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Okay this is my first post and I'm asking for advice. :) I live with my parents and little brother in California. My parents aren't what you would call open minded so the only person I talk to about what's going to happen this year and the wonderful things about disclosure and ascension is my little brother who is ten and I'm fifteen. I try to take it slow with my parents informing them as much as possible about these wonderful changes that are happening and that there are other beings not just us.But they reject it and say things like "That's the government not ufo's" and they say "The bible doesnt say anything about 'aliens' so there arent any" -because their Christian T_T. They are so concerned about material and dont show any ascension symptoms. I wouldnt want for them to reject what I say anymore because its for their own good, but because they beleive so much and are devoted to their religion -which i do not follow and get dragged to church- they only trust in their God and Jesus Christ which I have no knowledge if they are real or not .They have been in their comfort zone of this illusion too long and must come out. But I don't know how to inform them about this great future not even years away were talking weeks maybe without being rejected by them because they can't believe it and they think they know what they believe in is everything and only the truth. But I feel it is not because I have learned that some stuff is true but people have changed it and totally missfigured the lessons in it that we have been given as messages. So can anyone just give me advice on how to cope with this ?Or can it not be helped or will my parents just have to see the change and disclosure when it happens and then will they finally believe?Please excue me if I made any spelling errors. :)

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  • Dear Cherie, I have just found this for you to read and perhaps it will help you with your difficulty in not being able to communicate with your parents. 

    For Christians and Catholics

    To all those who follow Christianity and Catholicism:

    Stay strong in your Light and in the Light of Jesus Christ, dear friends. He is very real and He Loves you unconditionally. There are going to be many revelations in the immediate period ahead that are going to break the controls and constraints that have been placed over the once Lighted views that make up your belief systems. Nobody will be telling you that you are wrong or that dear Jesus and God do not exist, because they do and they are Guiding any soul on Earth who wishes to connect with them.

    The dogmas and limits that have taught you to look for power only in Jesus and God and not in yourself, are to be transformed as it is explained that each and every one of us are God. Each and every one of us Create our reality just as dear God Created Eden, and you possess the power within yourselves to connect with God and with Jesus in ways that are more real than you can imagine.

    With all due respect for you beautiful souls involved in Christianity and Catholicism, you have been taught to believe that the only way to find God is through redemption, prayer and a strict following of an ordained set of rules. This is simply not so. God is with you; His eternal glory and splendor is all around you, and our beautiful Creator wishes dearly for all of us to reignite contact with Him in very real ways.

    The methods you have been given to gain a good grace with God have served to hold you back in communicating with and finding God. God and Jesus only wish you to Live in Love and to treat others as you would like to be treated. This is the Golden Rule dear friends, and was one of little truths given in any given version of the Bible.

    You do not need to follow the words and demands of a minister or a priest to find God and to stay on God’s ‘good side’, as God does not have a ‘bad side’. He Loves all of us unconditionally and only wishes for us to discover and find this Love. We do not need to be baptized or beg for redemption of our perceived ‘sins’ to do this. All we need to do is make the effort to connect with God and with Jesus alike, to thank them for all that they have given us on this beautiful world, and to acknowledge that God is all around and that it takes little more than an acknowledgement of God’s awesome and Divine presence which is again all around us, to strengthen your relationship with Him in all of His eternal splendor.

    It must be expressed as well, that God will not be sending anybody to hell upon such souls leaving this Life, because of their perceived ‘sins’. The reality we are experiencing currently is about as close to hell as can be experienced, as physicality pales in comparison to the beautiful Heavens that await us.

    Yes dear friends, heaven is real and so is hell. The difference is that hell is not a place where a vengeful God sends the sinners; simply look at how judgmental such a statement and belief sounds. Again, compared to the heavenly realms in which we are all evolving, physically and spiritually to, this reality we are experiencing now can be seen as hell.

    The pearly gates of heaven, the gold-lined roads, these are all real and the concept of heaven as well; an ascended city that sits on the clouds, is real. There are hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of these heavenly cities lining the clouds of Earth, and upon leaving this incarnation each and every one of us has the choice to visit these beautiful ascended cities, rather than having only a choice between a ‘heaven’ and a ‘hell’.

