Some would have you belive that you need to be READY to ascend,that you have to think a certain way and believe a certain way,Eat a certain way. meditate a certain way. act a certain way. No you don't have to do anything to ascend. The world is ascending. Anyone who WANTS to will ascend. We need to keep it simple,Thats what Jesus said and he walked his talk. It's all about choice,do you want to die or live forever and never die again? Do you want to live in heaven or hell? Do you want to see your loved ones who are on the other side or not? Do you want a 3d body or one that is young and healthy and stays that way. Do you want abundance or do you want lack? Do you want to be a slave forever or a free spirit? I have read so much in the last 25 years that I have  come to see that most of it is somebody elses idea of how to ascend. There isn't any how. It's just a choice. This earth is a free will planet and God doesn't judge us. We will make a choice very soon to go into the 5th dimension or stay in the 3rd. That's all there is to it. The rest is just to confuse you. Don't worry you will ascend if that's your choice. And you don't have to ask another human if you are gona ascend. only you know that. Start listening to your own heart , count on your own self first. There is know one who knows more about you then you do. Go with your own flow and you will ascend gracefully. It does help to know what's happening around you,Look for the sgns of the times. Most of all trust yourself. If you need help after you ascend to ajust your energy levels you wil have the help. Enjoy the experience an know we are all welcome to go home. And will be welcomed it diesn't matter who you are or who you have been....Love and Light to all from....Honestangel.

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  • Just because you don't "have" to do anything doesn't mean you shouldn't
    There is always more to consciousness... keep awakening keep going higher keep seeking truth ascension has no end, divinity has no end... keep moving up that's what you have to do, keep a kind heart always love your brothers, seek truth. Love and Light to you

  • you absorb energy whether you try to or not, but meditation will help you ascend faster, otherwise you will keep reincarnating until you're ready. :P

  • Thank you honestangel for clarifying ascension nice and simple. Love and Light to ALL

  • True!

  • Light Warrior I couldn't have expressed myself any better, this is really true :) I have often felt "this is too good to be true" that's my ego talking and if it's too good to be true then it must excist in higher dimensions than the one we inhabit now ;) ANYTHING is possible, try to tell that to "little me, I can't do anything :( " ;)) <3

  • Ascension and the wonders of it that await us, is SO GRAND that we sometimes feel that we, as humans, have to somehow "earn it" like anything else of worth. This is what we have been taught by our Earth teachers and parents so this is why we feel this way. Some feel that it is like a promotion we get on a job. Who ever works the hardest recieves the promotion. The Ego likes it this way as to allow one to feel "better than" or "worse than" another. Our Creator is the best of planners!

  • I think we are spreading the light more than we can percieve. Spreading light is not always informing and stepping out and educate people. It can be on an energetic level too from my understanding. People that are seemingly "doing nothing" or "fence sitters" may well indeed be spreading the light by just excisting in a high vibe to all the surroudings on an energetic level :).

  • Yeah it does not sound natural to have a lot of conditions put on yourself in order to ascend lol. Everyone is worthy of it. Think about all souls that have forgotten and have no idea what ascension is? They missed all the meditations and stuff so they won't ascend? Nah that don't ring true. I've never liked the pressure I've felt when I read stuff that suggest you "need" to do things before it's too late. I just love being. If I don't meditate everyday it's a choice I make because I don't feel that "need" for it. I just follow my own way of doing things while trying to be as optimistic as I can be about everything and I think that should be well enough, I want to ascend and that's all :)

  • Didn't Jesus say " I am the way", did this mean follow him or be like him "The Way"??




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