We feel the pleas and demands from each and every soul on Earth, despite their own level of awakening...The assumption for so long has been that Earth has always, since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria been harboring only negative energies on Her surface, and this is simply not so...As Earth is at Her very core a planet and soul existing in much more pure realms that what Her surface has been brought down to...In many, many different century and decade time-cycles on your world since the fall of Atlantis, there have been a great many wonderfully-advanced Earth societies


-Channeled through Wes Annac-




February 22, 2012



Wes: In order to establish this communication with my ascended guides in an unfiltered way, I now make the decree that only beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness be around me and within my sphere. I make the demand now for any lower entities looking to deceive, bring through lower energies or provide convincing disinformation to leave this sphere immediately or face Lighted energies, the proportions of which would serve to show your own hate and lower energies to you.


I ask each and every ascended being with me now whom I have established this connection with, to provide me with the protected and Lighted energies of your own spheres, to ensure fully that this is a sacred space filled with the Lighted, pure energies of our Source Creator.


Collective Guides: Affirmation received dear Wesley, and is being acted upon. Perhaps we should also bring up your previous affirmation, that of your energetic sphere being cleansed on a moment-to-moment basis of any and all negatively-oriented beings. We have heard and felt your demands, and with the backing and energies of our Heavenly Creator, our Source of all Creation, we act upon your requests and demands with full Lighted authority to bring forth that which you have desired.


We feel the pleas and demands from each and every soul on Earth, despite their own level of awakening. So many of you have been exposed to the very deepest depths of your ‘lower’ dimensional souls, that is those parts of yourselves who have existed in considerably more or less pure planes of the fourth dimension whilst on Earth’s surface. You are growing in awareness and part of this is feeling once again the lower and in many cases, higher energies that have been felt and radiated whilst this Earth experience has played itself out.


The assumption for so long has been that Earth has always, since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria been harboring only negative energies on Her surface, and this is simply not so. Earth began her Life as a planet existing in the fifth dimension and above, and it was only the desire for freewill experience on Her surface that lead to the many actions which caused the dimming of energies being manifested on Earth through all incarnated on Her surface who wished to take part in such freewill and duality based experiments.


As Earth is at Her very core a planet and soul existing in much more pure realms that what Her surface has been brought down to, the fact that She had not naturally made Her way to the third dimension from lower dimensions and instead was dragged down so to speak to the realms of the first, second and third dimensions from planes of existence much, much more pure, the intensity of any action committed on Her surface was, is and has been more potent than many other planets.


The actions on your world which could be seen as negative and fueled lower, denser energies, were in many cases quite grotesque and hellish by higher dimensional standards, but the happenings for the Light that have occurred on the surface of Earth since before and after the fall of Atlantis, have been higher dimensional in nature, based upon how much good they actually did and how much more pure energies such events were able to manifest onto the surface of Earth. Believe us dear souls, there have been a great many happenings and events for the Light in your recorded history that you have been prohibited from knowing about.


In many, many different century and decade time-cycles on your world since the fall of Atlantis, there have been a great many wonderfully-advanced Earth societies, who had discovered through interaction with many benevolent extraterrestrial beings, the technology which said [ETs] themselves use on their worlds. Much advanced technology was shared with many advanced ancient cultures of your recorded history, and there is virtually no note of this in your current recognized western-based mainstream science.


The pyramids were one such ancient technology, as they serve to draw energies from the atmosphere of Dear Gaia, as well as interact with realms that as of yet remain unseen until one is able to open up the chakras in themselves that will expose them to the unseen realms which manifest unlimited useful energy through the atmosphere of dear Gaia.


The pyramids were not the only technology to harness such capabilities to bring these Lighted energies through, but on Earth they were by far the most useful and with pyramids that were built large enough to maintain the most and purest energies coming through as long as the correct pyramidal alignment was achieved in the structure of the technology, energies and electrical abundance that is currently beyond the production capabilities of each and every one of your oil refineries and electrical towers was brought through and happily provided [through the pyramids] by the atmospheric energy-gates established in the skies of dear Gaia that serve to help you all bring these energies of Creation through.


