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Does anyone here no about astrology?....I got my wheel made but I have NO IDEA what all the lines and little squigely's mean, in other words I have no idea how to read and/or interpret the darn thing!? If you know about astrology and you can interpret the wheel for me I'd like your help please!?^_^

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You can interpret the wheel yourself, it says exactly the same as your deepest thoughts, which are the truth about yourself.You might feel fears about those thoughts, that is your ego stepping into the way. It helps if you command yourself to restore your divine memory now.

Not an easy task my brother, I had a stroke in June and I micro stroke in November of last year ever since the stroke my Brain/Mind hasn't worked the same!?  Some doors have now been locked while others have opened up, LOL my Brain/Mind was wierd to begin with, it's better in some ways and not so good in other ways, LOL!?^_^

is it possible that you can email that astrology chart because i to want to know it as i am trying to correspond it with the mayan calendar as they are both the male and female side of the same coin. email me on [email protected]

The proper emphemeris charts not the ones on the internet as they are made deliberately false to confuse the minds of ordinary men.

i have been trying to get hold of both the northern and southern side of the emphemeris charts too

No it's one of those made to order internet charts I'm afraid to say, I was just curious about my chart as some questions came up so I had one made at, but looking at all those lines and squigleys got confusing, I thought I wa slooking at some kind of rorshack test or something, LOL.  ^_^ I had a Hand made chart made by someone who does astrology for a living, but it along with many other things got destroyed in a house fire.:(

Thanx JB, this is/was very helpful for understanding the chart!?^_^

Well, it covers the basics and attempts to be progressive. If you make a little time to do the exercices,  you should be able to learn what all the symbols mean and have an idea which parts should be looked at first to give a good outline of a chart.

I have taken anthropolgy classes before, got an (A), wanted to take more classes but got diverted.^_^

I'm not sure if this answers the specific question you are asking (I can't read a chart) but I would use the interactive one thats generated from (EDIT: ahh. .  I notice you did -_-). . anyhow is free, you have to create a log in etc, and put down the basics of birth time location info etc. . and it gives you a fully generated chart. . you can click xD on the different symbols to discover the meanings (of where their placed) in fairly well layed out clear explanations. . not sure if this would help. . but what the hey :)

Yeah it's pretty cool I went to but looking at that thing kind of freaked me so I wanted some feed back...thanx Geo.^_^

Hi There,


Thanx for the kind words, they are pure righteous rain my sister.^_^

Go to this sight It will tell you everything you need  to know:)

Good Luck!



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