    Many beliefs and structures of what seem to be reality by many dear Christian and Catholic people, will need to be expanded exponentially and the limits that have been forced upon you dear beautiful souls will also have to be expanded. Dear Master Jesus is one of an infinite amount of heavenly Ascended Masters who have walked the Earth and shared their Lighted teachings with Mankind.

    Jesus has walked this Earth as have Master Muhammad, Master Buddha, Master Moses, Master Gandhi, Master Martin Luther King Jr., and so many other dear heavenly souls who wished to share the teachings of our Heavenly Father in very direct ways.

    The teachings of Jesus and of many other religious figures and prophets (not every Master listed above is a religious prophet) have been substantially distorted to keep you dear beautiful souls in a state of perceived limitation. Those who would and have attempted to control you, know that you dear souls are looking for your own spirituality and concept of the heavenly realms and of a Creator and that many of you who follow organized religion of the forms spoken of in this message, are indeed wonderful people who simply wish to gain a perception and relationship with our Heavenly and Divine Father as well as with dear Jesus.

    Those who have distorted the teachings of so many Masters, know that you dear souls are open to our Heavenly Creator which is why they have taken to distorting the Lighted teachings of dear Jesus among so many others, to keep you in a state of illusion and limitation in regards to finding God and Jesus in real, actual ways. So far, the teachings that have been ‘given’ by Christianity and Catholicism have served to hold you back from a tangible relationship with our beautiful Creator as well as His prophets.

    Did you know that Master Jesus is routinely communicating with humanity? Along with many other dear Ascended Masters, Jesus has been speaking with humanity to help prepare us for the glorious evolutionary event that is to grace this world and that for the most part, is currently in progress. The mere incarnation of Jesus and so many other Masters on Earth was to share and help spread the truths of the Light, of the heavenly and angelic realms in which we are returning to with the beautiful ascension of this world.

    The prophecies given in your books have themselves been distorted. The original prophecies given in relation to these end times, stated that this world as we know it – the separation, the hate, the limitation – is to indeed end, and is to be replaced with a beautiful Utopian Heaven, right here on Earth. Imagine, dear friends, getting to experience Eden in all of it’s beauty and wonder.

    Please dear friends, in regards to this message, do not shoot the messenger. There are plenty of people who would deliver this same message that I am giving to you, in much more disrespectful and hateful ways.  In the immediate period ahead when many revelations and truths begin pouring into our mainstream world, much will be explained to you about the nature to which you have been controlled and the nature to which the teachings of our dear Creator as well as of Jesus and so many other Ascended Masters were distorted to keep you thinking that a direct relationship with our Creator is difficult to attain. It certainly is not.

    We will all have little time to keep up in regards to following and absorbing so many revelations, and I give you this introductory message on behalf of the Angelic forces who wish each and every one of you to discover the true nature of our reality. Such Angels will be speaking directly with all of us on this world so very soon, and they want dearly to connect with and to Love each and every dear soul amassed in each and every religion, as well as each and every soul on this world not amassed in religion.

    A peaceful reuniting with all of those souls amassed in other religions that sport different prophets will be necessary, as each and every religious prophet that has incarnated on this world has come from the same Heaven, the same Love, to share the same truths. One can find a common element in the teachings of every religion, and I don’t think I need to tell you what that common element is.

    In conclusion, I hope that this message has seeped in for some. Nobody is asking you to give up your long held and cherished beliefs, it is simply that Master Jesus along with so many other Angelic souls in the higher realms, wish you all to find the contact with them that you have desired and attempted to bring forth through prayer, following rigid dogmas and through any other type of method to find this relationship.

    With respect for each and every one of you, I ask that dear Jesus be with you all. Say hello, for He is with you now.

    Wes Annac – One of many messengers.

  • Hi, Cherie :)

    I would advise you not to worry. Worrying about things solves nothing (believe me, I know, I tried it for a long time). It's great that you've been trying to engage your parents in discussion about this stuff, but everyone will have different reactions, because we all operate on different understandings of "reality". If they're really not interested in hearing what you have to say, don't try and press the issue.

    I believe that ascension is going to happen whether people believe in it or not! All we can focus on in the meantime is loving each other, and being the best we can be. Mahatma Gandhi said "be the change you want to see in the world". The more we raise our vibrations on a personal level, the more we can inspire other people and contribute to planetary awakening :)

    I hope this has helped in some way!

