Hi everyone,

   I am getting ready to have a baby soon! (yay)  But as I am nesting..cleaning ever nook and cranny and trying to keep myself from buying more baby gadgets..I realized that I feel totally unprepared in the area of having a baby without medications.  I was like "I can handle this"..but now I'm like "ok...a little help would be grand"

  So I know a lot of you are into aromatherapy, meditations, and other relaxation techniques.  I thought you all would be a great bunch to ask!  I'm open to a lot of suggestions, but a lot of the natural birthing websites I see aren't too helpful and don't really talk about how meditation and aromatherapy can be used to get through childbirth pains.  (I think it can--hopefully). 

    Any suggestions?  I'm pretty open :)  Thank you in advance for your time and love,



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  • oooh I love these images.  I for sure respond really well to multi-dimensional art and any kind of art really.  I love art.   I'm sitting here thinking...now if I just upload some of these pictures to my husband's ipod..lol.  I'm not joking.  I'll most likely do it. So thanks for reminding me to put that in my labor tool kit.  I'm such a planner. lol


    For some reason when I picture giving birth lately I really picture myself in a trance or something...and lots of very beautiful white light.  So I'm trying to hold this image dear to my heart in hopes this will be as blissful as my mind and body tell me it can be.  I've even heard women say they have orgasms during birth

    :-o  Imagine that.


    But I hav always felt a strong connection with Mary...so it is time to have a conversation if you will...make sure she's got my back ;)  I know she does!  Thanks again Feather Winger..


    You're awweeeeeeeessssooooommmmmeeeeeeeeee


    High fives and hugs,





  • Thank you all for your information and well wishes!  All helpful indeed.  I will have to look into the collodial silver..it keeps coming up for me in a variety of places...so time to check it out!  (And I love "Natural News"!)  I'm just trying not to get scared at the thought of the pain...I have to remind myself several times a day...lol.  It's like pre-traumatic stress disorder ha ha



  • Colloidal Silver 

    Make your own like I do for 100 people here in the Caribbean

    Here is a doctors report http://colloidalsilversecrets.blogspot.com/2011/04/is-colloidal-sil...

    Be ready for the corporate brainwashing , The proof is easy Like Cannabis they do not do researches on it They do not want you to use natural medicine and silver and gold is the most natural for 5000 years and it is even in the bible.

    We lightworkers use it to cure cancers and abscess pain and all other infections as the best natural antibiotic known to us. I myself have stopped all manner of disease here as listed below.

    All in just 8 months, I use it every day now ,all my water is colloidal silver water or Distilled water.

    Here is some info from my site I have people taking it here pregnant and following their pregnancy's.

    The problem you will face is mis- and disinformation just remember that it is natural to digest gold and silver through fish and prawns as it is a main natural ingredient in sea salt water whether or not you are pregnant.


    The other thing is go to trustworthy sources like Natural News and go into the search function and see what you get

    here with Mike Adams and no nonsense J D Bardot and follow all her research over the matter.

    We have conducted frequency tests with our home made silver colloided water and it turns out to be divine water ( highest cleansed grade possible) IE fit for the lord.

    I have even got university reports saying that all the corporate rubbish over CSW is just that proven rubbish.

    see here for a more professional approach to the subject:

    Do not follow FDA advice They do not want you to know how good this is : 


    Good luck for your birth I hope it is brilliantly natural for you.

    Namaste Dave

    Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Use During Pregnancy?
    A blog about the infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver.
  • CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!....so very exciting :)

    hypnotherapy has a long and strong tradition helping women have babies without pain or medication

    there will be specialists in your area that can assist...only takes a few sessions..highly recommended!!!



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