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And it is with pure loving light I sing.

Sing, as I watch the butterflies wing move gracefully.

Sing, as I fly in my path that holds magic.

Sing, to the babies who smile receiving unconditional love.


Sing to the promise of my own dreams 

that travel in my conscious thoughts.

Sing as a thousand words surface

making way for an avenlance of creativity.

Sing for ones own song

 that arises as I end this vibration thought.

It is a vision that will

birth in days to come

 for but another song to sing

to add to my treasure chest of oneness.


so Come as I release, release it now

I say come to you who’s eyes gently read the page

A page that can continue with your word of 

singing from your heart.

And so it begins

sing sing to..........

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LOL, Good Response.  Oliver sings too....   Food Glorious Food 

                  I'm anxious to try some.

               3 banquets a day.

              My favorite diet.


Meow! Thanks!

Rise and Shine


The mystery of what we call “Ascension”

Is all about the specific dimension

That you find matches your vibration

In this lifetime, all your creation

The ups, the downs, the good and the bad

The light, the dark, the happy and the sad

What are you going to choose today?

Progression versus stagnation and decay?

To shine as a Godly creator

Or fight as a dark gladiator?

Random acts of compassionate benevolence

Or  misguided actions of  malevolence

Darkness or light

To love or to fight

To expand or contract

Is it fiction or fact

That we are all one

Under the same sun

And through many lives do we roam

Trying to find our way Home

Forget the longitude or the latitude

For the secret is gratitude

‘Tis not a physical place

But a smile, upon your face

To smile or to frown

To look upwards or down

To appreciate the present

For Now, is heaven-sent

Only you get to choose

What have you to lose?

Singing for the choice of being, that carries a nice ring. Thanks.
wow! What a gift of a reply.  I have been touched by your words and they made me cry. What you said is so true music is the vibration for creative thought. It is within a woven melody that moves through my ears and  into  my heart that I often write. Thank you my sweet Marianinia. Thank you for allowing me to carry you with my words as I send you my honoring love.



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