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  • Love to everyone I have a communique from the as follows
    On December 21,2020 a New HIGHER Vibrational Sunlight coming from the Central Sun will shine on the Earth and this entire Realm will BE permeated in Exotic Cosmic particles that instantaneously upgrades DNA to a HIGHER Order.
    At that time, Humanity will undergo a HUGE leap in Evolutionary
    Consciousness that the World has never witnessed.
    The most profound and noticeable DNA changes will happen first to
    the BEings who already resonate close to the Fifth Dimension.

    DNA Strands will be activated by the Gamma LIGHT Particles and they will reattach to the corresponding Chakra Portal. At that moment, the corresponding Dimension can be perceived as the outward Reality.
    3D and 4D resonant BEings will follow soon after as soon as they are ready vibrationally to
    make this Leap in Consciousness.
  • And now some positive news!
    Dr. James Lyons-Weiler | PA Medical Freedom Press Conference
  • I think this new web site is fantastic, its got so much more of everything. But, I do still miss the old one, it will take some time to get used to this,. But, fear not because I will in short time.
    New mystery metal monolith appears on a California mountaintop
    Not long after a similar structure was discovered in a Utah desert, a silvery column has been found in Atascadero
  • Sandra, according to the X-22 Report it is true. The Central Bank's schemes can only last for a particular period of time. They used to start wars to cover their tracks, but since Potus has pretty much stopped all the wars, their model is exposed. Now they are trying to use the plandemic to cover their tracks, all the while taking on more and debt! It will implode and since Potus is in charge of the Fed Reserve, it's all out in the open. Remember, it's not about the election, it's about exposing their sick system of debt slavery!
  • I've heard the Coronavirus is just a pretext to cover up a financial crisis. 🤔What You think? Is that true or fake News?
  • LIVE: Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Hold Press Conference in Atlanta | 2pm ET
  • Carolin, you asked what happened to the old format of ACC. I'm not sure if they finally made Ben change or he did it on his own, but the old was the Ning 2.0 and this is their new mode 3.0. LOL
    I loved the old model, the difference to me is like the Model T Car and a .Mercedes..the old one being the Mercedes.
    The 2.0 was already set up and this one you have to program yourself or have a webtech. I was blessed with Lee until I learned, also, by trial and error. We are still learnng.
    I went down awhile and when came back I had to get the new 3.0. I miss the music on front page especially Holidays.
  • All I can say is: Follow the money. Who benefits from the narrative? Who has a vested interest in pushing this on the public? This video was aired 4/4/2019, that is 19! Scroll down until you get to a post from TikTok called Project Runway. There is a contestant named Kovid, wearing a matching mask with the outfit. I kid you not, you can't make this stuff up! 35000 Dr. and Healthprofessionals in Europe have gotten together to expose the sham around this virus. Check out the Danish study, which proves, masks don't work. Check out the false positive tests which cycle 40 times, to find an inth degree of virus. There is a ton of information out there, but you won't find it on the lame stream media. All of this was set up for the elite's great "Reset". This is their idea of a reset:
    We all had better sit down and pray that they will be stopped!
  • About 14 Years Ashtar Command. All the Blogs, Discussion, all the videos and Pictures so many Comments. Some Videos are not on You Tube anymore, cause they so old. It's funn to read Past Comments and Blogs. 😆Not Bad all you Peapole ✌️
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