These energies and their clear existence have gone unrecognized in your mainstream sciences for many reasons, most of them having to do with the fact that this energy can be harnessed quite easily, and the effects of it  becoming readily available to your modern world would pretty much ensure that the various intertwined corporations which profit from the much more primitive ways of providing the citizens of Earth with working energy to power a modern, advanced lifestyle, would lose all of their money as this energy can be harnessed and used on a worldwide scale for much, much cheaper than oil and the like.


Imagine dear souls, if you did not have to pay anybody for the ‘privilege’ of driving around in your car – as it was able to feed off of an established field of energy which would provide all of the power said vehicle would need to drive. Imagine if you did not have to pay any corporations for ‘their’ electricity, as electricity is already abundantly available in a scale that is so massive, there is no need to even attempt to sell the right to use such energy or electricity as it is literally that abundant and available.

This [scenario] has been the worst nightmare of the souls on your world who profit from the much more primitive ways to produce your everyday commodities and needs. They would stand to make no money, and with anything and everything society every needs being provided in various ways in abundance to every soul on Earth, there would be no division of ‘classes’ on your world, of souls who have ‘more’ and souls who have ‘less’. Everybody would experience equal prosperity, and nobody would have it any better or worse than anybody else.

The former controllers of your world are going to have no lower dimensional ego-based verification that they are somehow ‘better’ than any other soul on Earth, simply because they have been able to manipulate so many souls who were not yet operating at the level of perception that your dark were, and because they play games with so many and resort to grisly means to do anything they can to ‘win’ and prove to their own egos again, in an image-based sway, that they are somehow ‘better’ because they can ‘win’ and remain in control.

The ego barriers of so many of these souls are being torn down in profound and for them, intense and at times unbearable ways. It will not and has not been easy for them to realize that they truly are not in control of what happens on Earth anymore. When they were looking toward this year you are now experiencing with their classified ‘looking glass’ technology, they had assumed that they could control the outcomes they were given, into the outcomes that their own expectations programmed into the machine to be predicted to them.

The only reason that the ‘looking glass’ technology displayed a possible timeline of Armageddon instead of Ascension, is because they programmed it with their own desperation for another timeline to emerge, one that they would be comfortable in with their lower energies. Many may not know, but the ’second’ timeline displayed through this future-seeing technology, was not at first being shown to these souls. They grew desperate that all they could see into the year 2012 was a complete convergence of each and every timeline previously displayed to them, whether it was a natural timeline or one they manipulated to be in their favor.

Many of these souls have studied the powers of manifestation when interacting with realms outside of the third dimensional perception. When studying such abilities, one begins to increase them in themselves and whether or not these abilities are increased for the better, is determined by the motive and energies of the soul who is evolving to learn such concepts. Some souls find these abilities through lower dimensional interactions, and discover abilities outside of the third dimensional perception through interactions with fourth density-negative.

Souls who are finding the Light and the resulting abilities [once one is expanded properly for interaction with what can be called the ‘Source Field’] are beginning to interact with fourth density-positive or simply known as, fourth density. These souls will begin learning the fourth dimensional lessons of compassion, of growing together and understanding each other as an integral and essential part of the One; essentially finding the pure energies of Love in their less distorted forms as one grows and expands themselves more to be open to such pure energies.

Returning to the original topic which laid the foundation for all of that discussion, the souls involved in looking into the timelines of the future which eventually merge into the one natural timeline in this, your year 2012, had themselves been practicing manifestation abilities and wanted to use the Looking Glass technology as well as their other technologies for future and past timeline viewing, some of which you have not yet heard about from even whistleblowers, as a middleman of sorts.

They had hoped that if they could use their interactions with fourth density-negative to manifest a second timeline that did not quite converge with the infinite earthly timelines leading up to 2012, which they filled with their negative energies, expectations of and wishes for an Armageddon, they would be able to orchestrate [the manifestation of the artificially-Created Armageddon timeline] through mass human sacrifices such as wars, as well as financial and environmental destruction on a massive, planet-wide scale which you are seeing play out right now.

