Nyack, NY


May 13

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I am a intutive writer and channeler who loves life and its lessons that open ones heart. I also have a passion for photography and enjoy putting poems and tidbits of info to them so other can see clearer.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Too many to mention but... I believe everyone has something they can teach to others.

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  • 8114483886?profile=original

    (._/♥\_.) ♥ Namaste☼. ♥ ♥ ♥
    The Stars are the street lights of eternity
    mutch love and powerfull energy of light for youuuuu

  • Hello and thanks for checking out my Vortex Blog. I must say I like your poetic renditions, and would be delighted to dance with you in the waves of both visible and invisible friendships.



  • From one station of Lovelight in Gaia's heart to another,

    Dear Radio Star Blossom,

    We are (one and all) the broadcasting system,

    so let love of light be true heartsight,

    the breath of time, our inner rhyme

    We sing in one voice full of beautiful sounds-

    and we send sweet joy the world around.

    8113829865?profile=originalI love your beautiful word pictures!

    Thanks for inspiring and calling joy out of me.



  • We are the love we have been waiting for.

    Our dreams are but the food of love

    and life the imagination made realized

    for the delight of God flowing everywhere.


    Joy to you, dear goddess sister.

    As the stars, we remember to shine from the heart of Love,

    and as water, we remember only Love can ever contain us.


  • Dear Star Sister,

    Yes! Let's dance to our heartsongs and reverence the sacred play of dear consciousness. I embrace romancing the soul and spinning beautiful threads of living light between us all.

    in Joy,

    Lyndy Starflower


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  • I was disabled again for a week. hehe no worries. I still read your poetry and it is truly remarkable how much beauty you have inside you. You are a blessing to me and I want to thank you for sharing yourself with me. I will probably be disabled again soon j/k I hope your week is full of laughter and love dear sister. I go with you in thought and heart

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Star Blossom Goddess commented on Karma's Helper's blog post SanJAsKa ~ You are All Channeling when Feeling our Energies - ~ Wes Annac - February 18, 2012
"When I saw this picture this emerged. 
As I vibrate with a new conscious mind,
I see with new eyes.
They are the eyes of a star light being,
who embraces all my inner truths,
and the greatness of others.
They are the eyes 
that pulsate in mirrored…"
Feb 22, 2012
Star Blossom Goddess commented on Karma's Helper's blog post The Andromedans - Message - Ute - Your Light Quotient - December 13, 2011
"Thanks for sharing. After I read it this emerged:

On wings I move, inside the flow of divine energies, 
where currents take me to places of peaceful bliss.
Places, where I can ride a rainbow of my desires,
and see them manifest from my thoughts.…"
Dec 14, 2011
Star Blossom Goddess left a comment for Maria Lenn Langendoen
"Nice to meet you sister. "
Dec 8, 2011
Star Blossom Goddess commented on Karma's Helper's video
"Whether it is real or fake has no relevance. All who are awakened know they are present. And with their presence I am grateful. By you Karma posting it... you have given people a chance to remember that they are here so, you have followed your…"
Dec 8, 2011

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