What's the Story of Your Awakening?

8109148878?profile=originalI'd appreciate it if the ACC members would share the story of their awakening. When and how did it happen? Were you born already awakened?  How has your life changed since awakening? What, if anything are you doing about it? Do you feel positive or negative about it? Do you need help?

Here's mine... from the very beginning of my life I felt special and wanted to help mankind but this is how my path began...when I was in my early 20's I read an excerpt from the book and the supposedly true story called The Search for Bridey Murphy. It's about a young woman's past life as a young girl in Ireland named Bridey Murphy. This was my first time hearing about reincarnation and I totally believed it. A few months after reading the excerpt my mom made her transition and that book gave me hope that she was not really dead but living another life. I started reading everything I could about reincarnation and life after death. I joined a religion and studied the bible but though interesting did not find the answers I was looking for so my search continued. About this time I began to meditate and this is when my world started to shift. I read another book that helped me called Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody. I read many other books...the Ken Carey books, the Kryon books, the P'Taah books, etc. I then came to the realization I was on the earth to do a job but what I did not know? I read several books from the I AM Discourse series, the book Three Magic Words by US Anderson and nearly all of the books by Neville Goddard...the Tao. Actually, all of the books I've read in my search is too long to list. I became a Reiki Master and studied many other forms of natural healing modalities.8109148895?profile=original

Through meditation, dreams and all of this reading and researching I found my answers...I felt in my heart I am from the Stars making me a starseed and that I came here to help facilitate the healing of Mother Earth and her children and to help them ascend into a higher state of consciousness using nothing more than love to accomplish this. Whenever I know someone is in need of healing I do what I can to help them heal themselves. I meditate first thing every morning and every evening under the stars when possible before I retire...sending out love and healing to the Mother and to any who need it and of course, to my star family [hi Tally ;)].

I continue to read, research and study to better myself for the day we see and experience the paradise earth we all long for. I also look forward to the day our star families introduce themselves to our earth families. I have positive feelings for myself and the future of Gaia.

The New Earth Coming

8109149458?profile=originalThank you and Love...


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  • Thanks Avatar, but the truth is I could have ascended at the end of December 2011 and I asked to wait for mankind because I wanted everybody to recognize their true potential and not think it is for a selected few.  If you choose to read the article, it benefits all of mankind and not one individual.

  • Hi Vanaja..thank you for sharing. All of us have benefited from our awakening and even though it may seem like people are not waking up fast enough they are doing it in their own good time and besides that's what we're here for...to help and hold the Light for them until they're ready to fully wake up and I'm sure your book and article will do just that....again, thank you!

  • Hi Avatar. Thank you for allowing us to share our experience. I awakened during a program with an Avatar in India in 2010. I didn't realize until the end of 2011. I wrote a book in 2 months and it was published August 2012. The book explains how to reprogram negative patterns in your subconscious to achieve any dream you want. Also, it explains the changes happening on our planet currently. I have been trying to get a message out to the world for 2 years. Please read the second article on Magnificent Beginnings, watch the radio interview on health and wellness and go to another site Educational Healing. All the information is contained within those 2 sites and there is a message from The Creator (God, existential energy or whatever identity you give to source) in the 2nd to last article on Educational Healing. The time is NOW, but everybody must join together if we truly want a New World. http://magnificentbeginnings.wordpress.com/

  • Thank you, Malcolm...some of us feel the need to share our awakening stories but others like to hold them close because they're so special to them which is not to say everyone's awakening story is not special.

    I do pray for peace everyday. :)

  • It's very private (and I will not discuss it), but very much similar to Kirk Douglas and so many U.S. veterans put into harms way by the central bankers and the money addicts of the west, let's just say I believe in angels.

    I also believe that there is a possible presence of extraterrestrials in this reality, and they have a sense of humor.

    Pray for peace.

  • Lux...what a wonderful awakening experience. Did you tell your parents about your experiences? If so what did they tell you? I hope everyone has a beautiful lady like yours...I know I do but that's another story. :)

    Thank you for sharing this extraordinary awakening...I'm so glad you're here with us.

  • Oh Michael...that is absolutely fabulous! I knew you were special...well, we're all special but some more than others. ;) Thank you so much for sharing your awakening story. I too have had some dreams from the time I was about 5 but I cannot begin to explain them...they were repeat dreams that happened until I was about 9 and thank goodness they final stopped.

  • Here is my earliest memory of my awakening. I was about five years old. My mother put me to bed about 8.00pm. There were some toys on my lap which I played with. Suddenly I was aware of some laughter above my head. I heard a lady calling my name repeatedly and laughing because I didn’t look ‘up’. When I finally did look up, I saw a most beautiful lady smiling down at me. I only saw the top half of her...the rest of her was kind of hidden or shrouded. The strange thing was that I didn’t think it was anything unusual, but then again I was only five years old. I only really cared about mum and dad, toys and playing with my friends.

    This lady told me to allow myself to fall asleep and that she would come and fetch at once. I did as I was told and remember vividly that I fell asleep almost at once. There was a king of tingling sensation, very much alike putting a battery to my tongue, but instead of my tongue, my whole body shivered...which was almost unpleasant if that makes sense. I felt a kind of shift, and I found myself floating above my house 4 storeys up with the lady floating beside me.

