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Dear Lightworkers,


Scientists working on the Human Genome project have discovered some interesting objective facts anent human DNA......

Their extensive research has usefully uncovered that most Earth Humans are of ET origins, and this has been proven by Professor Chang...


See this link:


Blessed be....!!


Drekx Omega

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so perhaps that means all stellar folk are part human as well?, ahh, I'm sure theirs still some conspiracys to be revealed, hehehe


or new insights of further meaning, hehehe

Not exactly, friend....but a different angle, that may be more apt.... 

What it truly means is that most humans on earth originate from off-world ancestors and the genetics of GALACTIC HUMANS.....that the human form is universal and not especially particular to planet Earth...Indeed, the origins of humanity are within the Lyra system...

oops, hehehe, yes, I'm in a slightly comic mood today, sorry, just one of those "turn the dime around on its head" for a moment comments

yes I understand our DNA heritage etc, I'd also assume they (Lyrans, Plejaren etc etc) are not THAT interested in reminding us of this too often I hope, when we get to address eachother more formally

and yea this article is about human scientific research of course
though yes, now I quickly realize, GALACTIC HUMANS, is a good way of putting it, I gotta remember that wording

Actually they (the ETs) do want to remind people on Earth of this fact, as often as possible...lest hostility be directed from some on earth...This removes some of the fear in some hearts..before the formal meetings start...


This removes some of the fear in some hearts..before the formal meetings

well then. . .  I may have to invite them to the. . . earthly "Galactic Human" disco club.

then we will be able to get things more clearly understood and sorted out, on the dance floor. and see what "differences" we really have all along,

otherwise things may not go as planned, and I just know they can teach me some new moves, hehehe, of course these kinds of things may need to be put on hold, until the more serious matters have been dealt with in our world, of course of course, but if they can not dance, well than, their will be much work to be done

(oh, wait, whats going on with the astral energys today, I'm in such a bouncy mood right now, hehehe)


actually I got a dumb question, this looks like a great peace of information that will be spread around everywhere now I'd presume, (in the media etc), ahh, I see, cheers

I am not aware of the specific origin of the basic human template at this time however i will note that it was genetically crafted from traits discovered from a variety of DNA based species and the full decoding of how the original basic DNA codings worked.  After this new code of the basic quaternary byte was also created as the basic machine set instructions were discovered and the means by which it interprets the DNA data.  This allowed them to craft new basic instructions into the interpreter.  It is like having a normal computer byte which has a total of 256 possible values and only 64 of them are assigned with a purpose that the interpreter's instructions set can read, with the understanding of how these bytes function new instructions can be added to the instructions set and the additional 192 available byte values can be given purpose even if that purpose is only as basic text for the programmer to leave notes and messages about the program in question.  The only difference between the computer of today and our DNA program is the quantity of values the QUADs can represent along with the actual mechanical trait it can possess.  A QUAD which consist of a bit that has 4 values and the potential to be either on or off or possibly depending on the path the programmer decided to go it could have a total of 8 values with on/off state being coded as a sequence preceding a block of program code(Genes and SubGene flags)  This will allow 1024 values using 5 Quids or 256 values with 4 Quids using the 4 value w/on,off state method or 512 values with 3 quids and 8096 values using 4 quids under the 8 value method.  On a side note only half of these Quad values are useable as the other half would mirror the first half and interfere with reading i cant remember exactly why right now except that it would cause binding erroneously between two mirrors.  Its quite possible that coded within our DNA is a message that will identify the creator of our species, our origin, and likely more.  What language of communication will be used i have no idea.

I remember when this information came out in 2007 there was big debate as to whether the information was the real deal.  I think it is correct just for the record, so I am not disputing the thesis of this post, however the article itself has been debunked by the Human Genome Project due to the fact that there is no Professor Sam Chang that ever had any affiliation with the project whatsoever.  I remembered reading that at the time and trying to track down the mysterious Professor Chang.  I have provided here a link to the debunking of the article for whatever reason.  Maybe the guy was not supposed to go public with the information or maybe he is a myth that someone made up, but I still think the information makes sense to me anyhow.  Let everyone judge for themselve the true story on this article that swept every underground and new age site imaginable but never made it to the mainstream news....for whatever reason.


Here is the link to check out:



A few years back Art Bell reported that scientists had finally found “proof” of extraterrestrial DNA in human DNA, in the so-called “junk DNA,” a bit of non-coding DNA – or so we’re told – in the human genome. The story quickly gained a life of its own and began being reported in all the alternative outlets, one of the most thorough recountings of the story appearing here:

Junk DNA Was Created by Alien Programmers

Then the story began to unravel. For one thing, the professor alleged to have been the guiding hand behind the discover, Dr. Sam Chang, turned out to be fictitious, at least, as far as the Human Genome Project was concerned:

Professor SamChang and Junk DNA

What lends an eerie twist to the whole story, however, is that Dr. Paul Davies, in 2004, published a short article in New Scientist suggesting an ET connection to junk DNA:

Off the Planet: Shifting the Problem into Outer Space

Alien Message May be in our DNA

OK… granted, the story of Chang is full of holes, but let’s speculate a bit here. I’ve blogged recently on the curious fact that various royal houses of Europe seem to be of interest to geneticists, and more recently, posted a short blog about the findings that King Tut of Egypt seems to fit genetically into haplogroups common to Western Euyrope (Italy, the Iberian peninsula, and, of all places, western Britian and Ireland), so we have yet another royal who is for whatever reason of interest to geneticists.

So exactly what are they looking for? Well…thoughts certainly cross my mind, but one of them is connected with the Sumerian and Egyptian(Manetho) kings’ lists, both of which make clear that “kingship was lowered from heaven”, and both make clear that there are three layers of groups of kings on earth: “gods, demigods,” and “just plain ole human.” Given the other stories associated with these regions and their suggestive nature, perhaps they are, indeed, quietly looking for Dr. Davies “message in the DNA.”

But if so, I can construe reasons both for why they would disclose it, and choose to keep any such findings to themselves. In any case, something disturbing hovers over this whole story… a genome scientist whom no one has heard of, a Russian cryptographer who allegedly decodes the code, and then the story is called into question. This is a “non-story” story that I suspect we’ve not heard the last of.

Oh yea, and one last parting thought…without ET DNA, what would they have to compare junk DNA to in order to reach the conclusion of the original story? Sort of sounds like the Bin Laden episode to me…

I believe our DNA will be reconnected while we are sleeping. Many posibilities !!! Already work is doing with our DNA.

Yes, thanks Marique....A case of a scientific insider going "too far" with the truth and becoming the subject of a debunk....Like Area 51's Bob Lazar, who discovered that all reference to his job were erased, etc....after he showed some personal friends craft testing at Groom Lake....

Luckily he did retain a directory of staff, with his name to prove he actually worked there and at Los Alamos labs, they had distanced themselves from him, by claiiming ignorance of his employment...

Yes, a classic debunk of genuine data....


Important fact to remember is the "detritus junk" DNA, is the activated 3rd strand....which is changing human life.



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