World Teacher by; Mike Hughes.

July 09

The Work of Miatreya By; Mike Hughes

1Many have heard the story of the great World Teacher ,and the hope he is going to spread all over the world.Today their are millions everywhere who agree that as a race we have strayed far off the path that God has intended for us to follow.We are living in a world where 80% of the worlds resources are used and wasted while we have millions who will starve in agony for want of food that lies rotting in the warehouses of the developed world. 2For how long must we put up with this shame and carry on as if nothing is wrong.We here in the west are living out our lives in a very selfish satisfaction,but this will not be for very long as more people from all over the world will see the deeper problems and will be appalled .3If the entrance into the New Age going to work as planed then we must implement our will and of course be ever ready to stand tall ,and to stand in spiritual Being .Me and many other collogues who are involved with the reappearance have our work to do within whatever City that may be,and the world is a very big place. There are millions of people in the world at this time whose lives are governed by good will ,and they can be found all over this world,working within the various fields such as being doctors,Politics,good will communities ,the occult, science,medicine ,and so many other avenues of humanitarian endeavor.4These people of goodwill all over the world these day are known as the ‘’ New Group Of World Servers’’ .and many of them are very advanced humans who have come a very long ways ,and could be very old and seasoned souls who have eons of learning and experience ,and can be relied upon to get the job done.

The Lord Maitreya will not be the only teacher to come forward,but coming with him are a rather large group of Masters who have reached a very high state of development during eons past,and many of them do not die as they have perfected their bodies and all have light bodies.They don't eat,sleep and are always in telepathic rapport with each other no matter what the distance is,and they are even in communication with the spiritual hierarchy of all of the planets within our solar system ..5 For long ages they have been dwelling within the mountains and the deserts of the world ,and overseeing our evolution from behind the scenes ,ever hoping for the time when humanity can be ready to tread the path of initiation.In this coming new age there will be millions who will deem themselves ready to pass through the ancient Mystery Schools which will be established all over the world,such as it was during the Atlantean root race when the Gods themselves [Masters] walked side by side with each other.6During this coming time all peoples everywhere will have the basics ,such as food,housing ,medical care,education and so on, and humanity will have a chance to re-discover themselves in a new light.The art of self realization will be a major goal in many of the great educating centers all over the world.7The coming New Age will provide many the tools to let their creativity flow ,and everybody will have a chance to really be some body …….Yes my friends,we are seeing the dawning of Aquarius...

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