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  • No one on this site praises George Bush....We all know he was a Cabal puppet...Both George H.W. Bush & George W. Bush.....Yes, pure NWO...
    Biden is too...But most of the time he naps through the cabal Zoom conferences...;-) hehe..!! So misses the plot and has to improvise their agenda...Joke...!!
  • I mean people are saying now how great George Bush is lol This is a guy who was PURE NWO to the heart, Skull and Bones, 911, he went into Afghanistan and Iraq, to cause mayhem over there.

    Then when Biden, another person trying to HELP. Pulls out of there, they all whine about, oh it didn’t go 100% smooth, I mean give me a break.

    Btw, the withdrawal was agreed to by Trump lol Rightfully so, and Biden followed through. And oh it didn’t go 100% smooth lol Biden should resign, I mean give me a break. What were you doing, when Bush put their asses IN THERE lol Cheerleading it on, that’s what. Frickin FOX News said anyone who doesn’t support this NWO war is un-American lol Just bunch of FOOLS.
  • It is a very rare politician who has no "skeletons in the cupboard," for the deep state to exploit, to blackmail them with. And if not blackmail, they bribe, or threaten...Always the deep state will look for a weakness to exploit in any politician. So they can manipulate...Of course, with some politicians, who are simply evil, greedy or power hungry, the deep state Cabal does not have to try too hard...They just rig the election to get their unpopular guy or gal, "elected."
    This is neither left, nor right wing....The Cabal uses anyone....
    Trump is a rare exception, because he has no dirt on him...He is not even a real politician. That is why the white hat Military Intel guys picked him, in 2015..
  • Opening the eyes is knowing that politicians are all the puppets of NWO.
  • Great description, Alan....hehe...!! ;-)
  • I’m outta here lol To go play ball. Again, learn to DISTINGUISH FRIEND FROM FOE.

    The NWO could’ve been defeated long TIME ago. If people didn’t have their head up their ass. Can’t see lol

    There’s people fighting for you, and for the most part, they get shit on. Why. Why does humanity destroy people trying to help them.

    Funny, it’s only the people trying to help who get the most shit. Obama, Trump, AOC, etc. Actual people, for the people, they get the most shit lol Everyone knows George Bush was NWO, he doesn’t get any shit lol Oh no. It’s ONLY the people who aren’t NWO, who get the shit. Even from supposedly awake people like on here. I’m just sick of seeing it everywhere.

    Distinguish friend from FOE. Do that. Then we can defeat this NWO, and finally have a better world. That should be your focus. I’m sure it is, but you folks confused. Open them eyes.
  • AOC is just another cow fart in the wind.
  • “Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious. Great speech is impassioned, small speech cantankerous.
    For whether the soul is locked in sleep or whether in waking hours the body moves, we are striving and struggling with the immediate circumstances. Some are easy-going and leisurely, some are deep and cunning, and some are secretive.
    Now we are frightened over petty fears, now disheartened and dismayed over some great terror. Now the mind flies forth like an arrow from a cross-bow, to be the arbiter of right and wrong. Now it stays behind as if sworn to an oath, to hold on to what it has secured. Then, as under autumn and winter’s blight, comes gradual decay, and submerged in its own occupations, it keeps on running its course, never to return. Finally, worn out and imprisoned, it is choked up like an old drain, and the failing mind shall not see light again.
    Joy and anger, sorrow and happiness, worries and regrets, indecision and fears, come upon us by turns, with ever-changing moods, like music from the hollows, or like mushrooms from damp. Day and night they alternate within us, but we cannot tell whence they spring. Alas! Alas! Could we for a moment lay our finger upon their very Cause?
    Chuang Tzu
  • Yea I’m not the one with the consciousness of lint lol Wtf. You folks talk a lot, but don’t say nothing. You’re ALL WRONG, deal with it lol

    People like YOU are hurting humanity, throwing dirt on people trying to fight for humanity. With this fake “consciousness” crap, if you had any real consciousness, you’d understand what these people are. LIGHTWORKERS. Fighting for YOU. You can’t see that. You’re a frickin fool. DEAL WITH IT.
  • Do we normally tolerate this low vibration behavior here?

    BTW, I find those who do not talk about physically beating others to be stronger and more dangerous than those who do at least 95% of the time. Same for those who talk about their dicks and using them illegally.

    I wish John the best but he is a liability to this page. Blessing to him to find some authenticity. It is ok to have an affinity and respect for anybody, even if they are hurting humanity. We all have freewill. But the fear based violence and rape comments are abhorrent to anyone with consciousness
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