Indeed, the converging of the timelines did show them chaos before the Lighted energies grow so strong that the foundational shell that is the lower dimensional makeup of your surface Earth which the Creator is manifested through, was itself completely transmuted and changed into an ascended, Lighted structure. They wished to fill their darkly-manifested timeline with a continuance of such destructive and seemingly Earth-ending apocalypses, rather than seeing everything transmuted and ascended.

What their egos would never let them fully know or realize is that they were not able to manifest Earth as well as you all moving into their timeline that they manifested and willed to make happen, as well as wished to move you into when the time came. The time that they wished and created for Earth to move into their timeline of full destruction as ‘predicted’ by the Looking Glass and similar yet more advanced technologies has already passed and it has been made clear to them in numerous, recent ways that you have all moved onto the predicted and already established timeline that they were shown; that of you ascending to a new vibration of Love and acceptance.

They are realizing each and every day that their old preferred methods of bullying, slander and threats of murder as well as following up on those threats, are no longer being tolerated or even stood for, much less being allowed to have any kind of impact on the Lighted ascension and awakening of humanity that is occurring at such a rapid pace as it is now.

Wes: Thank you for this explanation, dear friends. You have covered so many topics, I don’t even know where to begin…

I guess I will go ahead and move on to talking to you about these very pure and potent energy gates we are passing through on these days and in the next few days, as this was the basis of our mutual decision to bring you through on this synchronistical night.

Collective Guides: We would be glad to address this dear Wesley, as it is important for you all to realize when you are going through periods of massive adjustment, of realignment and of a repositioning of your energies to an octave more pure than what you were previously exposed to, an octave of your own consciousness, your own inner self that is increasingly close to your higher self, your true core and Source of all Creation, of all of your Living and experience and perception and so, so many other things.

You have all been informed many times over of the process of the energies of Creation being sent to your world and through your bodies, and earlier in this communication we touched on the explanation of unlimited energy prevalent in Gaia’s atmosphere, being manifested from what could be known as the Source Field and brought through ‘energy gates’ or planetary and atmospheric chakras, similar to the chakras you all carry within yourselves; within your bodies, spirits and auras.

As you have been informed of, these energies are coming through Gaia’s atmospheric chakras as well as your own charkas every single moment of your existence, and how you interact with these energies and bring them through are based on your emotional state. If you feel low, depressed and down, you will manifest such energies and conform them to your lower emotions, which will manifest the resulting lower and more painful events in your Lives.

You are being given help bringing these energies through by the gates of energy established in Gaia’s atmosphere, and on certain synchronistical dates on your planetary and Cosmic calendar, the purity of the energies coming through your chakras and Earth’s chakras is increased, as this is a cycle that follows a very specific Divine evolutionary plan.

This plan calls for a convergence of each and every Earthly timeline in your year 2012 into a single, converged and united timeline. The energies supporting such a convergence and resulting mass awakening of humanity and for many, resulting ascension would require energies much more pure than what have been manifested, and the increased energies cannot just come in purity all at once as it would be too much for your bodies and spirits to handle.

As such, the energies are decreased in distortion and increased in purity along the aforementioned synchronistical aligned dates on your planetary and Cosmic calendar. Some may be thinking that this act of increasing the purity of your reality-Creating energies has only been initiated recently, when in fact you have been following a specific Divine plan for lower energy experience and resulting ascension into your former higher realms of consciousness, ever since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Look upon your recorded history dear souls, and notice how at certain points in time, in certain centuries there seemed to be sudden bursts in innovative, new inventions, as well as methods of making things which ushered the people of Earth who discovered or were lead to such innovations, into a whole new era of knowledge.

A whole new paradigm was exposed to the world at these times, and believe us dear souls it has happened so many times, not just recently with your current society but in many facets of your history which were not documented or recorded, or rather which were documented but have been kept hidden from the mainstream perception, as the advanced nature of these cultures exposes clearly that they were performing and Creating things that are thought to be impossible on your Earth today. They are not impossible, but the very people who wish to have you think that things such as free energy are impossible, are themselves studying these very things and trying to use them in ways which benefit them, and only them.

