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According to Bashar-Ashtar Command is a Higher Level Consciousness - Not ET civilization 


I think this is interesting:

The above link is Bashar on feeling guilt, but around 1:40 ~ 2 min into this video, he states Ashtar Command is actually a High Level Consciuosness which has been interpreted by Earth as an ET civilization, which it is not.


The above link is Bashar on Reptilians which I find interesting, mainly because he does not deny the existance of the Galactic Federation, when asked if Reptilians are a part of GF.  The Association of Worlds is what Bashar calls GFoL (at least that's how I interpreted it).


Although I'm already a believer, for me, it's nice to have this bit of confirmation to pass on as to the existence of GFOL.  Also, the clarification of what Ashtar Galactic Command actually is, and that they actually exists, although not as I had previously thought.  This makes more sense to me, as my understanding of the Beings associated with the Ashtar Command are Beings not incarnate.


Bashar channelings are the most relevant for far :) 

Just tossing this one out there :)




Love to All!




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Yes, I would like to pick Bashar's (or rather their civilizations collective) brain.  I could ask questions for DAYS!  :)  I'm curious to learn more about GFOL/AGC.  Whether AGC is physical or not doesn't matter too much to me.  I thought it was interesting though. :)

I need to find a way to Talk to Bashar actually. And others that are in a similar position.

Because of the things im doing, I could seriously benefit from his advice, and im sure he would like to be able to work with me too.


He has talked to me before, by strange chance I was able to email Darryl Anka (the man who speaks bashar's words), but I don't think that's the best way to approach it. I tried to actually give advice to Bashar in order to solve some issue of theirs, not surprisingly they didn't need it and I felt a little awkward.

But I am sure, that I have caught the attention of Bashar.


More on that point... I always notice Darryl fidgets and spasms while Bashar is communicating with him. It seems pretty stressful for his energy compared to other channels (like Esther Hicks) so I wonder whats going on with that. But at least, I wouldn't want to strain him.

Yes, I noticed the twitching and jerking too.  Mostly when Bashar's energy is coming into Darryl's body.  And then when Bashar leaves Darryl wakes up dazed and confused.  I wonder how much of that informatinon Darryl retrieves from the sessions.  I appreciate the clarity Bashar uses in answering questions.  To the point and precise. What advice were you giving them?  Also, have you watched any of the "Time and Frequency" Bashar videos?  Pretty deep stuff.  Especially regarding shifting realities every second (or less).  How he talks about movement being an illusion.  Mind blowing!! 

Yeah thats the reason I trust him, because the information - oh my god - its pretty advanced stuff that I either already knew from other sources... or rings like a piano key to my own discernment.

I mean its like im learning stuff from this guy almost every time I listen to him... and that's saying something.

You cant just make this stuff up, and a bunch of it are things that the Dark wouldn't even know.


My theory is that he can communicate with Bashar easily but in order to have Bashar actually communicate through him he has to bring it to another level. And maybe it's just his quirk, because of the physiology of his body or the way that Bashar is approaching the process.

Its almost as if the connection is a little bit further than just Darryl getting words in his mind and sharing them - - that Bashar is actually controlling him and it truly is Bashar talking (using the english language). So like, a limited form of possession.

Maybe that causes the side effects.

Or maybe it's some kind of Diagnostic that Darryl does to keep the channel open, like to not get distracted.


I don't often see Esther Hicks suffering symptoms by channeling Abraham... but I know that when Steve Rother channels "the group" he usually needs some kind of decompression period after he's done. So it does happen.


Who knows, all I know is he's on the mark, and I should probably find a way to track down his most recent channels.

Yes, i would definately like to hear some updated Bashar channelings.  I think I've watched all of them so far....or at least most of them.  Lots of good info in them!  He's one of the more trust worthy channels I've seen. 

I also looked into some of the other ones hes made that I didn't know about, and I liked the information about the Free Energy devices and his take on how the Pyramids were developed.

Totally agree!  Looks like there are a bunch of people trying to replicate his free energy device(s).  He says, after applying a small AC pulse to the coil (in effect it's like a combo of a capcitor and an inductor), then is starts to vibrate or resonate with higher frequencies and actually pulls the energry from the lower astral plains.  It won't be long before we have a multitude of similar free energy devices.  Bye bye large power bills!! :) 

.....either way we should not feel guilty about searching for better alternatives and higher consciousness of Universe's participants....................anything above this current reality upon 3rd dimentional societies of earth, must be good or better......................and from personal experience anything above 3D spells, Peace, Love and Light................

Agreed! :)

Because he IS a soul source! :)  Actually, in one of his videos (don't remember which one) he mentions, at any given time, he/his civilization could be speaking and/or whoever he's speaking to, their High Self will come through in his channel as well.  He says it could be 50/50 % or 70/30 % or 30/70% or any combination as it's always changing depending on the message/questions/lesson.  So, Bashar is a way to contact your High Self as well as his civilzations collective.  Obviously, we can all go innward and get our answers.  And, I think, we all do whether or not we know it at the time.  But Bashar clearly gives good answers (especieally for the left brain)....for me anyway.  Bashar also wants us to do our inner work, but he also offers plenty of answers as well and in turn these answers have helped me peronally, to go within, more so.  Thanks for the comment!

Watch/hear him for a few hours one after another - big chance you'll be able to channel the Essenes too. :p

That would be nice :)  Then I could pick their brains for days/weeks/years!



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