    Love and light x

  • I don't think you or anyone should "wait for disclosure" because I believe that we all have our own personal disclosure moments when we're ready.  And by all means, if it did happen in some kind of mass event I would welcome it will open arms, but to me Spiritual Awakening is being open to your own personal transformation and awakens each of us to the amazing beings we are.

    Religion has done a lot to separate people from their own power, but people have also done that to themselves as well.

    So many paths, even Religious ones can lead to something good, it really depends on the individual.  My advise to be to stay open to your own Spiritual discovery and keep it as real as you can, as much as you can, all the time :)

    If you seek you shall definitely find :)  It's all about how far we can get in this life, and how far that will catapult us into further adventures.  I know amazing things are in store for so many ~ There are amazing beings that want us to be happy in profound ways.

    And we should want the same for ourselves :) 

  • I have similar issues in my life as my parents are staunch Jehovahs witnesses. If it isn't in their bible they wont have it. The one thing you have to realize is we are each on our own path and are going to follow them regardless of anyone else. To make yourself feel better express to them what you think and feel in a non-aggressive manner as people tend to get super offended when you challenge their beliefs. Tell them and stand back and just know you did the right thing and know that if this is their path eventually they will walk it with you, not everyone is done with this karmic type of existence. Look up George Kasavalis on YouTube he addresses this issue quite eloquently. Light + Love. - Josh
  • The bible also says the stars are holes poked in the ceiling of our world.  The bible also doesn't mention the cars they have so they must not exist or the computers and billion other things invented since the bible was written.  Do those things exist or no?

    Another thing you must consider is they have their unprovable belief, you have a different unprovable belief.  They think Jesus will come again to save the world and destroy the sinners.  Those in the New Age system believe jesus as sananda and the other angels are coming to save the world and destroy the "cabal"

    Really what is the difference?   what is the difference in them teaching you christianity for "your own good" or you teaching them about the new age for "their own good". 

    If you wish to avoid conflict with others stop trying to convert them to your belief and at the same time ask them to do the same.  Your parents and other christians have been waiting 2000 years, New agers 200 at the most.  They at least are not so foolish as to claim dates on when their prophecy will come.  The new age is built to fail when nothing occurs on Winter Solstice 2012.  Except that they have already conveniently taken care of that by offering "it might be in spring 2013" which started over a year ago.

    Do not insist to others that your belief is a certainty when you do not know if it is, same with any other belief.  State your belief defend your points, do not try converting people.

  • Hi,

    I believe I understand the kind of situation you're in. First I'd like to share a bit about myself. I was born and raised in a Christian home. Ever since I can remember I always  believed that there was life out there in the universe, besides here on earth and I've always been open minded about everything. Unfortunately there are some members of my family who aren't. I only have one relative who I can talk to about anything and we've had our share of conversations regarding our other family members who won't accept anything other then what the bible says. We've tried to convince them and talk to them about the things that are going on but we came to the decision that we can't change their mindset.

    Everyone has free will and with free will we have choices. We choose to learn from our experiences or what we decide to believe. You can't force anyone to believe what you want. They have to learn for themselves but if they actually choose to take you're advice, well that's great :) 

    But that doesn't happen often. Hang in there and keep caring and loving your family. Who knows, your knowledge might help in protecting them or leading them to the right path. 

    • The religions are thinking the same thing, that they can save people with THEIR knowledge to protect people and lead them down the "right path" new age, christian, buddhist, whatever, it is all the same, you go around telling others your way is the right/only way,

      It is pretty sick and disgusting.  More so when the New Agers do it,  this is supposed to be a NEW world, not the same old crap wrapped in a shiny new package.

  • Thanks mustwakeselfup I think that would be a great I idea I'll ask them *^▁^*
    • Bless you Cherie; i totally understand your situation;

      from what you have wrote you have done everything to help your parents as much as you can!

      The problem is, that sometimes our parents/family think they know better because they think they are older and smarter.

      im 31 next month and my mum/uncle/grandad (basically everyone older) still think they knows *better* when they dont lol...

      (my family like yours are somewhat religious and material too)

      so i know its difficult; but be patient with them :) I know I had to be very patient !

      believe that they will learn the truth eventually,

      & intend for their highest good :)

      Until then keep following your heart & joy


  • Wish it was in the Bible. And thanks for the spiritua family suggestion :)
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