FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Harold JosephPHONE: 928-734-3132DATE: April 17, 2009Hopi Tribal Council Will not Authorize Gathering on Hopi LandOn April 9, 2009, the Hopi Tribal Council adopted Council Resolution H- 027 -2009, refusing to authorize the use of Hopi land for an event known as “The Gathering of the Ancestors” sponsored by The Institute for Cultural Awareness of Cornville Arizona. Sponsors of the event have invited people from around the world to attend this gathering. According to advertising put out by the Institute, the event has been scheduled to take place on the Hopi Reservation on April 25 and 26 2009. The Council Resolution was sponsored by the villages of Shungopavi, Mishongnovi and Sipaulovi, through their respective religious leaders, who strongly objected to the event being held on Hopi sacred lands because the traditional Hopi leadership believes the event is contrary to and will violate Hopi teachings and the sanctity of the Hopi way of life. The Religious leaders asked the Hopi Tribal Council to exercise its responsibilities under the Hopi Constitution to protect Hopi religion, tradition and ceremonies from harm.In considering whether to grant the Tribe’s consent for holding the event on Hopi land, the Council found that the event’s sponsors lacked specific plans to address the public safety issues, including crowd control and traffic congestion, health and sanitation that always accompany such large gatherings. In addition, the Council found that the event has not been sanctioned by the Hopi villages or by the Hopi Tribal government and that the Institute had not applied for nor been granted any permits required to hold this event on the Hopi reservation. Based on these findings, the Hopi Tribal Council expressed its opposition to the holding of this non-sanctioned event on Hopi land and stated that the Tribe will not grant its consent to holding the event on Hopi land.This resolution will be found on the Hopi Tribal website at: to the Tribal Council representative Dale Sinquah, “We understand that different groups have different philosophies and the right to practice those philosophies. We accept these differences as declared by the ICA. Unfortunately, ICA’s philosophy does not mesh with our traditional ancestral Hopi ways and we do not feel that a gathering of this type would be in the best interest of the Hopi people to be held on Hopi lands. We cannot sanction this event on our sacred ancestral land.According to Mary A. Felter, CAO, “We welcome the public to learn more about Hopi culture to allow for better understanding of our ways of life. We wish nothing but peace and goodwill for everyone and everything.”For further information please contact:Harold Joseph, Staff AssistantHopi
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