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  • Helen, this is a lovely post and just as I feel. We have to embody all things of earth and sky! to get by in this difficult time. I have a cupboard full of 'magic' tricks including homeopathy and am pretty good at self healing. Thank you for this.
  • To create a better future for humanity one needs to visualize a positive future for all of humanity first of all one needs the protection of archangels, ascended masters, or it could be any of mother's nature spirits. Always use protection whenever one uses meditation.In the spirit world there is danger there too and one has to be extra careful. I use my intuition everyday it helps me in many other ways. We live a dualistic world of positive and negative its everywhere. One needs to do a little study of physics, biology and including sacred geometry, affirmations, using natural remedies to heal and refresh the one's mind, home, sacred spaces, etc.. Its our responsible to take care ourselves so we can take care of others.
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  • There is no such thing as unbiased site. Main Stream Media is 100% propaganda. only intuition and discernment are capable of knowing truth
  • SotN is a pretty biased site for all of its pandering about being an alternative news source.
  • You're welcome, San...and the Rose Ray helps the higher heart chakra... 🌺

    Blessings coming back to you motherbg, Jose and All here 💛 One Love, One Light 💛
    Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikim…
  • Blessed and All Blessings to You and the Whole Team, AMEN!
  • I want to stay connected
  • No, only with the upper back. Yes, the heart chakra I should also therapy or try healing it. I think it's both or 3rd heart, solar plexus and navel. It make sence, because i lose many people i loved, because they dieing or because they have a other one to love and leave me. I need to love me and feel beloved by God the giver all lifes and his beloved Son Jesus Christus.
  • Start Here. Of cource, anything a fact checker says is false is true. We all know this.
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