    I was looking down at the traffic below. The lady said that I must be wondering why I was ‘here’...or should it be there? I cannot really remember what I said to her. She however told me that I was supposed to remember all that I saw and experienced while I was in the astral, while I was with her, because I needed that knowledge when I was grown.


    Being only five years old, I had no concept whatsoever of God, religions, spirit or any kind of truth you care to mention. But I tell you this: I was in no doubt whatsoever that there is and was this loving all encompassing force that made all things from the beginning, and it was this All-That-Is, this Source of all things, that loved me beyond my capacity to express, that knew me intimately and that sung to me all at once...and I was immediately aware of it. I knew straightaway that I was about 30-ish years old and very clever, and yet I was only five years old on Earth. She said, that of course I was born into this world the normal way, and that I had to grow up the normal way...and that this was the way of things.

    She talked to me like a grown up, knowing that I would understand her...which I did. I was told that there was no hell, that hell was an invention. I was told that people create their own hell, and that this condition entraps them within the confines of their own suffering, but that there is really no such place in spirit that was created by spirit for people who did wicked deeds. But what do you get when there are millions of entities having done so called ‘evil deeds’ on earth? Well, when they get together they will colour their surroundings with exceedingly low vibrations, and that may look like hell...a place they created, and it will be them who have to un-create it. There is no need for judgment in spirit. No one will judge you. There is no need, because you will be known by your light and the quality of your light, and it will be there for all to see.

    I understood all that at once despite my tender years. Then something unexpected happened. Part of me remembered that I was asleep, and the lady asked me whether I wanted to see myself in bed? I said yes, and as soon as I said it I was hovering above my bed looking down at the tiniest little figure. I remember that suddenly I could not take it in, and I asked whether there were in fact two of me, and she said that this was so.  For some reason I cannot recall I started to fly away/run away etc...there was much laughter, and she told me that it was quite impossible to run away without being found. She said that these excursion were part of my ’deal’...a kind of pre-birth agreement, and that this was to continue at some point, which it did. Then I woke up in bed the next morning. I never ever did find out the name of the lady. She was/is part of my hive, my inner soul group in spirit.



    I remember vividly while I was suspended in ‘mid-air’, that right above all the rooftops were an untold number of swaying threads reaching into the sky. They seemed to emerge from the houses stretching like spiders webs into the night. None of them touched the other in any way...At least not that I can remember. The lady (my companion) told me that those were people asleep in their beds. They have left their bodies but are still connected to them by a cord. They looked shiny silver but dark at the same time.

    The whole ’air’ was vibrant and nothing was stationary. There was movement though it was slight. Even though I was very motionless, yet still I was drifting upward as if there was an invisible current moving me along.

    She explained that a great many people still believed in a devil who prepared a place for people who ‘sinned’. She said that this was not true and that there was no such entity.  Almost everyone in spirit can by-locate, that means being in two places at the same time without losing essence, but this has to be learned. Most people take to this very quickly, because as soon as you reside in spirit permanently you will remember your true nature...and who you were and are... very quickly, thus you will be reunited with the totality of what you truly are.

    On earth you exist within certain limitations, but you do not have to accept them, because limitations can lead to entrapments...there is a lesson here for all.



    Here is an important incident that happened a little later. Jumping forward to the age of approximately 25. I was urged to go to sleep, and very quickly found myself in a place of rare beauty. I was dressed in a very loose garment. The sky above was very dark purple and amber at the same time. There were no stars visible. I found myself suspended by about one foot above a green field of rolling hills stretching into infinity. There were millions and millions of absolutely perfectly formed tiny yellow/orange flowers everywhere, the size of a buttercup. Try as I might, I could not pick even one of them. My feet could not touch them...I was simply prevented from making contact. The feeling of peace and eternity was overwhelming. It had a very otherworldly feel to it, which of course it was. It was like an eternal sunset but without the sun. I cannot ever remember feeling that well and healthy and vibrant here on earth.

    Soon I noticed a golden light which started to become visible at the horizon which seemed unbelievably far away. Every fibre of my being needed to reach that light. All the answers in all the universe promised to be revealed to me...if ever I reached that place. I looked at a hill far away, and the moment I saw it, I kind of felt an internal shift and I was there. It was amazing, in fact I was so taken by this that I moved towards the next hill over and over and over again...I just loved it. There was a time when I almost seemed to get closer...but I never did reach that light. Later it was explained to me that had I reached it, I would have most certainly died on earth, and that there was really no proper way to reach it while connected to a physical body. This feeling of yearning...that inner need for this place that I saw was just outrageously frustrating. All things eventually come to an end but I didn’t want to wake up...I loved being there so much. I did have an awful lot of fun that night!

  • Melanie...please do not worry about your writing skills, I promise they are no worse than mine. Every persons' story is interesting and unique and I'm looking forward to reading yours.

    Have courage, dear heart!

  • Interesting story Avatar.

    It1s indeed a facinating story GHOST. I also had encounters with Extraterrestrials.

    Probebly my story is not THAT spectecular, but soon i wil be posting it here.

    I hope my writing will be good enough.

    First I must gather courage :)))

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