From the responses I get from another post, I want to share my perspective on these issues.

“Serve to Self” and “Serve to Others”

  “Serve to Self” and “Serve to Others” are the expressions of different levels of consciousness, but are attempts to describe in duality terms. From a higher perspective, Self and Others are one. “Serve to Self” is “Serve to others”. For people who NATURALLY act in a way of “Serve to Others” in this duality world, it indicates a level of consciousness which is Oneness. For example, when you see a child suffering or in danger, you go to help and some cases even risk your own life. At that moment, it is a state of oneness. To release another’s suffering is to release your own pain. On a collective level, a country or a civilization favour a system which look after the disadvantaged is an indication of collective oneness states. However, this can only be achieved through an energetic link, an inner connection or feelings- feelings of empathy and compassion. If the level of collective consciousness doesn’t bring that energetic links to collective awareness, it will not happen. People will perceive “serve to others” are detrimental to self. In this case, “I” must sacrifice (pay more tax) to help the poor and the disadvantaged. In other words, to perceive serve to others is detrimental to self is the perception from a separation consciousness.

Some of us can feel collective pain on energetic level when wars or disasters happen, others cannot. In truth, as part of collective consciousness, everyone is affected. The only difference is that some can see the cause and try to ease the pain by dealing with the cause.  The others cannot see or feel the connection and consider them irrelevant. Same to the diet discussion we had before, Serve to others should be a nature choice resonating with its frequency level. It should not be following a teaching or dogma. Following a dogma often harbours resentment and fear and are detrimental to one’s growth. However, for someone who aspires to walk on ascension path, he/she should at least start with being fair: look after your own interest as well as the others’. What is FAIR is subjected to individual interpretation. So one must follow his heart, not his head, which always finds excuses to justify its often ego-based decisions.

Dark and Light

From a higher perspective out of duality, there is no dark or light.  There is only one divine consciousness: divine energy expressed with different frequencies. In fact, what is termed “dark matter” in physics is actually high frequency “light”.

So Dark and Light are only human terms to describe feelings associated with different frequencies, with light associated with higher frequencies and dark with lower frequencies. You can use other words if you want as long as it brings the same results. Yes, words do have their own frequencies (because of the meanings they are given and the perception of human consciousness) and being proved through the water experiment. Higher frequency is closer to the Source expression which brings life energy and that is why it is desirable. Lower frequency is further away from the source and has less awareness and more limited ability of creation, so it is not desirable from duality perspective.

To bring light means to bringing up the vibration level and leading a situation or creation to be of higher frequency, which is moving towards higher realms and the Source itself.

Light also stands for Truth. To shed light on something so that people can see. However, “SEE” is not seeing with physical eyes but with a perception from a heightened awareness – a higher frequency of consciousness.

From creation perspective, Light is the code or blueprint: IN-FORM-ATION. It expresses through specific energetic patterns.  Love is the building block: divine energy itself. Without these two, you don’t have a creation. The more light there is, the higher the frequency, the more complicated and delicate is the creation.

Spring sunlight communicates with the DNA of plants on energetic level and they start growing. Cosmic light come at the specific time of a cycle to activate human DNA (and all others) so we can enter a period of quantum leap.

Positive and Negative

So why do we label things as positive and negative? What does it serve? Or is it just judgements that should be avoided?

From the energy perspective, which is the true reality, to differentiate positive and negative is helpful for us to align with higher frequency and raise our consciousness. What we define as positive are those entities or situations with higher frequency level than our own. By align with their frequencies, the life force/energy are transferred to us. We feel happy and uplifted emotionally. Our perception is heightened because of the raised consciousness level. Even our physical bodies are stronger. It is opposite with the negative energies because they deprive us of the life force we have. What is why we need to differentiate the information we read and the situation we are in if we want to walk on the path of ascension.

Live in a duality world as human, everyone has his/her positive traits and negative ones, some say divine Self and ego self.  To deny the negative traits or ego and appreciate only the positive ones is sending negative energies to negative traits and positive energies to positive ones. And it will keep it that way: duality. Only unconditional love and forgiveness to oneself can bring healing because high frequency of love will raise the vibration of the negative traits and transform it into the frequency of oneness.

Right and Wrong – Truth of different levels

Some friends are confused with channelled messages. Some messages say there is a battle between dark and light; and there is a difference between right and wrong. Others say there is only oneness and there is no right or wrong because everything is an experience and all are part of learning on ascension path. So are they contradicting?

They are not. They are both valid because they are truths of different levels. They are from different perspectives. If you climb a mountain, what you see from the top and what you see from half way down is different but both valid and true.

If you were in a school and you were preparing your exam for graduation, your parent (your star brothers and sisters) will tell you how important it is and you must make sure you do it right so you can pass. However, from the perspective of the school principal (the Source), it is normal that some will not pass and they might need to try another time. But all is well and in order because everyone will have eternity to accomplish his lessens and evolve to higher level of existence. Time is not an issue and nothing can be lost.

To differentiate right from wrong is to help those in the duality to align with a higher frequency. It is an indication of direction. Of course, what is right and what is wrong subject to humanity interpretation. But right and wrong from divine guidance will always help us to walk on the path to a higher existence - an existence of abundance, love and freedom. So we must follow our hearts if we want to connect with the Source and be powerful creators in our own right.

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