraste 2012


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  • awesome.

  • 8114017486?profile=original

  •  ?????????? Prime Creator herself?         Andromeda 

     Isn't it Prime Creator and Prime Creatrix? All else I 100000% agree with.

     Twenty years ago I looked at the Comic Strip "The Wizard of Id" and I got the "Wizard of Is".

     Or the Wise King Is. Everything Is. AllThat Is Is. Blessings Light Love Balance Harmony Peace Kingjeff

     PS Thanks for the post Andraste.

  • Thank you for this message. I am here and cannot even imagine going back to not knowing....can only go forward!
  • Thank you for this message. I am here and cannot even imagine going back to not knowing....can only go forward!
  • Thank You for this loving explanation!

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