To continue the discussion of the synchronistical aligned dates which bring you more pure Source energy, you have now reached a cluster of these dates that is serving to bring you to higher levels of consciousness in rapid stages. Dear souls, this is to be one of the biggest energetic clearing and resulting alignments with the higher realms you have been exposed to, that has thus taken place in your recorded history.

This is why so many well-journeyed Lightworkers and energy-sensitive souls have been going through Life-shaking events, struggles and difficulties that have brought them to their very cores, all to prepare them for this series of energy increases as well as the resulting higher states of consciousness and exposure to one’s innermost feelings that has ever occurred, as well as [to prepare them for] the other increases in energy aligning with your year 2012 that is to follow.

As of this night that our communication is being brought through [February 21, 2012] you have reached the first ‘day’ of these energetic alignments and upgrades. This date and the next two that follow align with the synchronistical decreed increases of purity of the energies being sent through to your physical world.

[Note from Wes: The following figure is what I received in my head when mentally asking about the synchronistical significance of February 21st, 22nd and 23rd. While the table itself and the explanations it represents are technically ‘channeled’ as these beings brought it to my attention, I used the energies of information they were sending me to construct this figure. Basically, it is explained by them but its structure is constructed by me. Their words continue at the bottom of the figure. The ‘dashes’ in the figure are not meant to represent minus signs.]


[2-2][1+ 1=2] 2 = 2222

This night, February 21, 2012 = 2222

2-22-12 (This one is fairly obvious)

February 22, 2012 = 2223


[2-2]3-[1+2] =2233

February 23, 2012 = 2233

Collective Guides: As you can see Wesley, on this date of February 21st you received miracle of abundance, did you not?

Wes: Indeed I did, dear friends. Many of my concerns were answered and it was exposed to me that I need to take responsibility for the energies I am letting come through me, as well as cut off any and all of my lower ties to such vibrational bindings.

Collective Guides: You have been feeling this dear Wesley, as your body and spirit complex as well as your established emotional structures have been preparing for this and the many other potent and powerful alignments to come. This goes not just for you dear Wesley; this is and has been happening with each and every soul on Earth at this time.

You are being exposed to more pure planes of consciousness, and as such you are learning the lessons of the fourth dimensions; lessons of compassion, of perceiving the other sides and perspectives of those around you, as they and you as well are an integral part of the whole, of the One Source Creator. Each and every one of you and your perspectives as well as the energies of Creation you are bringing through are integral, important and needed in the ascension of Earth from its limited paradigm to the true realms of our Creator, the infinite and unlimited realms of Source.

Wesley, your and our dear friends the Hathors told you all through a different scribe to expect miracles. This is no more true than now, dear souls, for you are being exposed to your own hidden-away realms of consciousness where through your emotional experience and expectations, you have been manifesting the events that are to occur on Earth and in your Lives, even though you have not known of or felt these abilities because they exist beyond your limited established perceptions.

We recommend to all, a purging of the lower vibrations as well as each and every source be it big or small, that you receive continued lower vibrations from. Sever your ties to all that has kept you feeding cycles of illusory limitation, struggle and fear, and when we say ‘sever’ we do not mean in a rejecting or hiding type of way. We mean for you dig down inside of yourselves for the reasons why you feel in yourselves the need to keep yourselves binded to any type of familiar yet dense vibrations.

Find in yourselves those parts of you that have not yet been exposed fully to these newer and purer energies, find it in yourself to integrate the lessons and the hurts and the complacencies that keep you binded to these realms that we can feel you wish to get away from.

The inner work is now yours to do, and with this we temporarily leave you [referring to the end of this communication]. Do know that our Lighted energies will remain in your spheres for as long as you wish them to, and we will be with all of you who were lead to us and our communications for believe us dear souls, there are a vast many of us ascended souls speaking to you currently through this instrument, and some of us may feel quite familiar to you all. We are the Collective Guides of all of you, and we Love you so dearly.

Thank you to my and all of our Collective Guides.



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